Delilah Fishburne: Bio, Parents, Net Worth

The only child of Laurence John Fishburne III, an American actor, playwright, producer, screenwriter, and film director, and his ex-wife, American actress Gina Torres, Delilah Fishburne is a famous young person in the United States.

From her father’s previous marriage to his ex-wife, Hajna O. Moss, she also has two half-siblings: a brother named Langston Fishburne and a sister named Montana Fishburne. Do you realize that the Fishburne families are among the richest people in the world right now?

She is Laurence John Fishburne III’s sole child from his marriage to Gina Torres, who played him in “The Matrix.” The Father of actor, playwright, producer, screenwriter, and director Delilah Fishburne is an American. Her mother is also an American actress who has worked in both film and television.

I’m extremely pleased to introduce to you in this post the teenage daughter of the illustrious Laurence John Fishburne III. Continue reading to learn more interesting details about Delilah Fishburne and her family.

delilah fishburne
Delilah And Gina

Delilah Fishburne Bio

Delilah Fishburne was born in June 2007. She is Laurence Fishburne’s daughter. This famous daughter will turn 15 in 2022, and in June of that year, she will celebrate her birthday. Delilah has mixed-race ancestry in Cuba and is of Afro-American descent on her mother’s paternal side.

Almost 15 years of marriage later, her parents divorced in 2017. Delilah and Laurence Fishburne have sometimes acted together in films since their divorce. Her father attended Lincoln Square Academy in New York and graduated from there.

Her father is an alumnus of the New York City school Lincoln Square Academy. The young girl is currently in good health and shape. Her health is perfect, and there aren’t any media speculations circulating about her. She chose to maintain a low profile and avoid public attention while she is still completing her education.

Delilah’s two older half-siblings include Langston’s brother from her father’s first marriage to Hajna O. Moss, a model sister named Montana, and two additional children. Montana, who is her sister, is a Playboy model and has appeared on the cover of Black Men Magazine.

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Delilah Fishburne Personal Life

Delilah Fishburne, the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, is now single and unattached. It’s a little early to discuss her connection because she is still a little child. She takes her academics seriously, so let’s pray that she will grow up to be the kind of person society needs just like her dad.

Who is Laurence Fishburne?

delilah fishburne
Laurence Fishburne

In Augusta, Georgia, on July 30, 1961, Hattie Bell (née Crawford) and Laurence John Fishburne, Jr. welcomed their first child, Laurence Fishburne. His mother taught mathematics and science at a junior high school, and his father worked as a juvenile prison officer.

When Fishburne was a child, his parents split up. He relocated to Brooklyn, New York, with his mother, where he was raised. Lincoln Square Academy was his final academic stop.

Laurence Fishburne Career

In 1973, Laurence Fishburne played Joshua Hall in his first-ever acting role for the ABC soap series “One Life to Live.” His most enduring early performance was as a young child who sees the police shooting of a well-liked high school basketball player in “Cornbread, Earl and Me.”

Tyrone Miller, a minor part in the 1976 movie “Apocalypse Now,” was played by Fishburne. The movie didn’t come out until 1979.
Fishburne made sporadic performances on stage and in television productions during the 1980s.

In addition to cameo appearances in “M*A*S*H” and “Spenser: For Hire,” he had a recurrent role as Cowboy Curtis on Paul Reubens’ CBS children’s television program “Pee-Playhouse.” wee’s His current theater performances include “Short Eyes” and “and Loose Ends.”

His performances in the highly lauded Steven Spielberg picture “The Color Purple,” Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Cotton Club,” and “Gardens of Stone” were among the many films he worked on in the 1980s, but they were particularly significant. He appeared in “Red Heat” and Spike Lee’s “School Daze” toward the end of the decade.

The 1990s, which were a period of great popularity, swiftly replaced the drab and rather lean 1980s, giving Fishburne’s career the much-needed boost. He received a great deal of praise and the stardom he had been aiming for his leading role in John Singleton’s urban story “Boyz n the Hood.”

He earned almost every significant theater award, including the Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Theatre World, and Outer Critics Circle for his dramatic and enthralling stage performance in August Wilson’s play “Two Trains Running” in 1992.

After his incredible stage triumph, he delivered an acclaimed performance in the premiere of the eponymous television drama anthology series. He received an Emmy for the performance.

When playing Ike Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It” in 1993, Fishburne had a superb performance. In the 1995 American drama ensemble film “Higher Learning,” for which he received an Image Award, he provided yet another outstanding performance as West Indian Professor Maurice Phipps.

He later acted in the science fiction horror film “Event Horizon” as the captain of a spaceship rescue squad. He also performed the title role in “Othello” in the 1990s. Additionally, he received a nomination for his excellent performance in the television movies “The Tuskegee Airmen” and “Miss Evers’ Boys.”

The blockbuster science fiction movie “The Matrix” released in 1999 marked Fishburne’s career’s pinnacle. He took up the part of Morpheus, Neo’s hacker mentor, in it. Both critics and audiences hailed the movie as a huge success. Due to the film’s widespread success, sequels called “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” were subsequently released, with Fishburne returning in both.
Later, Fishburne co-starred with Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible III,” playing the part of Theodore Brassell, the character’s boss at the IMF. With the self-starring picture “Once in the Life,” he gave screenwriting and directing a go. The film, which was favorably appreciated, was based on the well-regarded play “Riff Raff.”

Laurence Fishburne made numerous film appearances starting in the year 2000. In Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River” and “Akeelah and the Bee,” he portrayed a tenacious police sergeant and a spelling bee coach, respectively. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie “TMNT” and the subsequent “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” both used his voice.

He made a comeback to the stage in 2008 to perform as Thurgood Marshall in the one-man drama “Thurgood.” He also won a Drama Desk Award for his performance. On the well-known CBS program “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” Fishburne took over for William Petersen as the male lead investigator the same year.

In the Superman reboot movie “Man of Steel,” directed by Zack Snyder, Fishburne played Daily Planet editor Perry White. He joined the cast of “Hannibal” the same year as Dr. Jack Crawford, chief of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences division. He appeared frequently in the ABC sitcom “Black-ish” in 2015.

Fishburne returned to the role of Perry White in the follow-up to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016, three years after he first played the character in the Superman reboot “Man of Steel.”

He made an appearance in the science fiction movie “Passengers” that same year. The Bowery King, played by Laurence Fishburne, had his most recent appearance in the 2017 neo-noir action thriller movie “John Wick: Chapter 2.” He will play Mulhall in the upcoming American comedy-drama “Last Flag Flying.”

Who is Gina Torres?

Gina Torres
Gina Torres

ina Torres was born to Richard and Rebecca Torres on April 25, 1969, in Manhattan, New York City. She grew up in the Bronx with her two siblings. She attended opera and jazz music classes.

The Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts was Torres’ school of choice. Later, she was admitted by a couple of institutions, but she was unable to pay for her tuition. Her decision to pursue a career in the show industry was the result.

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Gina Torres Career

Acting Career:

Since making her cinematic debut in 1996, Gina Torres has had a decent amount of success. Her search for a new position took an additional seven years. In 2003, she received a job offer for the character of “Cas” in the sci-fi action movie sequel “The Matrix Reloaded.” She also made cameos in movies including “South of Pico,” “Serenity,” and “Five Fingers.”

I Think I Love My Wife, a 2007 romantic comedy starring Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, and Steve Buscemi, featured Torres is one of the key roles as “Brenda Cooper.”

Television Career:

In the early 1990s, Gina Torres began her career in television with tiny appearances in programs like “Law & Order” and participated in a few television movies, including “M.A.N.T.I.S.” and “Dark Angel.”

She appeared in a few guest roles on television programs in the late 1990s, including “The Gregory Hines Show,” “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” and “La Femme Nikita.”

In the science fiction series “Cleopatra 2525,” Torres played the role of Helen “Hel” Carter in 2000, which was her first major role. In 2001, Torres won the ALMA Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Syndicated Drama Series for her skillful performance.

Before taking the lead part of “Zoe Washburne” in the space drama series “Firefly,” she made appearances in the television shows “Alias” and “Any Day Now.” She was given the chance to play “Jasmine,” one of the series’ leading characters. The program was a riff on the supernatural television program “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

She voiced “Vixen / Mari McCabe” in the animated series “Justice League Unlimited” and made her television acting debut in the third season of “24” as “Julia Milliken” (2004-06). In the drama series “Standoff,” which ran from 2006 to 2007, Torres also starred as “Cheryl Carrera.”

In television series including “Boston Legal,” “Criminal Minds,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Vampire Diaries” in the late 2000s, Torres appeared in a few specialized parts. Before lending her voice to the animated series “Transformers: Prime” for three seasons, she had a successful run in the show “Huge” as “Dorothy Rand.”

Between 2011 and 2018, the courtroom drama series “Suits” gave Torres the most significant role of her career. The specialists in the field praised her highly for her portrayal of the feisty and haughty character “Jessica Pearson.” She was nominated numerous times at various award shows and participated in 94 episodes.

In the 2010s, Gina Torres had significant roles in such programs as “Hannibal,” “Star Wars Rebels” (as a voice actor), “Westworld,” and “Star Wars Forces of Destiny.” Since 2019, she has played the main character in the spin-off series “Pearson.”

The Divorce Between Laurence Fishburne And Gina Torres

delilah fishburne

Delilah Fishburne Torres was born in 2007 after 14 years of marriage and blissful cohabitation. Their relationship’s conclusion was also kept a secret, just as their beginnings had been. According to Queens Divorce Lawyers, the ex-couple was married in September 2002, the same month that “Firefly” had its Fox premiere in the Cloisters. The publication also mentioned that Fishburne told Jay Leno in 2001 that they were getting married and that they had been engaged for eight months at the time.

According to court records obtained by Radar Online, the couple secretly ended their marriage on October 14, 2016, and their divorce was also kept under wraps. Almost a year after splitting, Torres formally announced her and Fishburne’s amicable split in a statement to People in September 2017.

They reached a quick settlement and announced their divorce amicably when Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne did. The two “engaged in an agreement on the disposition of property,” according to court documents acquired by Radar Online, citing irreconcilable differences. In addition, they decided to divide custody of their daughter Delilah, who was 10 years old at the time.

People were also informed by Torres that the two were dedicated to raising their daughter. “There are no bad guys. Only a love story with a different ending than either of us had expected, “She spoke.

Happily, however, our family remains intact and we will continue on raise our daughter together with love, joy, and awe as well as raise each other up with respect and love and the continued understanding that we are in this together, if not side by side”.

The couple was very quiet about their marriage, just as they had been about their engagement and divorce. Torres did, however, acknowledge to USA Today that when she is at home, she loves being a wife and mother.

“I keep my home. I cook. I iron, as odd as that sounds, “She spoke. “Because I spend so much time being other people, I like spending time just being Gina.” With her daughter Delilah, the classically trained singer and dancer also viewed musicals.

Torres moved on with businessman Kevin Wright after their 2017 divorce. When Fishburne attended the Marrakech International Film Festival with Bronwyn Anne Moylan in 2018, according to TV One, he was also reportedly seen in a new relationship.

According to Radar Online, Moylan was married to Reverend Richard Dannenfelser, an 81-year-old priest, so the situation is not quite clean. Although it wasn’t yet finalized, it appears that Moylan had planned to divorce Dannenfelser. If Fishburne and Moylan are still together, you got it—they’re keeping their romance covert.

Delilah Fishburne Physical Appearance

They stand about 5 feet 8 inches tall (173 cm). They weigh about 55 kg (121 lbs). She was a very cute child when her parents first started posting pictures of her online and revealing their identities to the public. Now that she is a teenager, they continue to do so. 33-28-32 are their body measurements. If you had seen her in the news, you would have noticed that she frequently appeared with her parents. She is also well-known on social media.

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Delilah Fishburne Net Worth

Laurence Fishburne, a well-known Hollywood actor, is her father. Her mother, Gina Torres, is expected to have a net worth of roughly $10 million, and her father’s net worth is projected to be around $22 million. Delilah is the child of some of the richest Hollywood parents, despite the fact that she does not yet have a source of income.

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