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A quick look at Bridgette Wilson’s picture should bring up memories if you were a movie type in the 1990s. Wilson was a star from Adam Sandler Smashes Like Billy Maddison to I Know What You Did Last Summer. If you also saw the legendary Mortal Kombat, you must have come across Bridgette Wilson.

It is a rather rude shock to find out that Wilson’s last movie was in 2008. The big question to ask is why. The talent is there, so why has she not had a role in a film or movie for more than 14 years now. This article explains the reason. Read to find out. 

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The last movie Bridgette appeared in was Phantom Punch, which didn’t do too well at the box office. So, what could have possibly happened to Pete Sampras’ wife?

Of course, this is a question most movie lovers in the 1990s would want to answer. But, just in case why she has several admirers, you need to know just how good Wilson-Sampras was. She was the darling of everyone. Her stunning face and even faultless performances drew a lot of positive reviews. 

Who is Bridgette Wilson?

The former Miss USA Teen was born on September 25, 1973, in Gold Beach, Oregon. She started her career as an actress after being named Miss Teen USA in 1990. Bridgette is the daughter of Dale and Kathy Wilson. She is a graduate of Gold Beach High School, where she represented the school team in Volleyball. 

Bridgette Wilson’s Career. 

Her first role saw her play the character of Lisa Fenimore in Santa Barbara. She was on the show for 51 episodes. From then on, it was an upward trajectory for her. She would feature in Mortal Kombat in 1995; I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997, Shopgirl in 2005, The Wedding Planner in 2001.

Bridgette was a judge on the 2006 Miss Universe competition. Aside from being an actress and a model, Wilson is a pretty good singer. She has released two songs to date; I Only want to Be With You with King Records and Gimme a Kiss with the same label. 

Bridgette Wilson Lost Out To Cameron Diaz in A Role on Mortal Kombat

Before Wilson got a role in the hit movie, she went through gruelling processes to lose to little-known Cameron Diaz. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said that she had to go over and over to the film producers before she was cast as Sonya Blades. 

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After her appearance in Mortal Kombat, she had roles offered to her. Most people believed by now Wilson should be a household name, but she fell off along the way. 

Who is Bridgette Wilson’s Husband? 

Wilson is married to the legendary tennis player Pete Sampras. Sampras is a 14-time Grand Slam winner. They married in 2000 after meeting up at a Los Angeles movie theatre. Before their marriage, they dated for nine months before Sampras’ proposal. Sampras and Wilson’s wedding lived to expectations. Legend Elton John made a surprise performance also. It was a wedding that saw several A-list celebrities appear. It was expected, by the way: a legend in the world of tennis marrying a former Miss Teen USA, there was no way it was not going to be the talk of the town. 

Since their marriage in 2000, there has been no problem of separation. The couple has maintained a cordial relationship and has chosen family above everything. One of the reasons Pete Sampras was attracted to Bridgette Wilson was her love for family, reports say. Sampras himself loves and appreciates, and to get someone with the same value was priceless. Getting Bridgette to marry him despite meaning that once they started having children, she would have to forfeit her career to focus on the family was a gift he would forever cherish. 

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Why Did Bridgette Wilson Stop Acting? 

Bridgette wanted to be a homemaker, and she has said this since 1993. One of the biggest reasons Bridgette Wilson stopped acting was her desire to take care of her children. She wanted to raise her boys, Christian Sampras, and Ryan Sampras. She also didn’t want to be apart from her children. So, it was either her family or her career. She chose her family. 

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Bridgette and her husband have resorted to low-key lives and are happy. There is no news of a separation or a divorce. Fans may be unhappy because they want to see more of Wilson’s face on the screens, but they must understand that Bridgette also deserves happiness. If the family gives her joy, so be it. 

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