7 Best Countdown Timer Apps for Workouts and Interval Training

What would make someone want a separate timer and stopwatch app? Since these functions are already pre-installed on all current cellphones. There may be a variety of reasons for this, such as the requirement for a specific sports timer with suitable intervals or the need for something truly special with more functionality due to frequent use of your current timer.

countdown timer app

There are several solutions available for consideration, regardless of your motivation. Countdown timer apps don’t merely keep track of the passing seconds. They also include other fantastic features like lovely widgets, a straightforward user interface, multiple launching, circles, and task memorization, among others.

Sports clocks designed specifically for HIIT training can be used if you enjoy playing sports. Also included on our list are these. The most fascinating interval timers for Android and iOS smartphones are available for you to view below.

1. Interval Timer by dreamspark

countdown timer app

For Android smartphones, this is the most straightforward interval training timer. Unlike the majority of other apps on Google Play, this one solely includes a countdown feature.

And this is the very thing that sets it apart from the competition. You are not allowed to use social media or keep a training journal. Most astonishing of all, you don’t have to watch any ads. Both visually and operationally, everything is quite straightforward.

The length of your training, rest periods, and the number of sets must be set once the app has been launched. You can activate the audio signals that will alert you when an interval is over. The “start” button should be tapped to start your workout.

Don’t worry if you miss the sound indication because the timer clearly displays the amount of time left and the time that has already passed. You can always rely on the screen. By selecting “pause,” you can stop the workout whenever you want.

The Interval Timer software is straightforward and practical, and it’s also free and entirely secure. Such an application has to be on every athlete’s smartphone, whether they are a professional or amateur who engages in interval training.

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2. Seconds Countdown Timer App

countdown timer app

Popular interval timer Seconds is mostly a smartphone app that is used for workouts and exercises. You may find templates for a variety of popular interval training methods, including Tabata, HIIT, stretching, calisthenics, boxing, MMA, and others.

Each workout may be completely customized; you can add the exercises, give each one a unique color, and set a specific time for it. Seconds features a countdown for the final three seconds of any interval and a text-to-speech reading of the exercise name. Additionally, you can turn it sideways to transform it into a sizable full-screen display, which is excellent for team workouts.

Seconds is also accessible using a web browser. You may make an online timer for any type of workout, including Tabata, HIIT, circuit training, rounds, and custom exercises. Once more, you are free to specify the exercises, the number of sets, the rest periods, and the warm-up and cool-down times.

You are only allowed to use a timer once in the free edition of Seconds, just like in the Web version. Upgrade to Seconds Pro or build a new exercise plan if you wish to utilize the same timer or schedule repeatedly.

3. Speaking Timer Countdown Timer App

countdown timer app

You’ll enjoy an app called Speaking Timer, which combines a timer with a stopwatch if your workouts include aerobic exercises like running. The software places a strong emphasis on voice instructions and vibration warnings to prevent you from staring at the screen in the middle of your workout.

Both elements can be changed. You can save timers with a countdown timer and an interval timer for a variety of uses (10 to zero or five to zero). Sadly, there isn’t a countdown between intervals, but you could always set up a series of timers to do that.

While you are running, the stopwatch keeps your screen on and will once more announce the intervals that you have set. You can tap the Lap button to finish a lap at any time, and the app will figure out how long it took you to complete that lap. It’s annoying that there isn’t a voice command to add these laps, which would prevent you from ever having to touch your phone while running.

Users of iOS don’t actually need to install any additional apps because the stopwatch that comes preinstalled on iPhones is a fantastic app. SpeakTimer, which outperforms Speaking Timer by allowing you to add personalized messages, is our pick for an audible timer. As a result, you could add your full workout schedule, which would be read out as the timer runs out.

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4. HIIT Training Interval Timer Countdown Timer App

countdown timer app

A top-notch timer for running, weightlifting, stretches, boxing, and other exercises, Interval Timer was created by Polycents. To begin with, we must acknowledge how light this app is. Therefore, the installation will be completed in a matter of seconds!

After launching the app, tap the big Start icon to start the timer. Users can also choose their favorite timer sounds, select desired intervals, pause during breaks, and modify sound loudness. Moving on, Interval Timer includes a thorough performance history. Users are able to track all of their workouts over the course of weeks or months as a result.

This app can be used in the background or even when your device is off. Additionally, users of the software can modify high- and low-intensity intervals. One of life’s most important tools is the timer. It can be utilized in a variety of situations outside of athletics, such as while preparing a difficult dish, doing a scientific experiment, or practicing a speech before a significant occasion.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is the most popular timer application. A sophisticated countdown that enables you to define the intervals and control their length is required for this form of training.

5. Timerdoro Countdown Timer App

countdown timer app

Timerdoro takes its name from the well-known Pomodoro method of increasing productivity. The web program may be simply modified to fit training regimens and exercise circuits even if it was designed for productivity tactics. Additionally, it functions excellently on mobile browsers.

Give a new timer a title, and then specify how long the initial interval will last. To add a second interval, hover your cursor over the box and click the Plus icon. You can select the chime or sound that will play when the timer goes off from a dropdown menu. This contains encouraging words like “Keep going!” or various sirens and bells.

The number of intervals you add is up to you, and you may make as many timers as you like. Furthermore, if you sign up for Timerdoro, you can keep all of the times you make and access them later.

Sadly, you are unable to alter the notice message or give each interval a name to help you remember which exercise to perform next. However, that’s a minor flaw, especially for those who are familiar with their training routines and just need a reliable timer that is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

6. Exercise Timer Countdown Timer App

countdown timer app

The best app for you, if you don’t want to constantly glance at your screen, is Exercise Timer because of its excellent sound alerts. You can stay on track with the help of highly customized notifications and voice options.

You can select between text-to-speech voice, bell sound, and vibration notifications for the start, end, half-time, and the number of laps during an exercise. Additionally, the app can read out the following workout five seconds ahead of time and reduce the volume of your music so you can clearly hear it.

Exercise Timer has more customization options in addition to voice notifications. You can add a warm-up period before each activity in a program, choose to keep the app open in fullscreen mode, and more.

Start your workout as soon as everything is ready for uninterrupted exercise. You can choose to view a workout in list view mode, which displays all the sets you’ll be performing, or in large-screen format, which displays the timer, the following two exercises, and the GIF.

Exercise Timer is a feature-rich timer tool for exercises because the majority of these functions are available in the free edition of the software. The free edition, however, has restrictions such as a cap of just two unique routines, a maximum of three skips each workout, and video advertising that plays before the activity may begin or end.

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7. Time Rise Countdown Timer App

countdown timer app

For a workout, especially an interval training, the simplicity of a sand clock or hourglass is ideal. Everyone in a group exercise session can see it, and it serves as a clear visual cue for the duration of any set of exercises. When it’s finished, you can turn it around to begin the following set.

For a digital hourglass, Time Rise is among the top free sand clock apps. Start by setting the timer to any desired duration in seconds, minutes, or hours. Next, turn the tablet or phone over down. Like sand fills the glass, the entire phone will fill with color from bottom to top. For a combined big visual cue, there is also a countdown clock.

Flip the phone to restart the timer after you’re finished. When the timer expires, you can additionally set a notice chime (customizable from your ringtones). It’s a fantastic addition to the conventional hourglass sand timer as a digital feature.

Despite the fact that there are many hourglass applications for Android, there aren’t many excellent sand clock apps for iPhone. The best you can accomplish is Hourglass 2, a game that resembles Time Rise but lacks important elements like a notification bell and auto-resume when you flip it over again.

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