Chris Potoski: Early Life, Career, Net Worth Of Brandi Love’s Husband

Veteran American businessman Chris Potoski is Brandi Love’s husband. He is well recognized for having founded and served as COO of Tracey Jordan Properties. Chris is the CEO and founder of the company TJC Asset Management.

Who is Chris Potoski?

chris potoski
Brandi And Chris

Chris was born in the United States of America in the year 1972. But we don’t have the right details regarding his parents, upbringing, and siblings. His undergraduate studies were at Central Michigan University. At the university, he majored in both Physiology and Kinesiology in the Science department.

There haven’t been any unfavorable rumors regarding Chris, who is renowned for avoiding any controversy. He doesn’t really use social media, either. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not used by Chris.

It was advised that Chris change his job after he suffered a heart attack at the beginning of 2000, which was brought on by his hectic schedule. Before his condition worsened much more, Chris and his wife Brandi considered launching their new careers.

All of their friends and relatives were very opposed when the two began their careers in adult films. Chris and his wife were cut off from their relatives as a result of their adamant opposition to this proposal. Chris generally avoids talking about his family for this reason. In any of his interviews or public appearances, he has avoided bringing them up. But he has developed into a very prosperous businessman, and he is currently leading a quiet comfortable life.

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Chris Potoski’s Career

In Curative Health Services, Chris began his career as the Director of Business Development. His college degree was relevant to this position. He started working there in 1995 and continued doing so till 1999.

Chris joined the National Healing Corporation after leaving this business and began working as the Vice President of Business Development. Chris has also had a vice president position with Regent Medical Solutions.

Chris is also an accomplished CEO. He worked as the CEO of InVixis for five years. He founded TJC Asset management in 2004 and is currently in charge of it. In 2014, Chris also founded Tracey Jordan Properties, a different business.

Chris Potoski’s Personal Life

Currently, Chris Potoski is married. He is married to Brandi Love. Like Mia Khalifa, Brandi is a well-known actress in adult films. In 1994, a secret wedding between Chris and Brandi. Only family and close friends were present during the wedding.

The adult film industry is well known for Brandi Love. She differs from other adult celebrities though. The majority of the time, after entering the industry, the lives of Adult stars crumble. But since Chris and Brandi entered the relationship, her employment has increased significantly, and she adores this career. The couple enjoys a life of luxury and earns a respectable income to support themselves.

Due to their employment in the adult business and potential feelings of insecurity, Chris and Brandi have not disclosed any information about their daughter, who was born in 2001.

On their 23rd wedding anniversary, however, they later made their daughter public. They intended to raise Brandi somewhere safe and apart from this profession because she worked in an adult job, and they are making every effort to do this.

It has been reported and discovered that Chris’s in-laws and Brandi’s parents battle it out for custody of the child because they believe it would be extremely dangerous to raise a child with Chris and Brandi. And all of this is due to Brandi’s career in the adult industry; yet, the custody dispute was unsuccessful because Brandi and Chris won the lawsuit.

Later in 2004, Chris suffered a heart attack. As a result of his deteriorating health and declining financial situation, Brandi once more determined to pursue her adult profession.

After learning this information, Brandi’s parents once more attempted to obtain custody and even phoned child protective authorities to save their granddaughter. The child is growing up in a good environment, according to a statement from child protection, therefore there is no need to be concerned.

Due to their jobs, this pair has had several setbacks in their lives. In 2017, the couple paid $500 for tickets to attend the Tampa, Florida-based Student Action Summit. The pair was expelled from the gathering.

They were expelled from the program by other guests and the hosts’ staff; when Brandi reflected on the incident, she said it was a painful time and she was devastated.

Additionally, she was barred from attending a different Christian organization’s event because it was intended for young teenage boys and girls, and if she attended the event, it would have a bad effect on them. She was cast out of society as a result.

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Who is Brandi Love?

chris potoski
Brandi Love

American pornographic actress Tracey Lynn Livermore is also known by her stage name Brandi Love. Actress and adult video personality Brandi Love hails from Raleigh, North Carolina (North Carolina, United States). In June 2004, she unveiled, her website. She also established herself as a performer for Los Angeles production companies.

Born in Dearborn, Michigan on March 29, 1973, Tracey Lynn Livermore, aka Brandi Love, is of English and Polish ancestry. She was raised in Plymouth, Michigan, went to Central Michigan University, and was born. Her great-grandfather is a trader in stocks named Jesse Livermore. She was raised as an ardent Presbyterian. In Wake Forest, North Carolina, she is wed to Chris Potoski; the couple has a daughter.

She was a Central Michigan University student. Since there isn’t much information available on her academic career, we’ll update this page as soon as more information becomes available.

However, a few sites claim that little is known about her early years or her parents. Despite the fact that we don’t know a lot about her family specifically. Later, new verified details regarding her family will be provided.

Brandi Love’s Career

In 2008, she started doing shows for Los Angeles production companies. In her adult film career to date, Brandi was best known for her parts in the MILF and “Hot Wife” movies. In addition, she co-founded Naked Rhino Media with Gail Harris of Falcon Foto in 2006, a multimedia firm that develops porn sites with exclusive niche-specific content. Likewise, she started appearing in pornographic studios in 2011.

In 2013, it was also made known that “Kelly Madison Media” will be building a new website for her and helping to produce fresh content. In 2008, she also released a book with the working title “Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman.” She has acted in movies for a variety of studios since 2011, including Brazzers, Girlfriends Films, Hustler Video, Tom Byron Pictures, and Wicked Pictures.

She can be seen in the “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” episode of “The War on Porn.” In addition, she received the 2013 Night Movies Awards Editors’ Choice Performer of the Year honor. She also won the XBIZ Award for MLIF Performer of the Year. Love has received nominations for the XBIZ Award, the Night Movies Award, and the AVN Award.

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Chris Potoski Net Worth

Chris Potoski’s estimated net worth is $8 million. He has earned it via years of business success. He has amassed a fortune throughout the course of his career as a company developer and founder of immensely lucrative businesses.

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