Darcey Silva Net Worth, Job, Age, Husband, and Divorce. 

Beauty and brains is one highly respected trait in a woman, and Darcey Silva is a member of the double B club. She is quite versatile and known for her role in TLC’s reality television show, ‘90 Days Fiance; Before the 90 Days. She is one of those strong women, who has their eyes and the highest price, and works hard to really get it. She is also a smart worker who has worked really hard to build different successful businesses. Who is Darcey Silva? What is Darcey Silva’s story? Is Darcey Silva married? What is Darcey Silva net worth? 

Darcey Silva net worth
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Darcey Silva is an American television personality, entrepreneur, fashion designer, actress, producer and co-founder of a clothing brand and a production company. She works closely with her twin sister, ‘Stacey,’ in achieving their company. Continue reading this article and find out all about the beauty and brains, Darcey Silva, Darcey Silva marital status, Darcey Silva net worth. 

The Early Life of Darcey Silva

The actress and her twin sister, ‘Stacey Silva,’ were born on September 23, 1974, into a family of five. Although there is not much information about her family or childhood, Darcey’s father, Mike Silva is a producer, and her mother is, Nancy Silva. She also had a brother, ‘Michael Silva,’ who died of cancer at a young age. Darcey Silva went to two universities, the University of Houston, and Marshall University. She studied acting at Leo Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, for four years. 

Personal Life and Relationship 

Darcey Silva got married to Frank Bollok, and has two daughters with him. Few years later, they decided marriage was not working out for them and Bollok filed for a divorce. Their daughters are Aniko Bollok, and Aspen Bollok, who went for Miss Connecticut United States of America Beauty Pageant. After her divorce with Frank Bollok, Darcey moved on to her business partner, Jesse Meester. 

Darcey Silva net worth
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Unfortunately her relationship with her business partner did not end well as Jesse said Darcey was two timing with Tom Brooks. This love triangle led to a very nasty break up starting with Jesse, followed by Tom Brooks, which from the beginning was an online relationship. You would think that would stop our star from finding the good things of life. Darcey Silva moved on, and got engaged in 2020 to Georgi Rusev, a Bulgarian fitness model and masseur. Sadly, two years later, their relationship ended. 

Darcey Silva’s Ex-Husband, Frank Bollok

Frank Bollok was married before he met Darcey Silva and tied the knot with her. Being a man who is not new to divorce, it was easy for him to file for one with Darcey Silva, after he realized their union was not working. Frank Bollok works for a real estate company, ‘Douglas Elliman,’ and he is the founder of ‘Twilight Lodge,’ After his divorce with Darcey Silva, Frank found love somewhere else, and is married to her. 

Darcey Silva’s Career

Darcey Silva net worth started growing from 2010, when her and her twin put to work a genius idea of a clothing brand, House of Elves.’ She is one woman who is very good at publicity, she shows that by wearing her brands on television shows and when she goes for interviews. Popular celebrities such as; Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba have been seen wearing clothes from her brand.  They have worked so hard, and have now expanded their brand into shoes, beauty, and home goods. 

Darcey Silva net worth
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Darcey Silva net worth also grows from her production company, Eleventh Entertainment.’ The sisters have also worked with their father, Mike Silva, as co-executive producers, on the comedy film, ‘White T.’ The company has also provided background vocals for songs used in movies, and produced, ‘Soul Ties,’ in 2015. In 2018, the sisters released a debut dance pop song, ‘Lock Your Number.’ The following year, they released another song, ‘Always in my Heart,’ which was a tribute to their late brother, Michael. 

Darcey Stacey is also popularly known for appearing in various television shows, such as; ‘90 Days Fiance,’ which is focused on couples meeting for the first time, after talking for a while online, ‘Self-Quarantine,’ ‘Pillow Talk,’ ‘Bao Strikes Back.’ Darcey Silva net worth has grown positively by having her own show, ‘Darcey & Stacey,’ which is focused on their family, life, and their relationships. 

What is the Famous Television Star Net Worth? 

Darcey Silva net worth is currently $2 million, earned from her clothing brand, production company, and for appearing in various television shows. Darcey Silva was also nominated at the 2020 People’s Choice Awards, as ‘Reality Star of 2020.’

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