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Chuck Woolery is in the group of those versatile men, who have the unique ability to do any task they put their minds to. He is an American former game show host, talk show host, actor, and musician, who kept making constant waves in the entertainment industry. Have you ever wondered who was the first original host of Wheel of Fortune? Woolery is that man. How old is Chuck Woolery? What is Chuck Woolery net worth? Is Chuck Woolery married? 

Charles Herbert Woolery popularly known as Chuck Woolery has done a lot of game shows and was even in the military at a point in his life. He also released hit songs in the 1960s. In this article, you will know more about the versatile man, and his journey handling different careers.

The Early Life of Chuck Woolery

He was born on March 16, 1941, in Ashland, Kentucky. Although there is not much public information about his family, he was born into a family of four. His father, Dan Woolery, died in 1969, and his mother is Katherine Woolery. He has a beautiful sister, Sue Woolery. After high school graduation, Chuck Woolery decided to join the US Navy. He served for two years, and in 1963, went to work as a wine consultant for a company in Columbus, Ohio. He also worked as a sales representative for the Pillsbury Company. 

Chuck Woolery’s Age, Weight, and Height 

The talented man is 81 years old, has an average height of 6 feet, and he weighs 90kg. 

Personal Life and Relationship

Woolery has been married to different beautiful women and has five children altogether. His first marriage was to Margaret Hayes, they got married in 1961, had two children, Katherine and Chad, and got divorced in 1971. Sadly, they lost Chad in an accident in 1986. His second marriage was to Jo Ann Pflug, who he has done a game show with. They got married in the same year he had his divorce his first wife and divorced Jo Ann nine years after. They had a daughter together, Melissa.

He got married to Teri Nelson in 1985, and had two sons; Michael and Sean, they got divorced in 2004. He got married to Kim Barnes two years later. Interestingly the couples are still together. 

Chuck Woolery’s Music Career

He started his music career in 1960, with a trio group called, ‘Bordermen.’ He played the double bass and sang in the group. The group got signed to Columbia Records and had a Top 40 hit in 1968. Alongside being a good musician, Woolery had to work a second job as a truck driver, to keep paying the bills. He left the group and became a solo artist, he released five records immediately, but one got a really low response.

In 1970, an amazing thing happened to Chuck Woolery net worth, after making the decision to return to music that same year, he recorded some singles with Warner Bros. and Epic Records. Interestingly one of his singles got very good responses, and eventually became #2 on the Billboard Country Singles Chart. 

His Acting and Hosting Career

Chuck Woolery net worth began to take a different turn when he made his first movie appearance in the same year his single made it to the billboard charts. He appeared in the movie, The Treasure of Jamaica Reef, he also appeared in a 1989 movie, ‘Cold Feet.’ He had his first game show alongside Jo Ann Pflug, in 1974, ‘Tattletales.’ The creator of Wheels of Fortune, Merv Griffin, went for the Tonight’s show, and became intrigued by Woolery’s singing, he was instantly moved to suggest that Woolery should host his show.

Woolery accepted and worked with him for 6 years, but due to an unfortunate turn of events, he was replaced by Pat Sajak. The end of his job was due to a salary disagreement and a threat to take the program to another broadcast television, a threat Merv Griffin did not take lightly.

After that uneventful occurrence, Woolery got busy with other game shows. He hosted Love Connection, a dating game show, in 1983, The Big Spin, in 1985, and Home and Family, for two years. In 2003, a reality television show, ‘Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned,’ based on him was produced. Chuck Woolery finally decided to do his own show, ‘The Chuck Woolery Show,’ but he put an end to the show after a few months. After, he appeared on The Price is Right, The $250,000 Game Show Spectacular. In 2021, Chuck Woolery net worth got another means to grow, when he appeared on a radio commentary show, ‘Save Us,’ and started his own podcast on his Youtube channel, ‘Blunt Force of Truth.’

His Nominations and Net Worth

Chuck Woolery net worth is currently $15 million, acquired from being a musician, actor, and host. He has not received any award yet, but he got nominated for Outstanding Host/Hostess in a Game or Audition Participation Show at Daytime Emmy Awards in the Year 1978. 

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Chuck Woolery is a supporter of the Republican party and makes donations often for political causes. Interestingly, he is also a gun rights activist. 

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