11 Best Co-Parenting Apps that Foster Stability and Security

However, we can suggest these co-parenting applications that simplify family calendars, timetables, and communication. While we can’t wave a magic wand and make your shared parenting arrangement completely stress-free. Depending on your family’s requirements, there are different co-parenting apps.

co-parenting app

You might desire a shared tool to enhance communication and preserve all pertinent information in one location. Another possibility is that your connection with the other parent is still rocky, and you need a way to communicate that minimizes conflict and hostility.

To help you choose the co-parenting app that’s best for your needs, we’ve included some of our favorites below. Bonus: Many of them have free basic versions or free trial periods so you may try a couple of them and see which suits you and your partner best.

1. TimeTree Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

Having a trustworthy planning calendar tool that makes it simple to add new activities and keep track of everything is important for co-parenting, as is communication. You can see who is doing what with whom, when, and were using the TimeTree app.

TimeTree is fantastic since it can be used for many different activities, like keeping track of school events and visitation schedules on the co-parenting family calendar. Additionally, you may use it to make grocery lists with space for additions from each member of the household.

You can get alerts when family members add new events to the calendar by creating a variety of different calendars and sharing them. You can get in touch right away if something doesn’t work with your schedule thanks to this function, which facilitates communication.

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2. OurFamilyWizard Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

The OurFamilyWizard platform was developed by a divorced couple to support amicable co-parent communication. Each parent has a personal account, and they can create as many additional accounts for children, third parties, and professionals as they need, such as those for grandparents, mediators, and therapists, at no additional charge.

Similar to a spellchecker, the add-on ToneMeter detects negative tones in a message and suggests an alternative that is less likely to cause conflict. Additionally, it captures all communication, allowing you quick access to reliable documents for use in court cases.

3. Cozi Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

Cozi wasn’t built with co-parents in mind, but it’s one of the finest free co-parenting applications thanks to its straightforward layout and unique features. With little effort, you can build to-do lists, share photographs and recipes, and set up shared calendars.

Anyone may access the shared calendar, receive reminders, and view lists with the free basic edition, making it an excellent first-family calendar software if you want to try things out before making a purchase. This includes children, grandparents, babysitters, and others.

4. AppClose Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

AppClose is one of the best and most cost-free co-parenting apps available. This is the app for you if you’re searching for a simple-to-use tool that doesn’t require a monthly fee or membership but has great functionality to help you manage everything on your plate.

Maintaining schedules is particularly challenging while co-parenting. With its excellent color-coded calendar, AppClose solves this issue by making it simple to see your personal time, job schedule, and parenting calendar all at once.

You know how vital it is to always have your child’s information on hand if you’re a parent, whether it’s their particular prescription information or school contact information. Fortunately, you can connect to a group of people via the AppClose app, such as your grandparents or stepparents, with whom you can share this information.

Additionally, AppClose makes it simple to export information about your chat conversations, spending, purchases, and much more. This can be useful if things go south or if a dispute over money arises later.

5. FamilyWall Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

Unquestionably, FamilyWall is a fantastic family organizer tool that you should get. FamilyWall is a helpful mobile app that makes organizing activities, exchanging images, and accomplishing tasks enjoyable and simple for working parents.

Numerous useful functions, including a family calendar, grocery list, meal planner, timetable, and contact book, are included in the FamilyWall app. Even better, you can sync your calendars on your iPhone, Google, and Outlook to make scheduling a breeze.

Use the FamilyWall app to communicate information about your child’s weekly lessons and activities rather than the useless paper timetable that no one can ever remember to look at. This will allow both parents to stay on top of the schedule and prevent needless conflict.

The family locator is yet another wonderful function provided by FamilyWall. This program allows co-parents to keep track of everyone in the family’s whereabouts and receive alerts when people arrive or depart.

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6. Therapeer Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

Your child needs to have a safe and healthy life, even if there has been a divorce. But what about your own mental health? You must look after yourself first in order to look after others. Download the Therapeer app and take a break from all the schedules and calendars.

With the Therapeer app, you can talk to people about your problems and hear what they’re going through. You can enhance your well-being with the aid of a group of people who share your interests.

A therapy and counseling software called Therapeer focuses on assisting people who are experiencing the same issues that most co-parents do, including divorce, marital issues, anxiety, despair, and a whole host of other issues.

This software offers the first baby stages even if you aren’t quite ready to see a professional therapist yet. You can resume co-parenting in a healthier manner once you’ve received the assistance you require.

7. 2HOUSES Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

For every facet of co-parenting, 2houses has an excellent feature set. With a sophisticated management calendar and thorough spending tracking, this co-parenting program takes care of the practicalities.

It also contains 2houses Journal, a comprehensive information-sharing tool. With the ability to share news, pictures, movies, and even cute children’s quotations, the idea is that you won’t feel alone even if your kids are with the other parent.

The Wish List, where you can upload a photo and discuss a potential future gift for your child, is another great touch. To be in constant contact with your children, you can use this top parental control program for free.

8. Coparently

co-parenting app

With all the resources you need to make co-parenting less stressful, Coparently is another popular app for separated/divorced families. Coparently has a calendar, notebook, expenses, contacts, medical information, documents, and images that are all shared.

We appreciate that you may add your children to your account so you can connect directly with one another. Coparently offers free guest, child, and professional accounts in addition to notifications. Although each parent must pay their own monthly costs, this software is a fantastic co-parenting tool.

9. The Happy Child Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

To keep your co-parenting relationship strong and functional, your child must be content. Even if you’re not together anymore, you still want to raise your child well.

Co-parenting becomes easier and more enjoyable with the help of the highly rated, user-friendly, free Happy Child Parenting app. The developers of the software have discovered ways to improve your life, make you happier, and help you understand your child better by applying science-based concepts.

The app will offer you brief, clear lessons every day on topics like the value of naming emotions and the molecules involved in happiness. When you’re busy at work or home, you can learn something useful in just five to ten minutes without being interrupted. Along with warnings to gently prompt you to act, the app will also send you a brief quiz at the conclusion of each session.

10. FamCal Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

FamCal includes several features that help strengthen family relationships, even though it isn’t just for co-parents. One of these functions is a shared calendar for significant occasions, tasks, and notes. For families with numerous children who have various schedules, activities, and commitments, it is perfect because it can be color-coded for family members.

It’s a wonderful method to maintain communication without having to use the phone, text, or email, which may frequently be challenging for co-parents, particularly in the early stages of separation or divorce.

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11. WeParent Co-Parenting App

co-parenting app

Custody arrangements, a family calendar, real-time shared lists, private and group chat, and the option to integrate with your contacts list and photo gallery are just a few of the incredible features and tools that WeParent offers.

Having evidence of every record, such as permanently preserved emails, can provide you with complete peace of mind. This is crucial if you need to utilize them in legal processes or if you are contending with a challenging co-parent.

Co-parents’ lives are made easier and more straightforward by the WeParent app. Before choosing a membership plan, you can begin with a 14-day free trial with unlimited features.

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