Chad Muska Net Worth, Career, Interest & Biography

Chad Muska is an American expert skateboarder, musician and entrepreneur. He remains one of the most intriguing personalities skateboarding has ever seen. Chad Muska career makes you wonder what his net worth is.

Chad Muska has a net worth of $16 million. A significant part of this money comes from skateboarding. Muska also engages in other activities which contribute to his net worth.

Chad Muska

The Beginning Of Muska’s Skateboarding

Muska was born in Lorain, Ohio on May 20, 1977. As he grew older, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to live with his father. It was in his new residential home that his interest in skateboarding flared.

Here, Muska watched the children skate, slowly developing interest with every passing day. He had an old bike that he rode, but this wasn’t enough for him; instead, he wished he was like the children he saw skating often. Unfortunately, Muska’s bike got stolen, leaving him with nothing but a growing interest in skateboarding.

There in Arizona, he came across professional skateboarder Erik Ellington. He spent his time skateboarding with him before moving to Mission Beach in San Diego, California. His relocation left him with little money, a sketchbook and a cassette player. 

In other words, Muska had nothing to pursue his skating art.

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Professional Skateboarding Career

Muska was in a helpless situation. He was homeless, living on a beach and he was uncertain of his future and how he’ll get by every day. During this period, he began working with a company called ‘Maple’.

Maple became Muska’s first-ever skateboarding deck company. Muska appeared in the 1994 video – Rites of Passage. As he chased greener pastures, he left Maple to join Toy Machine, which was well known in the skateboarding field.

With time, Muska rose to become a top member of the Toy Machine team. He was a team member with Ed Templeton, Jamie Thomas, Brian Anderson, and Mike Maldonado. His presence also facilitated Elissa Steamer’s sponsorship.

Their team became one of the most respected and emulated teams in skateboarding. They filmed for the 1996 video project known as Welcome to Hell. However, some of the performance was cut because of an alteration with both Templeton and Thomas.

With these issues at Toy Machine, Muska left the team for the upcoming brand – Shorty’s. Here, he became the developer of the brand’s skateboarding deck division. This led to his epic role in the skateboarding video – Fulfill Your Dreams and four other productions.

With his presence in Shorty’s, the company thrived and gained recognition. The eS skate shoe company sponsored Muska around this time and released the “eS Muska” signature in 1998. The footwear did excellently well in the market with Muska as the brand’s personality.

Muska also joined the C1RCA footwear team in 1999. He became the first pro skater for the team and released blockbuster signature shoe models with the brand. After many productions that hit the newspapers and magazines, Muska parted ways with Circa in 2005.

Chad Muska

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Muska’s Later Career

In 2006, Muska left Shorty’s as well to work with the Element Skateboards brand, and the company officially welcomed him in 2007. He also founded a brand named Supra footwear in 2006 with Angel Cabada.

The Supra brand signed its first signature shoe model known as the “Skytop”. Muska made all these designs with Josh Brubaka. There were mixed reviews about this shoe brand.

In 2013, Muska appeared frequently as a referee for the sixth installment of the game “Battle of the Berrics”. He also partnered with New Image Arts gallery to open his first solo art exhibition called “Transitions” in June.

He expanded into Mexico with the “Mexico City” brand in 2014. His sponsors were Ghetto Child Wheels, Element Skateboards, Supra Footwear, and Brooklyn Projects.

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Here are other things that Interests the skateboarder

Muska also has a music career. He released his music under the name “Muskabeatz.” He has produced several tapes for old-school hip-hop artists such as Biz Markie, Afrika Bambaataa, Jeru the Damaja amongst others. Most of his songs depict his struggles on the streets after he left home.

Muska also featured in Tony Hawk’s video game, including the Tony Hawk’s Pro skater and the Tony Hawk’s Underground.

He still expresses his love for footwear and has an extensive collection to prove it.

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