Websites for Free and Copyright-Free Music Downloads for YouTube Videos

Avoid uploading videos to YouTube with copyrighted music in the background since those videos will likely be removed. Get music from one of these websites that is free and without royalties.

It doesn’t matter if you’re uploading something for family and friends to view or expecting it to go viral. The copyright holder of such a song may file a claim and have your video taken down if it is freely available for public viewing. Yes, YouTube is well-known for causing your favorite videos to disappear for this reason.

The use of music that is without copyright or royalties is preferable. You avoid breaking copyright limitations thanks to it. You may get a ton of fantastic music on these sites that provide free downloads. All you have to do is include a source link in your description.

Avoid including music from a copyrighted source in your YouTube videos. To find music without copyright restrictions, visit one of these websites.

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1. Thematic

website for free copyright free music for youtube video

Most YouTube creators should look at Thematic if they want free tunes from well-known bands and performers. You must join Thematic in order to gain access, but you can do so without using a credit card.

Once you join, you’ll get access to the complete Thematic music library, which features tracks by a variety of original artists. Additionally, it gives users access to music from some well-known artists.

Undoubtedly, the platform has some rules. The only two sites where you’re allowed to display your video are YouTube and Instagram, and thematic members must adhere to a specific attribution link and style to do so. However, if you adhere to the guidelines, you’ll be able to obtain free music and use a song that a professional musician created for your videos.

2. Free Music Archive (FMA)

website for free copy right free music for youtube video

The best online source for both free music and music with no royalties is The Free Music Archive (FMA). One of the most comprehensive collections of free music for videos is provided by Free Music Archive, which collaborates with radio stations, musicians, and industry enthusiasts.

To locate the perfect music track for your YouTube videos or your creative endeavors, you can conduct a search using the song genres, title, clip duration, or type of license criteria.

Some of the songs can only be downloaded and listened to for personal use, even if the majority of them are Public Domain and Creative Commons-licensed. Prior to beginning your project, make sure you double-check.

3. Unminus

website for free copyright free music for youtube video

Another website that offers free music downloads is Unminus. Due to the tracks’ Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, this website stands out among the others.

If you are unfamiliar with Creative Commons licensing, the CC0 license allows you to use any work for free, for either personal or professional purposes, change it any way you see fit, and without giving it any credit. This implies that you are free to do whatever you want with the music from Unminus and are not required to offer a link to it in the YouTube description or any credits.

Unminus actually rarely gets any new songs uploaded. Subscribe to the newsletter for alerts if you wish to be informed the moment new content becomes available. To find a song that appeals to you, search websites that offer free Creative Commons music.

 4. Chillhop

website for free copyright free music

Chillhop is a completely unique music licensing website with tons of excellent calming music.

After registering, you can utilize any music that is available for download from your Chillhop Creator Dashboard.

All you have to do is give credit to the YouTube music. Simply include the following credit link in the description of your YouTube video. Chillhop Music is the source of the audio.

It resembles the CC BY-ND license in certain ways.

All of the rights to Chillhop’s music belong to them, and it is not royalty-free. As long as the required credit is given, they permit creators to use their music.

5. Musopen

website for free copyright free music

Its goal is to free music by providing free sheet music, music for video editing, and instructional materials. Musopen is non-profit.

The majority of the audio recordings are symphonic compositions that have either been designated as public domain or are covered by a Creative Commons license.

You may download free music excerpts from famous works like The Barber of Seville, Carmen, and The Valkyrie on the website, as well as historical giants like Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Franz Schubert.

The Musopen music collection can be browsed using a variety of filters, including composer, orchestra, era, mood, length, and more.

6. Icons8 Fugue

websites for free copyright free music

In addition to providing a wide variety of royalty-free music and audio files, Icons8 is a well-known source for free stock icons and images. Every song is available for free high-quality MP3 download or you can pay to access the WAV file.

The three sections of the music library are topics, genres, and moods. Each has its own subcategories so you can narrow your options and quickly discover what you’re looking for. Before downloading a song, you can listen to it in its entirety while getting details like the runtime and visualizer.

Of course, there is also a search feature. The site’s numerous tags, however, are probably better used to search and discover free music to download for your YouTube movie.

7. Pixabay

wibsites for copyright free music for youtube video

Pixabay is a well-known website for free stock pictures, but you can also download free, rogue-free music from here. 2020 saw the birth of Pixabay Music, which makes it an easy one-stop shop for you to find the content you need for your YouTube video production.

To get the ideal free background music for your YouTube video, search by genre, feeling, and tag. In addition to free royalty-free music, this site also has stock video and sound effects.

You can download free music with no copyright restrictions for both personal and professional use, as well as modification, under the terms of the Pixabay License. Despite not being required, the website claims that giving credit to the creator of the free music you are using is a great gesture.

8. TeknoAXE

copyright free music for youtube

TeknoAXE, a musician and YouTuber, has been producing music for many years. Just because anyone can use his music for free online, it has grown to be a terrific place to obtain free music. Rock, metal, and electronic dance music make up the majority of these songs, although there are also many thematic pieces.

The CC 4.0 license just requires that you credit the original source and indicate whether you made any changes. You receive a selection of around 1,500 songs in exchange, which spans several genres and even moods like humor, drama, horror, and so forth.

You can subscribe to TeknoAXE’s YouTube channel to hear his most recent tracks. It’s a good idea to locate fresh music for your video before it gains a lot of attention because he often publishes a new track once each week.

9. Bensound

copyright music for youtube

You can download a choice of free music from Bensound. The names of the categories, such as Acoustic, Cinematic, Urban, and so on, are striking. This will give you a sense of how each genre of music will fit your taste.

You are free to use Bensound’s attribution-free music in your YouTube videos. There are numerous distinct licenses, though. For instance, the music cannot be used in web advertising under the free license.

Make sure to determine whether you require a license based on Bensound’s licensing comparison table if you intend to use it for purposes other than your YouTube video.

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