Daniel Gallego Arámbula: About Luis Miguel’s Youngest Son

Daniel Gallego Arámbula is the youngest son of Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula, the world-famous Mexican singer and actress. In the year 2008, he was born in the Mexican city of Chihuahua. Since birth, the well-known celebrity child has been in the spotlight.

The father of Daniel Gallego Arámbula is known around the world as “El Sol de México,” which translates to “The Sun of Mexico.” By profession, he is a Grammy-winning vocalist and record producer.

Aracely Arámbula, Daniel’s mother, is a stunning Mexican actress, entrepreneur, and media personality. Luis Miguel’s gorgeous youngster has a half-sister and a sibling. Miguel Gallego Arámbula is his older brother. After his parents divorced in 2009, Daniel now lives in Mexico with his mother and brother.

Danil Gallego

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Early Life

Daniel Gallego Arámbula was born in Chihuahua City, Mexico, on December 18, 2008. He’s a cute little boy with a cheerful demeanor. Unfortunately, Daniel’s parents, Luis Miguel, and Aracely Arámbula chose to divorce a year after he was born. Their mother looks after Daniel and his brother, Miguel Gallego Arámbula. Aracely Arámbula, a Mexican actress, is also highly concerned about her children’s privacy. As a result, there isn’t a lot of information on Daniel’s upbringing available.

Aracely often updates her Instagram account with images of her son. She shared a video of Daniel Gallego singing a song, for example. According to the post, he enjoys singing and may one day follow in the footsteps of his father, Luis Miguel.

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Who Is Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri?

luis miguel

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, a Mexican singer of Spanish and Italian origin, was born on April 19, 1970. He is known as El Sol de México (The Sun of Mexico), a moniker given to him by his mother as a child. Luis Miguel has performed in a variety of styles and genres, including pop songs, ballads, boleros, tangos, jazz, big band, and mariachi. Miguel is also known for being the only Latin musician of his generation who avoided the “Latin Explosion” of the 1990s by staying away from the Anglo market.

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His Early Life

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His father Luis Gallego Sanchez (a.k.a. Luisito Rey) was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Spain. Marcela Basteri, his mother, worked as an actress in Italy. Miguel’s father is said to have devised a scheme to relocate his son to Mexico at an early age and promote him and his music to a Mexican audience. Miguel is said to have started his musical career when he was just eleven years old for this reason.

His Career

His father, who also happened to be Elvis Presley’s manager, urged him to watch and examine practically every movie, recording, and a concert performance of Elvis Presley when he was a kid. At the age of 11, he released his first album, Un Sol, through the Mexican arm of EMI Records, which earned him his first gold disc. He began touring Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina two years later. With his single “1+1=Dos Enamorados,” he had a tremendous hit.

With the international release of his fourth studio album Palabra de Honor, produced by then-Spanish Hispavox director Honorio Herrero, Luis Miguel transitioned into Spanish rock-pop style. He participated in the Sanremo Music Festival in 1985, at the age of 15, and won second place with his song “Noi Ragazzi Di Oggi.” In the same year, he was honored at the Via del Mar Music Festival with the “Antorcha de Plata” Award for his duet track “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres” (“I Like You Just As You Are”) with Scottish singer Sheena Easton. He appeared in the films Ya Nunca Más (1984) and Fiebre de Amor (released in 1985).

Luis Miguel’s second album, Busca Una Mujer, was released on November 25, 1988. The first song, “La Incondicional,” was a top-ten hit in Latin America in the first half of 1989, and it spent almost seven months in the top 10 of various Latin American charts, thanks in part to the music video. Many fans were taken aback by the video because he had cropped his trademark long hair. This was the beginning of his transformation from a child celebrity to an adult superstar. The second song, “Fra Como el Viento,” reached No. 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks at the end of 1989. In early 1990, he scored a top-ten single with “Separados,” which peaked at #8.

With the CD 20 Aos and a string of sold-out gigs across Mexico, Latin America, and the rest of the world, he successfully transitioned from child vocalist to adult showman in 1990. In its first week of release, 20 Aos sold 600,000 copies and spawned three singles: “Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti,” “Entrégate,” and “Amante Del Amor,” the latter two of which charted at number one on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks in 1990.

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His International Recorgnition

luis miguel

With the publication of Romance, an album of romantic boleros, primarily from the 1950s, Miguel’s career soared to new heights and he gained a larger audience’s appreciation. He is credited with bringing the bolero into the twenty-first century. Romance, his most successful album to date, finally sold 7 million copies throughout the world.

Luis Miguel’s fifth studio album, Aries, was released in 1993, and it won him the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album that year. In the same year, Frank Sinatra requested Luis Miguel to join him on his Duets II CD and to play live in a nationally broadcast special honoring Sinatra’s 80th birthday, alongside other celebrities such as Stevie Wonder and Natalie Cole.

In 1994, he recorded Segundo Romance, a sequel to Romance, in which he portrayed himself as a convincing pop singer who could sing timeless Latin classics like “Solamente Una Vez” and “Historia de un Amor” with ease. Miguel won another Grammy for the album, which was also certified platinum in the United States.

Luis Miguel acquired a star and was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996 for his contributions to the recording business, making him the youngest male vocalist to do so at the time. Luis Miguel returned to the studio shortly after, releasing Nada Es Igual, a pop album that included “Suea,” the main theme for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Luis Miguel released his third bolero album, Romances, in 1997, and it went on to sell over 5 million copies. The album’s lead single, “Por Debajo de la Mesa,” was released. Two months later, the track debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs list, where it remained for twenty-six weeks. Luis Miguel won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Performance at the 40th Annual Grammy Awards in 1998. In the same year, he was awarded the Billboard Latin Music Award for “Male Pop Album of the Year” as well as the World Music Award for “Best Selling Latin Artist.”

Luis Miguel released his first pop album in over four years, 33, in 2003, which reflected his age. Luis Miguel received two Billboard Awards, as well as Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations, for the album, which had a mix of ballads and uptempo songs.

Luis Miguel’s 33 Tour sold out the largest venues in the United States and traveled throughout Latin America, including Chile, where his album 33 sold 2.5 million copies and he was named the artist with the most sold albums in Chilean history by Warner Chile the same year.

He also played at Mexico’s National Auditorium, Buenos Aires’ several sold-out events, and other prestigious international locations such as Spain’s Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. In the same year, Prince Felipe of Spain honored him with a special award for becoming the best-selling foreign musician in Spain’s history, as well as a special party in Madrid.
In addition to his album 33, Luis Miguel was awarded a “Premio Lo Nuestro a la Excelencia” (literally, The “Ours” award for Excellence) by Lo Nuestro Awards in 2003 for his excellent career, making him the youngest musician to receive this honor at the age of 33.

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Luis Miguel’s Mexico En La Piel was released in 2004. The record, which featured traditional Mexican mariachi tunes, went on to sell five million copies around the world. He obtained a diamond disc for this album and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Ranchero Album as well as the Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2005.

In 2005, he began his Mexico En La Piel Tour. Luis Miguel played thirty gigs at the National Auditorium in Mexico City from January 18 to February 27, 2006. The 123-city tour began in Mexico in September 2005 and continued to Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

The Mexico En La Piel Tour was named “Tour of the Year” by Billboard and reached the top of the Billboard World Top Boxscore. Luis Miguel released 33, his first pop album in four years, in 2003. Luis Miguel received two Billboard Awards as well as Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations for the album, which had a mix of ballads and uptempo songs.

Luis Miguel’s 33 Tour sold out the largest venues in the United States and traveled throughout Latin America, including Chile, where his album 33 sold 2.5 million copies and he was named the artist with the most sold albums in Chilean history by Warner Chile the same year. Billboard’s World Top Boxscore ranked it first.

In the same year, he released Navidades, a Christmas album. Many Spanish-language Christmas classics can be found on the playlist. During its first week of release, the album debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart. “Santa Claus Llegó A La Ciudad” (“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”) and “Mi Humilde Oración” were released as singles from the album (“My Grown-up Christmas List”). Luis Miguel released Cómplices on May 6, 2008, which he produced and wrote with Spanish composer Manuel Alejandro. In the first 24 hours, about 350,000 copies were sold. The album’s first single, “Si T Te Atreves,” was released on April 7, 2008, followed by “Te Desean.” Luis Miguel made history with his album Complices, which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Top 200, the highest position a Latin artist has ever achieved with a fully Spanish-composed album. It also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums, making him the Latin artist with the most No. 1 albums on the chart with a total of 9 albums.

On September 3, 2008, his Complices Tour kicked off in Seattle, Washington. On September 14, 2010, Luis Miguel released his self-titled studio album. “Labios de Miel,” the album’s first single, is a calm Latin pop song. The tour began on November 4, 2010, in Lima, Peru, and included stops in the United States, South America, Mexico, and Spain, among other places.

He sang at the Via del Mar International Song Festival on February 22, 2012. With a performance fee of one million dollars, he became the most expensive performer in the festival’s history. On August 31, 2013, Luis Miguel performed at the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. The song “Déjà Vu” was released on the internet in August 2014.

The self-titled Luis Miguel series premiered on Netflix and Telemundo on April 22. Along with disclosing many previously unknown aspects of the singer, it also provided nostalgic moments for those watching, such as the mirroring of his Sabritas ad, dubbed “Saboritas” in the series.

His Personal Life

daniel gallego luis miguel

Miguel is very reclusive about his personal life, only giving interviews and attending award ceremonies on rare occasions. He is known to have a very committed security crew to keep the public and paparazzi at bay whenever he goes out in public. In his personal life, he has faced numerous challenges, including a tumultuous relationship with his domineering father and the disappearance of his mother when he was sixteen years old in 1986. He has three children despite never marrying. Michelle Gallego (born 1989) is his first child with Mexican singer and actress Stephanie Salas. Miguel (born 2007) and Daniel (born 2008) are his sons from his marriage to actress Aracely Arambula. He’s never been married before.


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