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Perhaps the pressure of being a movie star at the age of five wasn’t too much to handle for Brittany Ashton Holmes. So much cannot be said about Brittany after her sterling performance in the first movie she appeared in The Little Rascals. 

At the age of five, Holmes was the darling of many TV enthusiasts after her role as Darla in the 1994 feature film. If stardom was a thing to strive for, it excluded Brittany as her rise was, for want of better words, meteoric. But, some people can not handle fame as much as other people. 

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If you were around in the early 1990s, you probably would remember the scene where Bug Hall, who played Alfalfa, sang his heart out to try to win Brittany Ashton Holmes, heart. Some regard that scene as one of the cutest scenes between kids on TV.

Rightly so! It would be best if you saw the scene to understand why there is so much hype around it. But Brittany’s name isn’t as popular as it used to be. So, where is Brittany Ashton Homes today? We provided answers in this article. 

Who is Brittany Ashton Holmes?

On February 27, 1989, Brittany was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America. Unfortunately, there are no details of who her parents are. But we know she was raised in Southern California, where she attended a high school.

Reports say she was quite good at sports, especially soccer, representing the school team occasionally. But being a child with unique talents, her parents recognized her abilities when she was still very little. As a result, her parents were responsible for becoming a young actress. 

A Look At Brittany Ashton Holmes’ Career

Talent management companies usually discover child actors. Ashton was also discovered that way. She was hired for The Little Rascals, which interestingly happened to be her first movie feature. She was cast as Darla, a love interest of Alfalfa, who Bug Hall played. It was like striking gold for the movie producers as the chemistry between Darla and Alfalfa was so unique.

Till today, there are still lovers of the movie who would argue that the young couple remains the best young couple on screen. Maybe the film didn’t get acceptance from some critics, but it grossed over $67 million, a substantial financial success considering the budget at the time. Holmes’ performance was so good that she earned The Young Artist Award for Best Performance by a Youth Ensemble in a Motion Picture. Though she didn’t win the award, it made her recognized. 

Unlike her partner on screen, Bug Hall, who has made a name for himself, Brittany Ashton Holmes career stagnated for a while. Her career didn’t progress as everyone expected despite the bag of talents there. The following year in 1995, Holmes appeared in a TV commercial for Mcdonald’s.

She would later appear in an episode of Ellen, where she played the role of a little girl named Julie. Although shockingly, Brittany made an appearance in the adult steamy drama Red Shoe, she didn’t play any raunchy role, but fans still couldn’t understand how a girl could play a role in an adult drama. 

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Brittany Was On Humanoids From The Deep

When some producers came together to make a low-budget remake of the horror classic, Humanoids From The Deep, many were shocked to find Brittany as a cast. She was seven at the time. The movie didn’t get positive reviews, but it looked like it attempted to keep Brittany Ashton Holmes afloat. 

Brittany Left The Movie Industry

After several attempts to get back on the screens, Brittany decided to take a break and focus on her education. After her high school education, she decides to get a degree in political science. She channelled her energy to other stuff. For a long time, her fans who fell in love with her acting didn’t see her on the screens. In 2014, Ashton tried to make a comeback in the movie We Hate Paul Revere, playing the role of Towns lady Britt, but it didn’t bring her back to the mainstream. 

Brittany Ashton Returns in The Little Rascals Reunion

Left to Brittany, she probably wouldn’t have returned for a reunion. But the producers, particularly Brian Pocrass, the event organizer, had to convince her to make a return to the 20th anniversary of The Little Rascals movie in 2014.

Where is Brittany Ashton Holmes Now?

Little is known of Brittany’s whereabouts. Brittany did a disappearing act. There was also a time when the rumour of her dating her fellow child actor, Bug Hall, made its way to the media. However, there is nothing concrete to establish that fact. Today, Bug Hall is married to Jill Marie Degroff, and they have a child too, Josephina Joy. 

Several reports say Brittany currently lives in Los Angeles, United States of America. However, this is not confirmed as no picture has surfaced showing that she is anywhere in that city. 

Is She on Social Media?

It doesn’t look like Brittany Ashton Holmes has any presence on social media. But a search on Twitter showed that Brittany opened a Twitter account in 2013. However, the account hasn’t been active for a long time, and it currently has 1,700 followers.

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Is Brittany in a Relationship?

The truth is, we will never know. Brittany has never revealed the personal details of her life; plus, she isn’t on the radar anymore. Perhaps she is married; we do not know. 

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Brittany Ashton Holmes’ stardom only lasted when she was a kid. She is currently off the radar. Maybe, just maybe, she would get another role in a movie because there is undeniable talent there. 

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