Courtney Vogel: What To Know About Mike Vogel’s Wife

Courtney Vogel whose real names are Courtney Renee Raborg is an American citizen and an Aquarius by astrological sign. She was born in the United States on February 5, 1978. She is both a model and an actress, but she is arguably best known as the spouse of Mike Vogel, a well-known American actor, and model.

Courtney Vogel

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Early Life

It is believed that Courtney’s mother was an attorney and that her father was a businessman. Courtney was raised in the USA by her parents, whose identities are unknown due to her respect for their privacy. Courtney has never mentioned having any siblings, therefore most people assume that she is an only child.

While still in elementary school, she developed an interest in modeling. Courtney’s friends shared this passion, and they periodically purchased fashion magazines to admire the models they featured.

After enrolling at a local high school in 1992, Courtney’s enthusiasm intensified, and she started participating in a variety of sports to shape her body and get it ready for when she was ready to start her modeling career. She signed her first contract before matriculating in 1996, was spotted by a scout, and decided not to pursue a college degree.

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courtney vogel

After more than ten years of modeling, during which she rose to considerable fame in the US, Courtney ceased her career when she gave birth to the couple’s first child.

She only has one acting role to her name: Courtney starred in Francisco Monarrez’s 2017 drama film “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8,” which also starred Tyler Tobyne and Enrique Penn. It follows several individuals who have been taught to dance.

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Her Hobbies And Other Activities

Courtney enjoys traveling, and while she was still working in the modeling business, she visited many US states as well as several European and Asian nations. Her ideal vacation spot is Hawaii.

She is a fashionista and a compulsive shopper because she buys clothing at least once every week. With her frequent workouts at the gym and busy lifestyle, Courtney maintains a trim figure. She also likes to go trekking with her family and play volleyball with her pals.

Her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, and some of her favorite movies are “You’ve Got Mail,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “The Bridges of Madison County.” She enjoys watching movies late at night.

Courtney enjoys spending time with cats and turtles, and she reportedly volunteered at a local animal shelter when she was a teenager.

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Personal Life

courtney vogel

At a party in 2002, a mutual friend introduced Courtney and Mike. For Mike, it was love at first sight. He had to work up the nerve to speak to her, and when he finally did, he merely said “hello” before leaving the room. Mike had a chat with Courtney after getting back, but he was pretty unpleasant; nonetheless, she said that she was already accustomed to men being intimidated by her and knew how to manage it.

Mike called his mother after the party was over to let her know he had met his future bride. In a small gathering of their closest friends and family members, the two exchanged vows in January 2003. They then purchased a home in Nashville, Tennessee, where they currently reside.

Courtney gave birth to their son Charlee B in 2009, their daughter Cassy Renee in 2007, and their second son Gabriel James in 2013. As of December 2021, Courtney is married to Mike Vogel, and the two of them have three children together. Neither Courtney nor Mike have ever mentioned any other persons they may have been with before meeting each other.

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Who Is Mike Vogel?

mike vogel courtney vogel

Michael James Vogel, an American actor, and former model was born on July 17, 1979. In addition to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Grind, Poseidon, Blue Valentine, The Help, Bates Motel, Cloverfield, Under the Dome, and The Case for Christ, Vogel made his acting debut in 2001. For the 2017–18 season, he played the main character in the NBC military drama series The Brave.

His Early Life

The son of Kathy and Jim Vogel, Vogel was born in the Philadelphia suburb of Abington Township, Pennsylvania, and was raised in Warminster Township. He has German ancestry. His grandfathers both participated in combat during World War II; one served as a tank commander in the Battle of the Bulge and the other served as a Seabee in the Navy. Daniel Aaron, a brother, and Kristin, a sister, are Vogel’s two younger siblings. He went to William Tennent High School, where he wrestled as a freshman.

In 1998, he also enrolled at Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. He often visited New York City during the early 2000s to attend acting and modeling auditions.

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His Career

Vogel started as a jean model for the renowned Levi Strauss & Co. He was then hired for the television program Grounded for Life, where he made recurrent appearances from 2001 until 2004.

His debut performance was in the August 15, 2003, release of the skateboarding-themed movie Grind. Jennifer Morrison and Adam Brody were the movie’s co-stars. The adaptation of Wuthering Heights that Vogel played in after that had its MTV premiere in September 2003. Vogel played Heath opposite Erika Christensen’s Kate in the movie. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, which was released in October and performed well at the box office, was Vogel’s final job for the year 2003.

After Grounded for Life was terminated in 2005, Vogel played four different roles in movies. First, he portrayed Eric Richman, Blake Lively’s character’s love interest, in the June release The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The lead in the low-budget movie Supercross, which hit theaters in August, was his next assignment. Havoc, a gritty, R-rated drama in which Vogel also appeared, was shot in 2003, but it wasn’t released until November 2005. It was made available on video straight instead of in cinemas.

In the 2006 catastrophe movie Poseidon, a recreation of the 1972 film The Poseidon Adventure, Vogel made his acting debut as the fiancé of Emmy Rossum’s character. The movie, which cost $160 million, debuted on May 12 and made $181,674,817 at foreign box offices. Vogel turned down the job of Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand when it was first offered to him in favor of playing the lead in Poseidon. He starred in the romantic comedy Caffeine the same year and was cast in the Spanish-set horror film Open Graves.

Vogel had an appearance in The Deaths of Ian Stone, a 2007 entry in the 8 Films to Die For horror film festival. Vogel appeared in the neo-noir movie Across the Hall and the scary movie Open Graves in 2009. He appeared in Heaven’s Rain, Blue Valentine, Miami Medical, the 2010 romantic comedy She’s Out of My League, and the movie She’s Out of My League.

In the movie adaptation of The Help, Vogel, who also appeared in the 2011 comedy What’s Your Number? plays Johnny Foote. On the short-lived ABC program Pan Am, he most recently played Dean (based on the history of the defunct airline of the same name).

He took part in Howard Goldberg’s comedy Jake Squared in 2013, competing against Jane Seymour, Virginia Madsen, and Elias Koteas, among others. Additionally, he had cameos in the first six episodes of Bates Motel and McCanick. The modern prelude to the 1959 novel Psycho on A&E was this show. On its list of “TV’s Sexiest Men of 2011,” BuddyTV put him as number 96.

On the CBS science fiction drama series Under the Dome, based on Stephen King’s book of the same name, Vogel played Dale “Barbie” Barbara. The program debuted on CBS as a summertime series, and it ran there for three seasons before its finale in September 2015.

In My Dreams, a romantic television movie produced by the Hallmark Hall of Fame, Vogel received a part in 2014. He co-starred in the film with Katharine McPhee and JoBeth Williams, among others. In the same year, he appeared in the drama-thriller The Boy, which stars Jared Breeze as a 9-year-old sociopath and chronicles his narrative.

Vogel played the lead role in the miniseries Childhood’s End in 2015, which was adapted from Arthur C. Clarke’s book of the same name. Together with co-star Erika Christensen, Vogel portrayed Lee Strobel in the 2017 movie adaptation of his book The Case for Christ.

For the 2017–18 season, NBC premiered The Brave on September 25, 2017. For specialized, challenging operations, a small group of dedicated military-intelligence agents from various branches of the service is chosen. Vogel’s persona, Capt. Adam Dalton, the team’s director of communications and a former Delta Force agent, is one of the main characters. He answers to the principal actress in the show, Anne Heche. After one season, the show was canceled.

Vogel will star in the Netflix psychological thriller Secret Obsession, which was announced in December 2018. The movie was made available on July 18, 2019. Vogel portrayed David Roman, the main character, in the ABC science-fiction pilot Triangle, which was created by Jon Feldman and Sonny Postiglione, in February 2019. The project was rejected by ABC in September 2019. Vogel was confirmed to be the lead in the upcoming Sex/Life Netflix series in March 2020.

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Personal Life

In January 2003, Vogel wed Courtney, a former model. Cassy Renee (born on February 20, 2007), Charlee Bea (born on June 2, 2009), and Gabriel James are their three children (b. 25 September 2013). They are Nashville, Tennessee, residents.

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