Damson Idris Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life

Damson Idris Net Worth: The estimated net worth of British actor Damson Idris is $10 million. The crime thriller series “Snowfall” is where Idris made his name playing Franklin Saint. In the sci-fi action movie “Outside the Wire” on Netflix, he played the part of Lt. Thomas Harp.

Damson Idris Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life

Idris has appeared in numerous movies, plays, and TV shows since making his acting debut, playing both supporting and lead roles. With his participation in various film productions, the gifted actor’s reputation has grown. His financial worth makes this clear.

Early Life

Idris is of Nigerian heritage and was born in South-East London’s Peckham. He is the sixth child and the youngest. He participated in football and aspired to succeed Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2002, when his squad participated in Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, he too played rugby and shook her hand.

Idris realized a professional football career wasn’t going to happen and decided to study acting at Brunel University London since his older siblings—three brothers and two sisters—have all gone on to corporate careers in law, business, and IT.

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He graduated with a BA with honors in theater, film, and television studies. Then he continued his acting education at the famed Identity School of Acting in London where he studied with A-listers including Malachi Kirby, Letitia Wright, and John Boyega.


Idris had the opportunity to meet Ade Solanke at Brunel, and she pushed him to try out for a role in her play Pandora’s Box. He was given the part, joined an agency, and started appearing in other plays. He received additional training at the Femi Oguns-founded Identity School of Acting.

Idris made the decision to pursue parts in television and movies after acting at the Royal National Theatre in London. He appeared in a number of British television shows, such as Miranda (2013), Doctors (2015), and Casualty (2015).

In the John Singleton-directed FX crime thriller Snowfall, which debuted in July 2017, Idris played Franklin Saint, a driven 19-year-old heroin dealer in Los Angeles. The stories of various characters whose lives would soon collide due to narcotics are intertwined in the first season of Snowfall, which is set in 1983 when the United States is on the edge of the crack cocaine pandemic.

Idris did a video audition in London before taking a flight to Los Angeles, where he spent the day with Singleton to make sure he could speak with authority in the local dialect.

He studied with the rapper WC to hone his American accent, and WC also taught him the mannerisms unique to South Central Los Angeles. Idris received positive feedback for his portrayal; TV Guide’s Malcolm Venable described him as “nothing short of mesmerizing.” In July 2018, Snowfall’s 1984-set second season debuted.

In the 2016 British thriller City of Tiny Lights, which also starred Riz Ahmed, Idris made his big-screen debut. Together with Kate Mara, who plays the title role in the eponymous war drama, he made his American film debut in Megan Leavey in 2017.

In addition, Idris co-starred in Farming with Kate Beckinsale and as an FBI agent in the 2018 movie The Commuter with Liam Neeson. The film’s director and Nigerian-British actor Adewale Akinnuoye’s semi-autobiographical Agbaje story is called “Farming.”

Idris portrays the persona modeled after Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a Nigerian who, like many others in the late 20th century, was “farmed out” to a white family in the UK in the hopes of a better life, while Beckinsale plays his strict foster mother. Damson’s performance earned him the Edinburgh Film Festival’s Best Actor in a British Film Award in 2019. In the second episode of Black Mirror’s fifth season, “Smithereens,” he also makes an appearance.

At the 12th Screen Nation Film and Television Awards in London in May 2017, Idris was the “Emerging Talent Award” winner.

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Damson Idris Relationships

Concerning Montana Brown and Damson Idris’ relationship. Montana Brown is a well-known media figure and reality television star. In Hertfordshire, England, she was born on August 29, 1995. As of September 2022, she will be 27 years old.

In Cannes, a resort city on the French Riviera, France, in July 2020, Damson Idris and Montana were seen cuddling up on the sand. Lately, rumors of a romance between the two started to circulate. A month later, Montana Brown finally put an end to the rumors by releasing a picture of herself with her real partner (not Idris) on her Instagram page. Damson kept silent throughout this time, but Montana Brown eventually addressed the rumors.

Damson Idris Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life

When Damson Idris and Dream Doll were seen together at the Oscar after-party in West Hollywood Park, California, in April 2021, romance rumors began to circulate. Fans assumed that the two were secretly dating as they were observed standing close to one another.

In 2021, Damson Idris published an Instagram story of Saweetie playing the piano in his home, sparking rumors that the two were dating. Later, Saweetie uploaded the video on her Instagram story, sparking rumors among their fans. At first, none of them addressed the rumors, but Damson later clarified that they were only pals.

Damson Idris Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life

On February 9, 2022, Saweetie posted a different image of herself cuddling an unknown man. Fans assumed the man was Damson despite the lack of a face, while others thought it was someone else. The mystery man turned out to be one of the male dancers in the rapper’s new music video, which she released a few days later.

The current girlfriend of Damson Idris is rumored to be Christina Santini. She’s a famous Instagram user, YouTuber, and model from the United States. California, in the United States, is the place of Santini’s birth. As of September 2022, she will be thirty.

On April 20, 2022, Christina Santini and Damson Idris stopped to pose for a few pictures as they walked the red carpet at the Cinemark in Baldroin Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States. The two haven’t before been publicly associated with one another. No one has officially admitted their relationship as of the writing of this sentence.

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Personal Life

Damson Idris isn’t married right now. He is currently unmarried. His private life hasn’t been disclosed. He cherishes the privacy of his personal life. Damson Idris is an avid admirer of Manchester United F.C. and football in general. Denzel Washington, he claimed, is his idol.

Damson Idris referred to Denzel Washington as “phenomenal” in an interview with Interview magazine in 2017. Idris continued by saying that before meeting Washington, who persuaded her to attend an audition for a part in The Equalizer, she had no idea she wanted to be a movie actor.

Idris told reporters that she felt “amazed and humbled” by the experience after learning that she had been cast in the movie. She later won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.

Damson Idris and Idris Elba’s Relationship

Damson Idris Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life

Actor, singer and director Idris Elba is from England. In the London Borough of Hackney, England, on September 6, 1972, he was born. In September 2022, he will turn 50.

The idea that Damson Idris is linked to Idris Elba has been floated all over the internet. Idris Elba’s paternity has also been said to be a rumor. Idris and Elba’s names are similar, and most of the haters use this as evidence, along with their physical similarities. The two actors are not related in any way, according to evidence acquired by DNB Stories Africa.

Idris and Elba are both African-American actors who are British. In contrast to Damson’s parents, who are of Nigerian heritage, Idris Elba’s parents are from Sierra Leone and Ghana. Regardless of this, they have a close relationship. Damson once admitted that Elba will continue to be his debtor. He talked about how Idris Elba became his mentor and how he inspired him all the time.

He said in a statement: “He motivates me so much. He has transcended what it is to be in this art form. He is a transformative actor, he works everywhere, he creates opportunities everywhere and he is still the same cool guy, still Djing. He’s just a vibe, I love him. I like to call him my big brother.”

Damson Idris Age, Height, and Weight

Damson Idris reaches the age of 31 in 2022. 5 feet, 11 inches is how tall Damson Idris is (1.82 m). 75 kg is his weight.

Social Media

On Instagram, Damson Idris enjoys posting photos and videos. In order to interact with his admirers, he frequently posts about his activities on social media. His Instagram following totals 1.1 million. On social media, he has a huge following because he is a well-known celebrity.

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Damson Idris Net Worth

Damson Idris’s net worth is projected to be about $10 million in 2022. His net worth primarily came from his successful acting career. His appearances in television shows, films, and movies bring in money for him as well. According to some reports, he made roughly $80,000 every episode of Snowball’s first season, which comes out to about $800,000.

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