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David Goggins

If you are a sports lover, then the name David Goggins is not new to you. Popularly known with the nickname Toughest Man Alive or Ultraman. It is safe to call him a hard guy for he is a survivor of abuse, asthma, stutter, low-self esteem, a learning disability and numerous type of fears. 

He is one of the most popular inspirational persons in the world who have to push past all limits to explore their potential. He is not just an athlete, he is also a top motivational speaker who has inspired and changed the lives of many people for the better. 

Do you want to know more about David Goggins, his career and his net worth? Here is a detailed article on the life, career and net worth of David Goggins.

David Goggins Net Worth

He currently has a net worth estimate of about $3 million which expands yearly. He has multiple streams/ sources of income.

As a motivational speaker who have lectured thousands of high school students, professional athletes and employee in various companies both in the public and private sectors. He has earned over $100k from speaking.

Goggins is the author of a self-help book titled Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds which was published in 2018. The book explains how Goggins believes that people tap into 40% of their capabilities and also teaches how to push past odds to reach your full potential. He sold over 2.5 million copies of the book. A single copy of the book cost $35, now imagine how much he must have earned from the book alone.

Jesse Itzler and entrepreneur hired Goggins after seeing his ultramarathon performances to live in his house for one month. Jesse wrote a blog on his experience which he later published as a book titled Living With A SEAL. The book became the New York Times bestseller in November of 2015.

David Goggins earns a good amount of money through his endorsement deals. Owning the fact that he is among the most popular athletes recognized globally, many fitness organizations, brands and companies pay him to be their brand ambassador. Being a retired army official also earns him some extra cash flow.

He also owns a YouTube channel where he posts inspirational videos,  which is also a good source of passive income from advertising products there as well.

David Goggins Personal Life

He spent his early life in Williamsville, New York after his parents relocated there in 1981 alongside him and his brother.

He started working with the family at his dad’s Skate ring at age six. Goggins along with his mother and brother ran away from their father as a result of his constant abuse which they suffered severely from.

It is worth noting that he also talked about the abuse extensively in his book Can’t Hurt Me.

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David Goggins Biography

David Goggins was born on 17th February 1975 in Buffalo, New York. Goggins is an American  Christian triathlete, ultra-distance cyclist, ultramarathon runner, author and public speaker. He is a retired member of the United States Air Force Tactical Control Party and the United States Navy SEAL. He served during the Iraq War.  Goggins lost many of his friends and colleagues in a helicopter crash in 2005.

He was a bodyguard to the Iraq prime minister when he got the news and he decided to resign from duty. He then started running a foundation that pays tuition and grants to children of fallen soldiers who were listed during special operations. He had raised over $2 million for the foundation.

He was the Guinness World Record holder for most pull-ups within 17 hours. He held the record from 2013-to 2014.

He is currently considered the world’s toughest person alive because he is the only person to have completed the US Armed Forces SEAL Training, Army Ranger School of the United States and Tactical Air Controller training for the Air Force.

Goggins applied and joined the United States Air Force Pararescue but was removed after he was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. He then trained and worked with the United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party between 1994-and 1999 when he left. He later graduated from BUS/S career after three failed attempts, he was assigned to SEAL Team 5 upon graduating. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan during his 20 years military career. He attended the Army Ranger School and graduated in 2004 where he received the “Top Enlisted Man” award.

In 2005, in San Diego, he entered a 24-hour ultramarathon and ran 101 miles within 19hr 6mins. He also entered the Las Vegas Marathon and finished in good time which qualified him for Boston Marathon. He also entered Hurt-100 in Hawaii.

Ans In the year 2006, he was invited for Badwater-135 and finished overall 5th position. He finished 3rd place in the 2017 Badwater-135. He also won Infiniti’s 88k, Music City Ultra 50k, and Strolling Jim 40 Miler. He was named the Hero of Running by the magazine Runners in 2008.

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David Goggins Height and Weight

 He is 6 ft 1 (185cm)  in height and weights 200lb (91kg).

David Goggins Wife

His ex-wife Aleeza is a Japanese licenced nurse. They got married in 2015 after dating for a few years. In 2012, the couple got divorced and David has been single since then.

David Goggins House

Being one of the most popular athletes, fitness enthusiasts and motivational speakers in the state earned him his luxurious lifestyle. He has many investments in real estate across the United States.

His luxurious house is located in Buffalo, New York one of the most beautiful and expensive places in the country. The house has an amazing design with beautiful views both from the front and the balcony.

David Goggins Diet

A lot of people often ask about his diet. Goggins is known for following a low carbohydrates high fat and protein diet which is popularly known as keto dieting. He does intermittent fasting as well to go with his diet.

He usually starts his day with a banana which is packed with vitamins for energy. He aims to stay lean and healthy thereby he avoids junk and oily foods. His most popular meal of the day is a 9-ounce skinless chicken breast, a cup of boiled rice and a cup of steamed broccoli.

David Goggins Cars

Goggins is known for buying expensive and luxurious cars. He owns quite a collection but not much information about them is being shared. He owns a ‘Kia Stonic’ which is worth a little over $21,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here you have your answers to common questions on the life and career of David Goggins right from his military service days.

What is David Goggins’s Net worth?

Goggins has a net worth of over $3 million which expands yearly. He has multiple streams of income 

Who is David Goggins’s Wife?

He was married to Aleeza a Japanese licensed nurse. They got divorced in 2012. Goggins is currently single.

How Long Was David Goggins a SEAL?

David served between 1994 to 1999.

Why was Goggins Discharged?

He was advised by the military doctors to drop out as a result of him being diagnosed with a blood disease ( sickle-cell anaemia).

How Much Does David Goggins Make Per Annum?

David has an approximate yearly income of about $1 million.

Who is David Goggins?

David Goggins is an American athlete and motivational speaker born in buffalo, New York, the United States on 17th February 1975. He is currently 47 years old as of 2022.

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David Goggins’s net worth is not a surprising one owning to the fact that he is one of the most inspirational self-made men on the planet who has overcome all odds,

One of those things that contributed to David’s Inspiration was his childhood trauma as a result of his father’s abuse and his health challenges to reach his full potential and have the world records in various aspects of his career. 

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