Clary Fisher: Bio, Career, Relationship, Children, Net Worth

Simon Konecki, a British philanthropic entrepreneur, was married to Clary Fisher, a fashion stylist. Moreover, Clary is of British nationality and resides in Sussex, South East England, with her daughter. Simon is well-known as the ex-husband of Adel, a famous American singer.

After information emerged that Simon had been communicating with Clary Fisher in private before Simon-divorce Adele’s decision was made public, Clary Fisher found herself the center of attention. It was reported that Simon sent her a Christmas greeting in 2018 to wish her a Merry Christmas. And it was also found that in February 2019, he once more wished her a happy birthday.

Clary Fisher

Clary Fisher Bio

Together, Clary and her ex-husband Simon grew up in East Sussex’s City Hove. Before their marriage, which ended after four years, they had grown up as neighbors and friends.

Clary Fisher (Clary Collicutt) studied fashion design at the University of the Arts London and the London College of Fashion. Very little is known about her personal life and her family’s private history. But we do know that she and Simon share a lot of pals.

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Clary wed Simon Konecki in 2004, and the couple divorced in 2008 after four years of marriage. With her ex-husband Simon Konecki, she has a daughter. Her daughter, who is now 15 years old, was born in 2007. Although her daughter’s identity has not yet been made public, it is known that she is a student.

Clary Fisher Career

Regarding Clary Fisher’s career, she works as a freelance fashion designer and stylist. She has been working in the industry for many years and has collaborated with many notable musicians.

Clary Fisher even displays her creations on her Instagram page, where she brags about her work. She has obviously already had great professional success, and we wish her continued success in the days to come.

Clary Fisher Ex-husband Simon Konecki

In 2021 in New York, USA, Simon Konecki, who was born on April 17, 1974, will be roughly 47 years old. He was raised in England even though he was born in the city of New York. Andrew and Rosemary Konecki are his parents. Victoria Konecki and Alexandra Konecki are their two siblings. His early years were spent in London. After completing his education at Prestigious Boys School, he went on to Elton College to earn his college degree. Following this, he decided to launch a business and actually did so.

Clary Fisher


He began his career as a trader when he was 17 years old. He oversaw teams of senior brokers at Lehman Brothers as well. Later, he took a position as director of EBS, a division of the trading juggernaut Icecap. He is also regarded as Tom Parker-Bowles and Bear Grylls’ contemporaries. In the year 2005, he felt compelled to make the world a better place, so he quit his work, abandoned his career, and renounced his opulent lifestyle.

He then partnered up with Lucas White, a classmate from college, to help him achieve his objectives. Together, they were able to launch the nonprofit organization Drop4Drop, which works to provide clean water in the world’s most underdeveloped nations, by pooling their resources and connections. Additionally, Simon and his friend Lucas successfully manage their own water bottle brand, Life Water.

Personal Life

When Simon Konecki and singer-songwriter Adele began dating in 2011, it made headlines. They even had a child together, Angelo Atkins, in the following year. According to subsequent reports, the couple secretly wed in 2017. We were unable to confirm the precise day of their wedding because Simon and Adele never made that information public.

Within a few months of the initial rumor of their marriage, there were whispers that they had a rocky paradise. In 2019, a close source revealed that the pair had split up two years earlier. They commenced divorce proceedings in 2020. Adele even discussed how severely the divorce affected her and her confidence in a recent interview. Their divorce was recently announced in March 2021.

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Business executive Simon Konecki is well-known and successful. He has a net worth of roughly $2 million, according to some reports. His nonprofit organization (NPO) for advocacy generates the majority of his income, and he has worked with numerous businesses. He makes a good living as an investment banker as well. Simon has increased the reach of his organization’s services to a number of underdeveloped nations and enjoys widespread public support.

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki Relationship

Clary Fisher, a fashion stylist, has been married in the past. She was wed to Simon Konecki, the CEO of Drop4Drop and a successful businessman. The couple first connected in the early 2000s and wed in the summer of 2004.

At first, they had an incredibly strong connection. But after Simon left the city due to his job, their relationship deteriorated. At the same time, he co-founded an eco-business with Jamie White, the stepson of Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones.

Their relationship suffered as a result of his commitment to his job, which necessitated frequent moves to new cities. So, sometime in 2010, the couple’s long-term marriage came to an end.

Few people are aware that Clary has married twice. After divorcing her first spouse Simon, she got married a second time. She is reportedly married to Paul Collicutt, an illustrator and storyboard artist.

Sadly, they have not made their wedding date public, although they have reportedly been dating for quite some time. Clary has given up using her maiden name Fisher and now goes by Clary Collicutt after she wed Paul.

The Collicutt couple is obviously really in love as they frequently post pictures of themselves together on social media. Clary tweeted a picture from the wedding day on August 6, 2016, citing it as one of her favorites. Despite spending so much time together, the two have never had arguments.

Clary Fisher Children

Clary, a successful stylist, is married and has two children. In 2007, she gave birth to her first child with Simon. Unfortunately, she has kept her identity a secret. She has a terrific relationship with her parents and is already an adult.

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Similar to this, Clary had a second kid as a result of her connection with Paul. She frequently shares pictures of her two children on social media. With their children, Paul and Fisher have strong relationships.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

She must take exceptional care of her health as a celebrity in order to keep a flawless physique and ideal body measurements. Clary is a stunning woman with a slim frame who is about 5 feet 3 inches tall. Furthermore, she weighs a little over 59 kg on average. Her waist, hips, and shoe size have not yet been disclosed, along with her other physical dimensions.

Clary Fisher Social Media

Only on Instagram, Clary. On the platform, she has roughly 348 followers. She essentially shares details about her personal and professional life on Instagram.

Clary Fisher Net Worth

Well, Fisher certainly earns a respectable income for a stylist. According to the research, an average fashion stylist in the United States makes between $44,000 and $664,000 per year, which is a significant sum. Her net worth must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with such a large salary.

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