Clark Drum Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Relationship

Clark Drum Net Worth: Clark Drum is anticipated to have a net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. In the real estate industry in the US, Clark Drum is well-known. He is a real estate agent who spends a lot of time in Fort Lauderdale’s wonderful neighborhood of opulent waterfront mansions. He has an interesting perspective on riverside real estate in South Florida and the Caribbean due to his extensive understanding of boats and the waterways around them.

Clark Drum Net Worth: Early Life, Career, and Height Of Juliette Porter's BoyFriend

Only a few elements regarding Clark Drum’s early life were discovered throughout our inquiry; nevertheless, you can obtain personal details about him online. However, we managed to get practically all of the data we could. Consequently, let’s get right into this person’s biography.

Early Life

Florida’s Fort Lauderdale is where Clark was born and raised. He is therefore of the White race and a citizen of the United States. His grandpa and father were also prosperous company owners in their own way, therefore he comes from a successful family. Olivia, Sophie, and Cole Drum are Clark’s other two sisters and brothers.

When questioned about his educational background, Clark revealed that he received his diploma from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2013. Additionally, he holds a 2017 Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Real Estate Management from the University of Alabama.

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The fourth member of his family to hold this license, Clark Drum works as a licensed agent for Fort Drum Realty. The University of Alabama hired Clark as a recruitment expert in 2014 to start his career there. After that, from 2017 to 2018, Clark Drum worked with the National Football League to ensure that player statistics were accurate (NFL).

Beginning in 2019, Clark also works for Murphy O’Brien LLC as a multimedia marketing supervisor. After working there for a year, he returned to manage the family firm. He is currently a salesperson in Fort Lauderdale. Clark Drum also represents Kitsom Yachts in sales.

Clark Drum’s Relationship

Clark Drum Net Worth: Early Life, Career, and Height Of Juliette Porter's BoyFriend

Clark Drum isn’t yet wed, but he’s also not unmarried. Instead, Clark is Juliette Porter’s new beau from Siesta Key. She started dating him after breaking up with Sam Logan. At Madison and Ish’s wedding, which took place on Siesta Key, Clark and Juliette first came into contact. They then began dating as a result.

They were captured in a lovely Instagram post by Juliette Port, who added the following: “Such a fun night celebrating @madissonhaus and ishsoto1’s love! Thank you for including us in your day.”

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Clark Drum’s Girlfriend – Juliette Porter

On July 7, 1997, Juliette Porter was born in Florida, America. Her father, Scott Porter, is from Florida, while her mother, Fabienne Porter, is from Michigan.

Her mother is a client care specialist, while her father is a physical therapy director. Juliette Porter was born and reared in Florida, where she also went to school until transferring to Florida State University to finish her undergraduate studies. She earned an acting degree from Florida State University.

At a young age, Juliette Porter discovered her love for acting and started to train and expand her profession as a TV actress. She played a few early roles in the TV shows “The Young and the Restless” and “Days of Our Lives.” She appeared in the film “Thor: Ragnarok” as well (2017).

At Blend Fashion House, Juliette Porter started her career in the industry. KTLA Morning News and several celebrity pages are just a few of the reality shows she has featured on.

Her appearance in the most well-known TV program, “The Siesta Key,” helped her gain notoriety. She just made a comeback to Siesta Key for season 4 and tried to garner as much attention as she could.

She launched JMP The Label, her swimwear line, before the end of 2020. While filming for Siesta Key, Juliette, a seasoned swimwear designer, and Jaymi Washburn came up with many designs.

To fit diverse women’s bodies, the range comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. The line stands out since it is reasonably priced and has exclusive designs. Women of all shapes and sizes should feel confident wearing swimwear designed by Juliette Porter.

JMP The Label is accessible both online and offline. The swimwear line from Juliette Porter is sold in a variety of stores, including Target, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

Clark Drum’s Sister – Harlan Drum

American actress Harlan Drum‘s popularity increased as a result of her participation in the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias. She also has success modeling, and she occasionally uploads images to her Instagram account.

Harlan Drum’s modeling career took off when she was seven years old, and she has since appeared in a large number of advertisements and publications. She has at least seven film and television credits, and she enjoys great success as an actress.

She has worked with major companies like H&M, American Girl, and Justice.

Along with appearing in numerous advertisements, she has graced the covers of magazines including Vogue and Vogue Bambini. Her agent is KD Talent Management. On Instagram, she also shares images of herself modeling.

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Clark Drum Height & Weight

Clark Drum has a height of 5 7 inches. He is about 55 kilograms in weight. His hair is brown, and he has gorgeous warm brown eyes. His body is 36-28-34 inches in length.

Social Media

On social networking websites, Clark keeps up a significant online presence. For instance, his Instagram account @clarkdrum has 31 posts and 39 thousand followers. It’s disappointing that we haven’t been able to find his profiles on other social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. He’s probably using his hidden account to avoid attracting extra media attention.

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Clark Drum Net Worth

The public has not been given access to any of Clark Drum’s financial information, including his salary, income, or net worth, according to media sources. He reportedly makes a solid living, nevertheless, through Drum Realty, the real estate firm owned by his family. He is expected to have a net worth of $500,000 and an annual income of close to $100 million by the year 2022.

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