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For most people, smart glasses are a luxury. When a phone and earphones accomplish the same task, some people find it difficult to justify purchasing a set. Why do you need a set of smart glasses, then?

Of course, many brands have various qualities. Some brands of cameras allow you to instantly capture the exact scene that your eyes are capturing. whereas the open-ear speakers found on the majority of smart glasses also let you listen to music or podcasts while hearing what is going on around you.

It’s also possible to use voice control to communicate with virtual assistants while wearing some smart glasses to stay organized and informed.

These are the top smart glasses on the market right now.

1. Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer

photo 86

Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses with Photo, Video & Audio

  • Plastic lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 50 millimeters
  • Lens height: 41.2 millimeters

Facebook and Ray-Ban collaborated to create the Ray-Ban Stories line of smart eyewear. Despite having two 5MP cameras, two open-ear speakers, and three microphones, these glasses still have the timeless and fashionable Ray-Ban style and are still quite light.

With the high-resolution image quality of up to 2592 x 1944 pixels and video quality of 1414 x 1414 pixels at 30FPS, the 5MP cameras are respectable. Don’t anticipate the superiority of high-end phone cameras, though.

The Facebook View app makes it simple to upload pictures to Facebook and Instagram, and there is space for roughly 500 pictures or 30 videos. However, since photographs are erased as soon as they are synced to your phone, additional storage space is likely unnecessary.

The maximum video duration is 30 seconds, so if you have a tendency to make lengthy films, you might want to stay with your phone.

Although the bass is a tad low, the open-air speakers’ sound quality is respectable. As a result, some bass-heavy genres, like hip-hop, could seem uninteresting. The call quality, however, is quite good.

When traveling, the included case for the glasses neatly serves as a charger. The case can be fully charged using a USB-C connection in roughly an hour, providing you with about a day of light use.

2. Bose Frames Tempo

photo 87

Bose Frames Tempo – Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity

  •  High-performance sport sunglasses
  • Sport Bluetooth sunglasses with long battery life
  • Superior audio embedded
  • Comfortable Secure fit

The Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano smart glasses are nearly identical, save for design. But the Bose Frames Tempo glasses feature some minor adjustments that make them better suited for athletes of all genders.

They are better at resisting water, to start. These glasses have an IPX4 rating, making them more sweat- and rain-resistant. The frames also have substantially longer battery life. You may be sure that your glasses will endure for eight hours, plus a lot more, during a full day of exercise. The fit is even tighter. They will remain stuck to your head while cycling or jogging because of this fit.

The tenor or soprano models don’t sound any different in terms of quality. Bose asserts that their OpenAudio speakers are louder and provide a more complete sound than those made by rival companies. The dual beam-forming array microphones will additionally reduce wind noise and enhance call quality.

3. Soundcore Frames By Anker

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Soundcore by Anker, Soundcore Frames Landmark Bluetooth Audio Smart Glasses, Interchangeable Frames, Open Ear Surround Sound with 4 Speakers, Polarized Lenses, 2 Mics, Clear Calls, Voice Control, App

  • Open-Ear Sound Experience
  • Wide Range of Styles
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit

At first glance, it’s hard to realize that the Anker Soundcore Frames are actually smart glasses despite their amazing appearance.

You will get the frame style of your choice when you order a pair. However, Anker charges more for a large selection of frames. If you choose, you can have a pair of glasses for practically every situation thanks to these alternatives, which open up a wide range of customizable designs.

The connections are still strong even if you can switch out different front frames throughout the day. The glasses are well-made and don’t lose their quality easily.

The Soundcore app has a number of volume-controlling functions, such as private mode. This mode reduces the volume of the audio output and is a great choice for accepting calls. You can further customize the preset instructions to regulate the audio, which is another benefit. The program also features adjustable graphic equalizers, spatial audio control for the OpenSurround function, and voice control choices.

You shouldn’t expect a deep and rich bass despite the spatial audio and graphic equalization features. Instead, you should prepare for immersive sounds that are mid- and treble-rich.

4. Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

photo 89

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) | Smart glasses with open-ear audio and Alexa | Modern Tortoise with prescription ready frames

  • Hands-free with Alexa
  • Open-ear audio with Auto Volume
  • VIP Filter
  • All-day wear 

The second generation of Amazon Echo Frames may be a nice option for you, depending on how you feel with Alexa always being somewhere in the background.

Similar to using an Echo speaker at home, Alexa may be used while you are on the move. Among many other things, you can make calls, operate smart devices, and set reminders and alarms. Echo frames can also be used by users of Siri or Google Assistant.

The Alexa app provides tutorials to assist you in getting started, and some cool features allow you to prioritize contacts, such as the VIP filter and Top Contact options. The “Action” button also gives you control over Alexa and the frames, and the auto-volume feature modifies the volume based on background noise.

The actual glasses have a slightly outdated appearance, so they might not be to everyone’s taste. However, they are rather strong and portable. The touchpad on the right side is hidden, and the controls on the frames are largely difficult to see. You can pick between polarized, blue-light-filtering, or prescription-ready lenses.

Low-latency sounds are, once more, as flat as a pancake in terms of audio quality. When listening to music with lots of bass, don’t look for your neck hair to stand up.

They do, however, have an IPX4 rating and a long battery life. With two hours of chat time, 20 Alexa interactions, and 85 minutes of media playback, Amazon estimates the battery will last 14 hours. Alternatively, four hours of nonstop listening are provided with a full charge.

5. Bose Frames Soprano

photo 90

Bose Frames Soprano, Smart Glasses, Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses, with Open Ear Headphones, Cat-Eye, Black

  • Cat eye Bluetooth sunglasses 
  • Bose Open Ear Audio sunglasses
  • Polarized lenses

Bose has unveiled a line of smart glasses that are of higher quality than earlier models. With the Soprano and Tenor frames from Bose, your glasses will look very fashionable and will have a longer battery life than previously.

You can listen to music and engage in full conversation thanks to the open-ear speakers. They don’t block out external sounds like earbuds do, letting you safely listen to music and podcasts on your phone while riding a bike or driving.

Although the mid-range of these glasses has a complete sound, they don’t have a lot of bass like other manufacturers. To enjoy your music, you don’t need to crank up the volume, and you can now more easily regulate it by gliding your finger down the arm. A second tap will also prompt you to ask Siri a question or respond to incoming calls.

The Soprano style’s included cat-eye lenses are a great option because they are polarized and will shield your eyes from dangerous UV radiation. However, if you have access to a Lensabl store, you can fit prescription lenses, and other retailers could also be able to offer them.

The glasses also have an IPX2 water resistance rating. With this grade, you won’t have to worry about light splashes and can keep them on in extremely light rain. However, it’s not a good idea to wear them during a severe rainstorm, and it’s also not a good idea to immerse your head in the water while wearing them.

6. Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses: Blue Light Filtering & Polarized Sunglass Lenses

  • Low Latency Audio
  • Built-in Mic and Speakers
  • Touch-Enabled and Voice-Assistant Compatible

Razer Anzu is yet another attractive set of smart glasses. They are now much more reasonably priced than they were in the past, which makes them a great option for individuals looking for value.

Round or rectangular lens shapes are available on the glossy black plastic frames. They also come in two sizes, which is uncommon among smart glasses. Everyone may not always feel comfortable wearing glasses in their normal size. You might therefore be appreciative of the larger selection.

Two sets of clip-on lenses are included with the glasses, and they are simple to snap into the frame with a little pressure. One pair is a pair of blue-light-filtering eyeglasses that may block up to 35% of the harmful light from your computer screen, protecting your eyes. When outdoors, you can swap them out for polarized glasses to provide UV protection. Additionally offered by Lensabl are prescription lenses.

The Razer Anzu glasses operate similarly to other smart glasses in terms of audio. You might be disappointed to learn that the sound quality is not as good as using earbuds because the bass is once again a little flat. Yet again, you can connect with others while listening to music without it interfering with your peace of mind. However, their superb mid-range audio makes them perfect for podcast listening, Zoom meetings, and phone calls.

The battery life, which is about five hours, is also remarkable. The glasses conveniently turn off automatically when folded to preserve battery life.

The tap gestures require some practice to perfect, which is a drawback. There are no buttons; all of the functions are touch-sensitive. The gestures can be customized on the app.

7. Snapchat Spectacles 3

photo 92

Spectacles 3 — 3D Camera Glasses, Made by Snapchat (60fps HD Action Camera)

  • 3D video and photo
  • 3D Effects and 3D viewing
  • Charging Case

The Snapchat Spectacles 3 are the right eyewear for you if you want to take 3D pictures and movies. A 3D snapshot with a resolution of 1728 x 1729 pixels and a 3D movie with a resolution of 1216 x 1216 pixels are both captured by two HD cameras.

But compared to earlier models, this one is considerably more expensive. They very visibly look like tech-laden spectacles, which has caused controversy among fans about the design. The only people who will feel stylish while wearing it are the least fashion-conscious!

Apart from that, you may edit and filter your movies and photographs on Snapchat to produce new versions. Alternatively, you may relive your memories, share them on YouTube VR, and even create 3D prints with the accompanying 3D viewer. Simply put, using them may be a lot of fun.

With these glasses, you must utilize the Snapchat application. Nothing else can be used with these. However, you can export from the app to whatever location you like. On the glasses, you can also store around 1,000 images and about 100 films.

It is also quite convenient to recharge. All-day use is definitely feasible because the leather-case charger that comes with the product can carry up to four charges. They also charge quickly. They can be powered to 50% capacity in about 15 minutes, and a full battery will last for almost an hour and a quarter. The case conveniently folds down and fits in a bag or other place.

The four integrated array microphones record rich sounds. These glasses cannot be used to make calls, listen to music, or download podcasts.

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