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Being a powerful female with beauty, intelligence, charisma, determination, and strength is really mind-blowing, and Cathie Wood is the definition of a powerful female. She is an American investor, founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Ark Investment, an investment management firm. Cathie Wood is the full package of power, intelligence, and hard work. Do you know anything about Cathie Wood, asides her being the founder of one of the most popular investment firms in the world? Who is Cathie Wood’s husband? What is Cathie Wood net worth? 

Cathie wood net worth
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Catherine Duddy Wood is a very active business woman, and philanthropist, who deeply cares about children getting the full knowledge on what they care about. She worked several jobs, gaining knowledge from each company, before finally deciding to branch out on her own, creating one of the best investment firms in the world. In this article, you will find out all you need to know about Cathie Wood, Cathie Wood’s career, Cathie Wood marital status, Cathie Wood net worth.

Cathie Wood’s Early Life and Height

The 5ft6 beauty was born on November 26, 1955, in Los Angeles, to immigrants of Ireland. Although there is not much information about her family and childhood, her father served in the Irish Army, before migrating to the United states, and became a radar system engineer in the United States air force. Wood was born into a Christian home, and went to an all girls catholic high school, Notre Dame Academy, and is still very rooted in her religion. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor in Science in finance and economics. 

Personal Life and Relationship 

Catherine Duddy Wood got married to Robert Wood in the early 20’s. Although how they met is not publicly known, they have three children. Caitlin Wood, Caroline Wood and Robert Wood. They got divorced ten years later.

Cathie Wood’s Ex-Husband, Robert Wood

Unfortunately Robert died of cancer a few years after the divorce. Robert Remington Wood Jr. was an American writer who died at the age of 67. He graduated from Duke University, in 1973, with a major in English Literature. He wrote beautiful pieces for popular companies, and fully expressed his skill in various departments. He worked in the editorial department for McGraw Hill, he worked in the advertising sales department for Rolling Stone. Robert Wood also had his beautiful piece in Cherry Lane Music Publications, and in Financial World Map. 

Cathie Wood’s Career

Cathie Wood net worth did not start growing from her first job, as she only worked for three years as an assistant economist at a Capital group. In 1980, she decided to do something different, and made a firm unmovable decision to move to New York, to start something great. Her first job as a New Yorker, was as a chief economist in, Jennison Associates. She moved steadily to also become an analyst and a managing director. 

Cathie wood net worth
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Cathie Wood net worth began to grow as she devoted 18 years of her life to work at the company, learning more, expanding her knowledge and getting better at her job. In 1998, she took a big step and co-founded a hedge fund, ‘Tupelo Capital Management,’ with Lulu C. Wang. After that huge move, she joined AllianceBernstein, in 2001, as their CIO, ‘Chief Investment Officer, and devoted her time there and worked for 12 years. Unfortunately she found out that her skills were not really appreciated, after she pitched an idea that was painfully dismissed. 

Cathie Wood left the company, and that action birthed the idea of her own company, Ark Investment. She said in an interview that the inspiration behind the name was from studying the Ark of Covenant, a one year bible. During this time, Cathie Wood net worth has already been affected positively. 

Her Accomplishments

  • In 2020, Cathie Wood was named the ‘Best Stock Picker of 2020,’ by Bloomberg news. 
  • In 2021, Cathie Wood was selected for Forbes 2021 50 over 50; Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Scientists and Creators Who Are Over the Age 50. 
  • In 2021, her two funds made the, ‘List of 10 Largest Female-run Funds by Total Net Assets.’

What is the Creator of Ark Investment Net Worth?

Cathie Wood net worth is currently $250 million, earned from her hard work and skill to build strong companies that are now fully recognized nationwide. 

Cathie wood net worth
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Cathie Wood as a Philanthropist

Through her institute, ‘Duddy Innovation Institute,’ she makes charitable donations often, especially to the high school she graduated from. Her donations are meant to encourage girls to study disruptive innovation, or basically anything that can change the world. 

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