Clash Royale: Easy Ways On How To Get Gems

clash royale

Gems are any dedicated player’s best friend in Clash Royale because they are the game’s premium money. They perform a variety of tasks that enhance gameplay for all players. However, acquiring them can be challenging due to the rarity of Gems.

However, the lack of availability does not preclude you from planning ways to raise your chances of obtaining Gems.

For the primary means of obtaining Gems, continue reading. We’ll show you where to find them and how to apply them. There is always the opportunity to use real money, but if you play Clash Royale frequently enough, it also rewards you with Gems.

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Clash Royale Gems: How to Get Them

clash royale

In Clash Royale, there are various methods to acquire Gems. Except for farming and grinding, most techniques are completely free. The best and quickest method is to purchase Gems, though.

The following strategies will be useful if you don’t want to pay for Gems. They don’t yield much, but if you have some patience and restraint, you can eventually collect a lot of Gems.

The first time you play

Every gamer who registers receives 100 Gems for no cost. Although making new account grants that account 100 Gems by default, you cannot transfer the Gems to your primary account, therefore for the majority of players, this strategy only works once.

Visiting the shop every day

clash royale

Players will occasionally receive free Gems from the Shop simply for logging in. However, it can take a week or more before you run into this offer again.

The Gems are occasionally included in in-game promotions, however, you must spend money to get these Gems. It won’t be possible for free-to-play (F2P) players to benefit from this.

Because you never know when the game will decide to bless you with some free Gems, try to check the Shop every day. Starting a Tournament only ten Gems, so saving up will eventually pay off.

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The Trophy Road game

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Battle victories could net you Trophies, and Trophies eventually give Gems. These Trophies are earned from your opponent’s Trophy total, and whether you win more or fewer Trophies depends on how many more Trophies your opponent has than you do. You lose fewer Trophies if your opponent has more than you do.

With this fundamental concept, you can continue to battle other players for Trophies. You begin your Trophy Road career by fighting. Your rewards will be better the more Trophies you earn. When you hit certain milestones and win enough Trophies, you’ll receive some Gems.

For instance, you will receive 50 Gems for achieving 900 Trophies. A total of 2,900 Trophies must be earned before you can collect the following gem prize, which is also 50 Gems. As a repeating prize, you can obtain extra Gems once you have 5,000 Trophies. However, because of their tiny changes in location, you must continue hunting for them.

If you can surpass 5,000 Trophies, you’ll probably be able to obtain more Gems than less skilled gamers. The road is long, but with enough effort and good fortune, you can get there.

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Opening Crown Chests

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Each Crown Chest holds two to four Gems. They are obtained through gameplay and rivalry with other players. However, you are only permitted to get one Crown Chest per day.

Keep in mind that you must obtain all 10 Crowns within a 24-hour period in order to open the Crown Chest. You won’t be able to access the Crown Chest if you don’t. You will always receive at least two Gems if you play frequently each day.

Playing in global tournaments or special event challenges

clash royale

Rejoice If either occurrence occurs. Gems are one-time prizes, however, they are one of the possible rewards from both. Therefore, we advise against using this as your main way of obtaining Gems.

How to Get Duplicate Magic Items

Some Magic Items have a limited number of times they can be acquired. If you have any extras, the game will turn them into Gems for you.

The Book of Cards is one instance. Every player is limited to having one Book of each rarity in their inventory at once. A warning from the game will be given to you if you receive another one. The Book of Cards will become 100 Gems if you heed the warning.

The Book of Cards comes in four different rarities, but each one awards 100 Gems. The Book of Books is in its own category and does not count toward the other four, as you may have noticed.

The same is true with magic coins. One Magic Coin of each type may be held at once, but there is only one type available. After the warning message, getting a duplicate will likewise turn it into 100 Gems.

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Participating in Clan Wars

Five Clans battle one another in various events throughout Clan Wars. As you accumulate victories, you’ll receive higher gifts and Clan Trophies. Four to five weeks are allotted for each Clan War.

You will receive many benefits if you take part in a Clan War frequently enough and your Clan wins. You still get some cash for failing to cross the finish line. Occasionally, taking part in Clan Wars will net you Gems, but you won’t earn your prizes until the War is over.

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How to Quickly Earn More Gems in Clash Royale

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In Clash Royale, there is sadly no quick way to acquire more Gems. Gems are only available to F2P players who play the game frequently and heavily. Daily logins, store checks, and Trophy Road acquisition are required when grinding for gems.

There might be challenges where you can earn a few extra Gems, but these only exist for a short time. You will typically receive more Gems, even up to 100, as a result of challenges.

You might receive Google Play or Apple Store gift cards as compensation from YouTubers or other surveys on occasion. If you’d like, you can use those to purchase some Gems.

Free money, on the other hand, is rarely available without your participation in the game. Giveaways are uncommon, and there’s a chance you won’t. The fastest way to acquire Gems is through grinding.

How to Sustain Gems

Along with collecting Gems, it’s crucial to understand how to use them wisely and save them. Here are a few strategies you can use to maximize the value of your priceless Gems.

Playing Classic Challenges

Classic Challenges cost Gems to play, but if you prevail in enough bouts, you’ll receive some cards and Gold. It costs less than Grand Challenges, which cost 100 Gems to play, but it’s also less dangerous and you lose fewer Gems.

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Are There Any Cheats To Get Free Gems?

There is a lot of contradictory information available on this topic. Many bots flood forums and discussions with the enticement of hacks and bugs for no-effort free Gems. This is very appealing to free-to-play users who cannot or will not spend money.

Some people contend that these are merely scams, though. The Clash Royale game’s creators, Supercell, have put in place security measures to thwart cheating and hacking. As a result, numerous hopes for obtaining free Gems using hacks were dashed.

Any websites that promise to have game bugs and cheats are likely to infect your machine with malware. For your safety, we don’t advise clicking these.

Even if you give in to the urge to utilize a working hack, you risk consequences like being kicked out of the game. Keep in mind that if you lose access to your account due to a ban, any Gems you have been permanently lost.

The goal of cheating is defeated, according to some users who claim that cheating software forces you to play against other cheaters. You won’t have an advantage over anyone there because everyone has a huge advantage.

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Gems in Clash Royale are among the few things in the universe that can be obtained for free without making an effort. You can obtain some Gems using these techniques, but you must also play the game frequently. Unfortunately, unless you’re ready to part with some of your hard-earned money, there is no “get-rich-quick” exploit or flaw that can make this process any faster.

In Clash Royale, how many Gems do you have? What was the biggest Gem prize you ever got? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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