The Top 15 Burgundy Hair Colors With Highlights For 2023

burgundy hair

Rich reddish-purple burgundy hair might modernize your locks. Due to its adaptability, there are many different looks to try out. It is the ideal hue for a lady who wants to make a statement or who wants a subtle change. If you enjoy standing out from the crowd and desire a striking hairstyle, embrace brilliant burgundy or select a fashionable blend of this well-liked color and plum tones. Balayage and burgundy brown hair are fantastic options for people who desire a more understated and low-maintenance look.

Additionally, it complements a variety of textures and styles, including curly, straight, long, and short hair. There is nothing stopping you from experimenting with this trendy shade, whether at home or in the salon; it looks good on everyone, including A-listers Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner.

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What Color is Burgundy Hair?

burgundy hair

The rich reddish-purple shade of burgundy hair is ideal for making a statement. Finding the ideal color to match your skin tone is simply because of the broad variety of colors available, which range from lighter to darker shades of burgundy.

Try burgundy with blonde highlights if you want a subtle, low-maintenance look, while plum tones and burgundy with a red undertone are best for people who want to stand out. The majority of people will find burgundy to be flattering on them, and it goes well with all hair colors and textures.

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1. Dark Burgundy Hair

burgundy hair

Burgundy is the color to use if you want to give your hair a fun and attractive upgrade. It is a color that looks good on the majority of people and may be either understated and wearable or striking and eye-catching. Darker hair can be given a subtle yet eye-catching appearance by selecting a dark hue and applying it. This deep shade of burgundy is a harmonious combination of reddish and purple tones, and it complements persons with pink, ebony, and olive complexion tones well.

2. Burgundy Red Hair

burgundy hair

Burgundy is currently a huge hairstyle for good reason; it looks amazing, makes a statement, and goes with a variety of hair hues and kinds. Additionally, the color burgundy is linked to success and prosperity. There are semi-permanent and permanent dye options, and choosing a deep red shade can be really stunning. To achieve a matchy-matchy look that is girly and playful, use a dark lipstick or nail polish color that is similar.

3. Burgundy Ombre Hair

burgundy hair

Ombre hair is a shading style where the base color of the hair is first dark and gradually lightens. You’ve probably seen it on the catwalks, in magazines, and on some of your favorite celebs. This method is popular for using natural colors, but it may also be used with rich colors like burgundy for a more dramatic but whimsical appearance.

4. Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights

burgundy hair

Given the clash of colors, choosing burgundy hair with blonde highlights is a brave move. When coupled with light hair, the rich dark red color stands out and can give a sophisticated image. It can boost your confidence and make you feel gorgeous, making it ideal for someone who wants to refresh their hairstyle. The amount of highlights you choose to add will determine how striking your appearance will be.

Additionally, blonde highlights come in a variety of hues, from platinum blonde to strawberry blonde, each having its own attractiveness. However, because it is a little trickier to pull off, it is best to leave this appearance to the pros rather than attempting to do it yourself.

5. Burgundy Dark Maroon Hair

burgundy hair

Dark maroon and burgundy are two really similar colors, so they go together beautifully and produce a feminine and playful look. This is the option for women who wish to stand out. These hues are frequently connected to wealth and sophistication, and the color of your hair can reveal a lot about your personality.

Additionally, it is effective on a range of hair textures, including straight and curly. To avoid drawing attention to any frizz or damage, you should make sure your hair is in fantastic condition because the colors are so striking.

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6. Deep Burgundy Hair

burgundy hair

Every lady should give burgundy hair a shot at least once. This color is so well-liked because you can experiment to create a look that expresses your personality. Maybe you like your hair to be all one color, or maybe it has burgundy highlights. While choosing an all-over deep burgundy hair color produces a sleek look that exudes sophistication, the beauty is in the versatility.

7. Burgundy Brown Hair

burgundy hair

Burgundy may seem like a significant change, and you might be reluctant to give it a try. Don’t worry if that’s the situation. For individuals who choose a more understated appearance, options exist, such as burgundy brown hair. With brown hair, the deep reddish-purple color works incredibly well and can even produce subtle lowlights.

The intriguing contrast tends to be flattering on most skin tones and is stunning without trying too hard. This is most definitely for you if you want to experiment with a cute new appearance. It is also one of the easiest color combinations to create at home.

8. Purple Burgundy Hair

burgundy hair

Burgundy is a combination of dark red and purple, making it a great choice if you want to go for a style that emphasizes the purple tones. Because it is so vivid and daring, purple hair has long been a favorite for hair, but it is also a color that is frequently connected to money, magic, mystery, and grandeur.

Depending on how you choose to include it, this tint usually complements skin tones with a neutral hue. It may complement different hair textures and lengths and be universally appealing. Depending on your complexion, don’t be afraid to experiment with colder or warmer purples.

9. Subtle Burgundy Brown Balayage

burgundy hair

You can add burgundy to brown hair for a subtle yet stylish effect using the amazing Balayage technique to give natural hair colors a sun-kissed appearance. Due to the two tones’ close resemblance, they merge smoothly and give off a more natural appearance. The method typically involves placing highlights vertically to provide a sweeping appearance. Additionally, it can add volume to thin hair and work miracles.

10. Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

burgundy hair

This reddish shade is presented in a less striking way in brown hair with burgundy highlights. Dark hair colors look great with this shade since they give off a more muted and understated impression. This makes it simpler to execute. Your hair color will draw even more attention to whatever lovely curls you may have, giving them more brightness and providing an intriguing contrast with straight hair.

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11. Black and Burgundy Hair

burgundy hair

Burgundy and black hair is a great option if you enjoy having dark hair and playing around with color. Burgundy tends to blend better with darker hair, making it appear more subdued and natural. For an ombre hair color appearance, add burgundy to the tips of your hair, or choose a few highlights all over.

It is a stylish, low-maintenance design that is also easier to pull off than some other color schemes. Look to famous people for inspiration, such as Hayley Tju, who demonstrates how elegant yet playful this combination can be.

12. Burgundy Natural Hair

burgundy hair

With hair of all different lengths and textures, from wavy to straight, burgundy tends to look good. Many ladies who wish to renew their locks and give themselves a feminine and fun look choose it because of its versatility. Natural hair is by definition strands that have not undergone chemical texturization or coloring.

13. Lavender and Burgundy Highlights

burgundy hair

Hair that is lavender is incredibly lovely. Because of its softness, the hue is so attractive and in demand among ladies looking for something a little different. However, purple and burgundy highlights are the best approach to alter your appearance. All hair colors can work with the match, although deeper tones tend to be more understated and simple to wear, whilst lighter tones are riskier and require a lot of confidence to wear.

14. Burgundy Hair with Caramel Highlights

burgundy hair

The combination of burgundy hair and caramel highlights is warm, rich, and absolutely stunning. When brown hair is used as the foundation tone, these highlights frequently look fantastic together. Nevertheless, it can also work with burgundy since it produces a softer style that is adaptable, simple to wear, and really feminine. If you want hair that will elegantly frame and brighten your face, try this popular treatment that all the top models and celebrities adore.

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15. Bright Burgundy Hair

burgundy hair

The only thing you need to stand out is vibrant burgundy hair. Whether you have blonde or dark hair, it is a color that complements all shades and there are many different ways to apply it to your hair. To create an eye-catching contrast for a strong statement, you can either dye your entire head or leave your roots their natural color. If you want an unusual but stylish hairdo, try this stunning look.

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