Charissa Thompson: Bio, Career, Husband, Net Worth

One of the few women dominating the largely male-dominated field of sports journalism is Charissa Thompson. She is a skilled professional who has experience in nearly every area of sports in the mainstream media. Young women who wish to work in sports media can be inspired by their careers.

Without a doubt, Charissa qualifies as a master of everything. She works as a sports analyst and writer. She has experience working in print, television, and radio, and she has been successful in each of them.

charissa thompson
Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson Bio

American Seattle, Washington, is where Charissa Thompson was born and raised. Her parents, Scott and Cathy Thompson, her brother, sister, and she all make up her family of five.

When he was in high school and college, her brother Tyson played baseball. Two of Charissa’s siblings are older than she is. By 2021, Charissa Thompson will be 38 years old. On May 4, 1982, she was born.

Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington, is where she received her education. She graduated from a California community college with a degree in education.

She continued her education at the University of California after leaving the community college. In 2014, she graduated from the university with a bachelor of arts in Law and Society.

She is a Taurus by birth as well. We also know that they are dedicated, enthusiastic, and occasionally stubborn. Perhaps it was her determination, but it takes more than a desire to realize one’s childhood ambitions and bring them to pass. Nevertheless, Thompson has excelled as a reporter ever since she began.

Not to mention that Charissa has charmed everyone with her endearing demeanor. The American reporter is unknown in terms of weight, however, she stands at 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. Her physical characteristics are likewise unknown, in addition. In addition, she maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Consequently, Charissa has a stunning figure and a fashionable sense. With her pixie blonde hairstyle and brilliant blue eyes, Thompson also exudes confidence.

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Charissa Thompson Career

Charissa Thompson, who is charming and stunning to boot, started reporting in 2006, immediately following college.

Charissa had a broadcasting career in mind ever since she was a young girl. So with that in mind, she began her early career by appearing on numerous collegiate sports programs on the Big Ten Network and Fox Sports Net (FSN).

For college basketball and football games, Charissa also covered the sidelines. Nevertheless, Thompson continued to do so up until the point at which NFL on Fox hired her to work as a sideline reporter for the NFL.

She also made appearances with them on several Big Ten Network programs, including Big Ten’s Best and Friday Night Tailgate. She has appeared on baseball-related Fox Sports Net shows like The Baseball Report and the 2007 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Parade.

Together with Chris Rose and John Salley, Thompson co-hosted The Best Damn Sports Show Period on FSN as part of her job. However, the program was later canceled in 2009.

Charissa encountered some issues as she finished her first stint covering the NFL in the fall of 2008. Many people and the media claimed she was losing ground in her career when she dyed her hair black in order to “rid herself of the Barbie thing.”

Additionally, Deadspin published a piece titled “Charissa Thompson Continues Down Suicidal Path to Frumpyville” in their publication. After several responses, Thompson finally went back to coloring her hair blonde. She later discussed the incident in an HBO interview.

The Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels was the subject of an interview with Charissa for the cover story of the April 2009 edition of Access DirecTV. After that, the American reporter worked for the NHL on Versus in 2009.

Charissa’s professional life appears to be stagnating, despite a few setbacks. On “NFL Now Updates” on the NFL Network in 2010, Charissa made an appearance.

She even co-hosted the Speed Network’s “Fast Track To Fame” that year while covering the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Charissa co-starred in the program with Michael Waltrip, a former NASCAR driver who is now a FOX Sports pundit.

After that, she worked for Yahoo! Sports as a reporter at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Following that, in February 2011, Thompson covered both the Super Bowl and the BCS National Championship game.

The NHL All-Star Game, the NBA All-Star Game, and numerous more events have all been covered by Charissa. Thompson joined ESPN in June 2011 together with Michael Smith, where they co-hosted the program Numbers Never Lie.

In addition, Charissa served as the host of SportsNation and ESPN First Take. After taking over for Michelle Beadle in July 2012, Thompson began hosting SportsNation for NBC. In June 2013, Charissa also joined Fox Sports once more.

To launch Foz Sports 1, Charissa joined the network (FS1). Additionally, the young journalist co-hosted the ABC reality TV program Splash with actor Joey Lawrence in 2013. Charissa expanded her role by taking on the role of host for Fox NFL Kickoff.

She has a second job outside of Fox News, co-hosting a television program for Extra. In May 2015, Thompson once again served as the competition’s host.

A host for the Netflix reality series Ultimate Beastmaster was revealed for Charissa the following year. Additionally, she was a member of the broadcast crew that covered the boxing battle between Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas. She even had the opportunity to learn some boxing strategies from Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach.

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Charissa Thompson Personal Life

Charissa has frequently avoided the public’s attention when it comes to her sexual orientation and personal life. Kyle Thousand, a sports agent, and the sportscaster’s ideal partner are married to her.

Before having a modest wedding in early 2021, the couple was engaged for a short while. A lot of her family and friends were unable to attend the wedding because of Covid, which made the event regrettably tiny.

In spite of all this, the wedding was stunning and captivating. She uploaded a few pictures to her Instagram account from the wonderful day.

Charissa reportedly had a previous marriage when she was 25. Her ex-name husband’s and information about their prior union, however, are kept largely confidential.

Nevertheless, they are now very good friends and even frequently hang out. She added that it was both one of her best and worst decisions at the age of 25.

In addition, Thompson was said to be dating ESPN analyst and former basketball player Jay Williams. From 2013 to 2015, the two lovers were together for a full two years.

Charissa was featured in the media for reasons other than her romance. According to reports, Thompson’s iCloud account was compromised, and her naked pictures were posted online.

After that, Charissa decided to sue the offender. Later, Charissa talked to The Athletic about the incident and the reasons she called the police.

Charissa Thompson Social Media

To stay up to date on the TV personality, follow her on the social media sites listed below. Instagram has 338k followers and 326.2k on Twitter.

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Charissa Thompson Net Worth

charissa thompson
Chariss Thompson

Sportscaster and television broadcaster Charissa Thompson has been working in the United States since 2006. Thompson has amassed a net worth of $3 million as a result of her successful journalism profession. When compared to her net worth in 2015, which was $2 million, this is a significant increase.

Charissa earned a salary of $700,000 a year in addition to her net worth. However, Charissa has not yet fully disclosed to the public her sources of income and possessions.

Thompson has a Chevrolet as well. She also works as a brand ambassador for Mercedes and has an endorsement agreement with them. Mercedes even gave her a pricey Mercedes as a gift in August of last year.

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