Dasha Zhukova: What To Know About Her Successful Career And Her Husband, Stavros Niarchos

Dasha Zhukova, a Russian-American art collector, businesswoman, magazine editor, and socialite, was born on June 8th, 1981. She is the creator of Garage Magazine and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2020, she also garnered media attention when she wed  Stavros Niarchos.

dasha zhukova

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Early Life

Moscow is where Darya Alexandrovna Zhukova was born. Alexander Zhukov, an oil trader, is her father. Yelena Zhukova, a Russian-Jewish molecular biologist, is her mother. when she was three her parents divorced. She immigrated to the United States in 1991 along with her mother, settling in the Houston region after her mother had to relocate for employment. Later, they relocated to California, Los Angeles. Yelena was an expert in diabetes and a professor of molecular biology at UCLA when she retired.

In California, Zhukova attended a Jewish day school. Dasha spent three years there; it was her first college in the US and it was a Hebrew college. She graduated from Pacific Hills School in 1999. She earned degrees in Slavic studies and literature with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She moved back to Moscow after getting connected with Roman Abramovich and then relocated to London. There, she enrolled at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine but did not finish the course of study.

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dasha zhukova

A nonprofit organization supporting the growth of contemporary art and culture in Russia and internationally, the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture was established by Zhukova in 2008 and partially funded by Abramovich. The first extensive art education program and public Russian art archive in the nation were both introduced by the center in 2012.

The organization changed its name to Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014, and the following year it relocated to Gorky Park for the first time. Rem Koolhaas created the structure as part of a preservation initiative, transforming it from a radical venue for exhibitions, publishing, research, and education into a 1968 Soviet Modernist restaurant.

Dasha Zhukova was named editor-in-chief of the fashion publication Pop in February 2009. She was viewed by many in the business as an improbable successor for launch editor Katie Grand. She claimed to be lousy with names in an interview at the time and was unable to name a single musician she appreciated. After three problems, she left the job in November 2010.

Personal Life

dasha zhukova

Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman, and investor who is the principal owner of the private investment firm Millhouse LLC wed Dasha Zhukova in 2008. The couple has a son and a daughter, both of whom were born in the country. The couple announced their separation in August 2017.

Stavros Niarchos II, the son of Philip Niarchos, and Zhukova were wed in a civil ceremony on October 11, 2019, in Paris, France. She gave birth to Philip Stavros Niarchos, her third child overall and first with Niarchos, in March 2021. Dasha Zhukova is a dual citizen of Russia and the United States.

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Dasha Zhukova’s Net Worth

Russian-American entrepreneur, art collector, and magazine editor Dasha Zhukova has a $100 million net worth. She is arguably best recognized for creating Garage Magazine and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2020, she also garnered media attention when she wed heiress, Stravros Niarchos.

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What To Know About Stravros Niarchos

The multimillionaire shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos I has a grandson named Stavros Niarchos III. Although Stavros Niarchos III is well-known for the enormous money his family possesses, he is also well-known for his numerous associations with renowned people and models. The millionaire heir has been the subject of media rumors regarding his relationships with international A-list celebrities. He is well known for his love of skateboarding, which is unrelated to his family’s wealth or his romantic troubles.

After dating several well-known people, Stavros Niarchos made the decision to get married to a business entrepreneur and Russian heiress Dasha Zhukova. A star-studded ceremony was held at the Kulm Hotel in Switzerland where the couple exchanged vows. Celebrities including Jen Meyer, Kate Hudson, Sarah Foster, and Karlie Kloss were among those who attended the invitation-only wedding.

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Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, and Dasha were previously married. They wed in 2008 and eventually divorced each other after six years of a covert union. However, based on the fact that the couple invited more than 300 family members and friends to the wedding, Dasha appears to have found her life partner in Stavros.

Stavros had a thing for the Australian model, but their romance never went beyond the bedroom. She announced the split on Instagram, saying their seven-year relationship had ended amicably despite being on good terms. People assumed that the two would get married, but according to those close to her, they were not compatible. According to the accounts, Stavros did not want children, whereas Jessica did.

Stavros Niarchos lives by the adage that when you live in luxury, price tags don’t appear to bother you when you shop. When he bought a home that included a masterpiece of architecture but was about to be demolished by its owners, he saved preservationists the trouble. The price Stavros paid for the Beverly Hills, California, property was an astronomical $15 million. On more than 1.34 acres of ground, the Kronish home, one of Richard Neutra’s most iconic designs from 1955, is situated. Los Angeles Conservancy claims that the historic mansion had been abandoned for many years and was in poor condition.

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Stavros acquired the property and pledged to rehabilitate it and return it to its former architectural splendor. The residents of Beverly Hills saw the mansion as such a magnificent building that they were opposed to its demolition. According to reports, Stavros hired the American architectural company Marmol Radziner to fix the house.

In terms of professional skateboarding, Stavros Niarchos is comparable to Tony Hawk not because of his extraordinary skateboarding abilities but rather because he is one of the most well-known skateboarders ever. Although he likes the spotlight as a skateboarder, he is also well-known for his fortune because, according to Alux, he is the second-richest skateboarder. However, Stavros’ skateboarding prowess is insufficient to boost his position on the skateboarding rankings.

Stavros Niarchos barely dated Mary Kate Olsen for around five months before he moved on to her acquaintance, the media star Paris Hilton. After they were frequently spotted enjoying each other’s company, word of their romance broke. The couple split up a month later, indicating that the romance was short-lived.

Being awarded the keys to a kingdom with an endless supply of wealth is very different from inheriting a large fortune. As the oldest grandchild of the shipping magnate, Stavros Niarchos is entitled to an inheritance. He not only bears the names of his father and grandpa, but he also has a legal claim to the fortune built up by his grandfather in the oil transportation business.

In addition to his money and his numerous relationships with well-known people, Stavros Niarchos has studied at some of the most esteemed universities. He began his study at the College Stanislas de Paris in France. The biggest private Catholic school in the nation, it is also private. After attending the middle and high school-focused Seabury Hall in Maui, Stavros continued his education at the University of Southern California. The Niarchos fortune heir studied film at university in order to pursue a career in the motion picture business.

Theo Niarchos, a well-known art enthusiast, has an older brother named Stavros. At the age of 9, Theo fell in love with art while visiting museums in France, and ever since, he has been dedicated to making it his vocation. He continued on to study art history in college, carrying on his father’s love of collecting works of art. Theo reportedly created a sizable art gallery in Los Angeles where he has a collection of works by well-known and recognized painters. Due to his decision to take a different path in life, he stands out in the family.

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One of the many women on Stavros’ list of love connections is Mary Kate Olsen. In 2015, the American actress and fashion designer began dating. The couple, however, did not stay together for very long before splitting up, and the actress stated that she had to take a vacation from her studies as a result of the split.






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