Chelsie Kyriss: Was Chelsie Kyriss, Antonio Brown’s wife?

Chelsie Kyriss is the famous football player Antonio Brown’s girlfriend, as many of you already know. Chelsie Kyriss is much more than her well-publicized romance with the National Football League (NFL) player; nevertheless, she is much more than that. Chelsie Kyriss has worked as an educational teacher and a sales representative in the past.

Chelsie Kyriss has built a passionate fan base as a social media celebrity, real estate agent, designer, and customer sales representative while caring for her children and dealing with her rocky relationship. Continue reading to learn more about Chelsie Kyriss’ career, family, and connection with Antonio Brown, a well-known athlete.

Chelsie Kyriss

Chelsie Kyriss’ Early Life And Education

Chelsie Kyriss was born on August 31, 1989, in Springboro, Ohio, United States. She spent the majority of her childhood in Springboro and graduated from Springboro High School. Chelsie Kyriss was a member of the theatre club at her high school and participated in sports including volleyball and soccer.

Chelsie Kyriss enrolled in Sinclair Community College after graduating from Springboro High School, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2010. She went on to Perimeter College at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her bachelor’s degree from this institution.

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Chelsie Kyriss’ Career

Kyriss’ professional career began like that of any other ordinary person. When she was in college, she began working as a marketing official. Her career in sales began in 2009. She went on to work as an associate instructor at a daycare facility later on. She worked at Adventures Through Learning as a teacher.

Kyriss has always aspired to be a model since she was a child. She, on the other hand, has never actively pursued a profession. She had, however, applied for a modeling position with Explore Talent, a talent agency. As a result, she had sent her portfolio there. Her desire remained a fantasy because she received no offers from any modeling campaigns.

She began working as an assistant manager at Baker’s Footwear Group in 2010. After more than a year in sales, it was a significant update.

She was also later given the position of store manager. She worked as a customer representative for Wilton Brands Inc. a few years later. As a result, she had the opportunity to strengthen her interpersonal skills.

She began to gain social media prominence in the years since then. It didn’t take long for her to become a well-known Instagram influencer.

As she became known as Antonio Brown’s girl, the light shone brightly on her. She appeared on a variety of media and public screens at the same time. As a result, she attracted a large number of followers on social media, particularly Instagram.

Chelsie Kyriss’ family

Chelsie Kyriss was born in Springboro, Ohio, to Lynn and Todd Kyriss. Her father is the executive vice president of Elite Sportswear, while her mother is a stay-at-home mom. Christopher Kyriss, Chelsie’s older brother, is also a model.

Chelsie Kyriss

Who Is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown has recently been in the news for a variety of reasons. According to rumors, he has been having difficulties in both his business and personal lives. In the National Football League, he is a wide receiver. He is currently a free agent.

Eddie Brown has a son named Antonio. Eddie is widely recognized as the best player in the Arena Football League’s history.

In addition, from 2007 to 2009, Antonio was a member of the Central Michigan football team. With 305 receptions, 3,199 receiving yards, and 22 touchdowns, he set the college record. He was selected in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The deal was said to be worth $1.28 million.

In September, he made his NFL debut against the Tennessee Titans. In Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers were defeated by the Green Bay Packers. Antonio Brown’s first career touchdown reception came in October 2011 against Julian Edelman’s New England Patriots.

Antonio Brown was listed as a receiver and a punt receiver on the 2013 Pro Bowl roster. He was also voted seventh among the NFL’s Top 100 Players in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, he was ranked fourth on the same list. He became the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL after signing a contract extension with the Steelers in 2017.

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Antonio Brown was dissatisfied with his job with the Steelers after the 2018 season. As a result, in March 2019, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. The coach at the time was Jon Gruden. However, things did not go as planned there as well. He signed a one-year $15 million contract with the New England Patriots in September 2019.

Antonio Brown had to deal with a slew of claims and personal issues in late 2019. As a result, the Patriots cut him from the club. After that, Brown made a public announcement about his intention to retire. But for the time being, he wants to play again.

He previously had a relationship with Chelsie Kyriss, with whom he had three daughters, and with whom he also shares another daughter with Wiltrice Jackson.

He also has another child from his relationship with Shameika Brailsford, making him the father of five children. Antonio has already split up with all of his ex-wives and girlfriends, but he is attempting to mend his relationship with Chelsie Kyriss.

Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss’s Relationship

Chelsie dated a man whose name is unknown before meeting Antonio, and they had two children, Kellen and Brooklyn.

Kyriss and Brown met for the first time when she had just joined Wilton Brands Inc as a staff member, according to sources and reports. They met with the assistance of mutual friends, although we don’t know who his friend was.

This couple has been attracted to one other since their first meeting, and they have also dated for a period of time, as evidenced by their images on their Instagram and social media sites. This pair has gone to numerous locations together and has taken several vacations together.

Chelsie Kyriss

Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown’s Kids

Kyriss has five children, three from her marriage to Brown and the other two from Brown’s past relationships. Kyriss was also married before she met Antonio, and she had two children with her previous husband, Kellen and Brooklyn Green.

Kyriss and Antonio have three children: Antony, born in 2014, Ali, born in 2015, and Apollo, born in 2017. Antonio was seeing Stephanie Acevedo at the time Apollo was born, and the two were preparing to move to Miami together, but Antonio broke up with her in order to be closer to Kyriss.

Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown’s Relationship Tearing Apart

This couple’s relationship lasted only eight years and was riddled with cheating and legal wrangling. Antonio was also linked to Jena Frumes in 2017, according to reports.

This type of issue caused Kryiss to leave Antonio and they split up for a while, but Antonio’s later relationship with Jena ended, and the couple reconciled. However, the couple split up again in 2019, and this time he made a tweet entitled “No More White Woman 2020,” in which he also claimed that Chelsie had cheated on him.

Kyriss, on the other hand, refuted this, claiming that he was a lousy father and an irresponsible partner. Following this, Kyriss did not remain silent, attempting to attract the attention of the press as well as attempting to tarnish Antonio’s reputation in the media.

Antonio Brown even pursued legal action against her as a result of this, filing a complaint in 2019 because his ex-girlfriend refused to leave his property.

But Kyriss built a case against him as well, claiming that the reason she isn’t pregnant is because of child care and that he hasn’t assisted her in raising her children. Antonio, she claimed, needs psychiatric treatment and is immature.

Many of Antonio’s ex-wives and girlfriends have accused him of being careless, failing to care for his children, and setting a poor example as a father.

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Chelsie Kyriss’ Net worth

Chelsie Kyriss has made a name for herself in the fields of education, entertainment, and business. Her annual earnings, however, are unknown in exact figures. Chelsie Kyriss’ net worth is estimated to be $200,000. She has amassed her fortune through working as a teacher, sales representative, store manager, real estate agent, and social media influencer, among other occupations.

Chelsie Loves Real Estate And Designing

Chelsie has an active Instagram account where she keeps her followers up to speed on her life. She mentions in her Instagram bio that she works in real estate and design. She has a good eye for beauty and detail, as can be seen. Chelsie’s creative skills can transform any home into a tropical haven.

She also enjoys looking for new properties. Her clientele are consistently pleased with her work. Every time she works with a customer, she gives it her all. Chelsie approaches each day as a challenge and strives to be the best she can be.

Chelsie Kyriss’ Physical Appearance

Chelsie Kyriss has a sultry style that is reminiscent of Kim Kardashian. She is a stylish woman with a confident and outgoing demeanor. Her fair skin is complemented by her dark hair and dark eyes. Throughout the years, she has also kept her slim body.


Chelsie and Antonio had known one other for a long time. Several members of the NFL community immediately connect the two of them. Chelsie plays an important role in the NFL player’s life. She is deserving of all the love in the world because she is a dedicated and caring individual. Chelsie has not stated whether she is looking for a new partner in her life. Hopefully, she will find a life partner who will not pull her into unnecessary turmoil.




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