Cyndi Lauper Net Worth: Early Life, Career And Net Worth

Cyndi Lauper Net Worth

Cyndi Lauper Net Worth

Cyndi Lauper net worth is estimated to be $50 million as an American singer and actress. One of the most well-known and prosperous pop stars of her day was Cyndi Lauper, who rose to stardom.

Her brilliant and lengthy career has now lasted for more than four decades. She is possibly most recognized for her work on the classics “Time After Time” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” She distinguishes herself from other pop stars with her distinctive four-octave vocal range and has sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

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Who is Cyndi Lauper?

Cyndi Lauper Net Worth

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper Thornton, an American singer, songwriter, actress, and activist, was born on June 22, 1953. She has been working for more than 40 years.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun, “Time After Time,” “She Bop,” and “All Through the Night” from her 1983 album She’s So Unusual, the first female artist’s debut album to have four top-five songs on the Billboard Hot 100, won Lauper the Best New Artist prize at the 27th Annual Grammy Awards in 1985.

Early Life

On June 22, 1953, Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her family, which also included a brother and a sister, practiced Catholicism. Cyndi Lauper’s parents separated when she was five years old. Later, they got remarried, only to get divorced again.

Cyndi Lauper started listening to The Beatles and Judy Garland when she was a little girl growing up in Queens. When Cyndi was 12 years old, her sister got her a guitar, and she immediately began creating songs.

Because of her unusual style, which included coloring her hair in a variety of colors, Cyndi Lauper experienced bullying on a regular basis in school. Later, she was dismissed from high school. At the age of 17, Cyndi fled her family to avoid her controlling stepfather. She eventually traversed Canada before settling in Vermont and enrolling at Johnson State College for art programs.

By the 1970s, Lauper had started singing in cover bands throughout the New York region. Lauper didn’t like singing other people’s tunes since she wanted to be by herself.

She suffered severe vocal chord damage in 1977, and doctors warned her she would never be able to sing again. But after taking a year off from singing, she was able to rehabilitate with the aid of a voice coach.

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Cyndi Lauper Net Worth

After forming the band Blue Angel with a saxophonist, Cyndi Lauper first achieved success. Blue Angel secured a contract with Polydor Records and put out an album in 1980. Despite the album’s failure, Lauper made enough of an impression on industry insiders, who were able to hear her great singing abilities.

Later, Blue Angel broke up, and Cyndi Lauper was forced to cease singing and take odd jobs due to ongoing difficulties with her vocal cords.

However, David Wolff, who would eventually become her manager, discovered her when she picked up singing again and began to perform in bars. She signed a contract with Portrait Records thanks to Wolff.

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Solo Breakthrough

She’s So Unusual, Cyndi Lauper’s debut solo album was released in 1983. The album was a huge smash and featured the singles “Time After Time” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Due to her punk image, Cyndi Lauper acquired appeal among teenagers and rose to fame swiftly. In addition to aiding Lauper’s ascent to fame, the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” music video was honored at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards.

Cyndi Lauper contributed to the score of the enduring 1980s film The Goonies in 1985 before releasing her second album, True Colors, in 1986. Despite not being as well-known as She’s So Remarkable, the album nonetheless sold millions of copies. In 1988, Lauper made her acting debut in the movie Vibes. A Night to Remember, her third album, was released in 1989.

Hat Full of Stars, Lauper’s 1993 album, received high marks from reviewers but was not well received by listeners. The CD covered touchy subjects like homophobia and domestic violence. More people bought Lauper’s 1995 greatest hits album, Twelve Deadly Cyns..and then Some.

The album received many platinum certifications. Cyndi Lauper’s album Sisters of Avalon, which dealt with extremely depressing topics, was published in 1997. One song was written in honor of a friend who died of AIDS. She subsequently released a Christmas CD in 1998.

In 2004, Lauper issued the album Shine only in Japan. As a follow-up, she issued The Body Acoustic in 2005, which featured acoustic versions of a number of her earlier songs. As a follow-up, she issued her sixth studio album, Bring Ya to the Brink, in 2008. In 2010, she finished sixth on The Celebrity Apprentice. In that same year, she also released Memphis Blues, which went on to become the year’s best-selling blues album.

Her 2016 album Detour, which contained Cyndi Lauper’s renditions of numerous country songs, was released.

Kinky Boots

Before going to Broadway, the critically acclaimed musical Kinky Boots made its debut in Chicago in 2012. The words and tunes for the musical were written by Cyndi Lauper. Lauper received multiple Best Score awards in recognition of her efforts. The Broadway show would eventually earn more than $320 million.


The singer Cyndi Lauper made a considerable fortune from the sale of millions of copies of her music. The 1983 album She’s So Unusual sold over 16 million copies worldwide. Lauper sold an extra 7 million albums after the 1986 publication of the album True Colors. In 1994, Twelve Deadly Cyns helped Lauper increase her revenue from record sales of over 6 million. The album Floor Remixes helped Cyndi Lauper sell over 1.35 million copies in 2009.

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Personal Life

Cyndi Lauper Net Worth

For six and a half years, Cyndi Lauper dated Dave Wolff, who had previously served as her manager. On the set of Off and Running, singer Cyndi Lauper met actor David Thornton, and the two ultimately tied the knot. The couple eventually had a son together.

Cyndi Lauper’s sister is a lesbian, she has spent her entire professional life fighting for LGBTQ rights. Her song “Above the Clouds,” which she dedicated to the memory of the infamously assassinated homosexual Matthew Shepard in Wyoming, is widely performed at LGBT pride events.

Cyndi Lauper is regarded as a feminist icon as well. According to several commentators, Lauper “laid the way” for female rock stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” one of her songs, has become a popular anthem for young girls.

When compared to her contemporaries, like Madonna, Lauper’s “playful” femininity has been characterized as being more feminine, and her “pop-punk” aesthetic has become a new global trend.

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