Demolition Ranch Net Worth, Mansion, Kids, Salary, And Controversy

The story behind Demolition Ranch net worth will motivate you to do the things you love to do. First of all, the Demolition Ranch is a game-based YouTube channel owned by Matthew Carriker, a professional veterinary doctor. Today, Demolition Ranch videos have seen an incredible 2.4 billion views. What is Demolition Ranch all about, you may ask? If you are fascinated by the kinds of guns, you’d probably like Matthew Carriker and his YouTube shows. The Demolition Ranch is about adventure. So, there is Carriker, who is seen showing his wide range of guns with different bullets in the videos. What’s the fun here, you may ask? Maybe, we should echo that Demolition Ranch net worth is around $2 million. 

demolition ranch net worth
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Uploading these kinds of videos made Matt Carriker a unique kind of creator. Every day, there are about 3000 subs on his YouTube Channel, which is rather incredible, and it also shows that people accept what Carriker is doing. For ten years, there have been few YouTubers who are as committed as Carriker is. For example, on Demolition Ranch, while there are guns on display, the videos are hilarious at the pranks played. 

What is Demolition Ranch?

Demolition Ranch is also known as Dr. Matt Carriker. On October 21, 1986, he was born in Fredericksburg, Texas, USA. The YouTuber was born to Pat Carriker and Lee Carriker. Matt didn’t grow up alone; he had three siblings– Mark Williams, Andrew Carriker, and Ali Thames. Unfortunately, he lost one of his brothers, Mark Williams, to cancer in March 2020. 

He earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences from the Texas university in 2008. But he didn’t receive his veterinary license till 2012. Matt Carriker created demolition Ranch in 2011 after it had started as a hobby when he was in college. Shooting guns was what he wanted to do. But just shooting guns meant that it might not be fun, which made Matt Carriker incorporate fun into the idea.

Then, he realized after his first upload on YouTube that it would be nice to have the videos on the channel consistently. Still in veterinary school at the time, Carriker didn’t find a balance. He failed his veterinary board exam just because he found it hard to study and make videos simultaneously. Matt had to stop making videos for a while to focus on his Veterinary exam. He retook the exam and passed to get a licensed certificate. 

What Does Matt Carriker Do?

Matt Carriker is a vet clinic owner in Boerne. He owns the Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary. However, it wasn’t his vet clinic that gave him this much fame. If it were, then we probably wouldn’t have heard of him. Carriker launched his first YouTube channel OffTheRanch in 2007. This channel was about videos on automobile construction and home renovation. The channel has grown to have 4.13 million subscribers with more than 777 million views at the time of writing this article. While this YouTube channel is relatively famous, it is nothing compared to Demolition Ranch, which launched in 2011. There is yet another YouTube channel, Vet Ranch, created by Matt Carriker, for veterinarians around the world. 

Who Owns The Channel Demolition Ranch? 

Matt Carriker created the Demolition Ranch. He is the sole creator of the channel. It is Carriker’s most popular YouTube channel, with almost 14 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. 

How Popular is The Demolition Ranch?

The Demolition Ranch is quite famous with people who are interested in guns. Matt somehow finds a way to make shooting very fun. This has attracted many people who have inclinations to videos where the weapon is handled masterfully. As a result, the Demolition Ranch’s net worth has exponentially increased with these subscribers. 

demolition ranch net worth
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Is Matt Carriker An Actor?

Aside from creating videos for his YouTube channel, Carriker is also an actor. He was on Strain 100, where he played the role of Lucas in 2020. He has also made a handful of appearances on the TV series Somebody’s Gotta Do It in 2015. From reviews of the movie, Carriker isn’t a terrible actor. 

Who is Demolition Ranch’s Wife?

Meredith Carriker is the wife of Matt. Interestingly, the two have known each other since they were teenagers. After Matt made his proposal for Meredith to be his wife in 2007, the following year, they married. They have been happily married and have three children: Adalyn, Annie, and Lincoln, the only boy. 

What Does Meredith Carriker Do?

According to Meredith’s profile on LinkedIn, she is a civil engineer. She earned her degree in Civil Engineering from Texas University, the same college as Matt. However, that’s not only what she does. She is also a blogger interested in family, fashion, beauty, and workouts. 

What is Meredith Carriker’s Net Worth?

Meredith Carriker shares the same net worth with her husband. They are said to be worth $2 million. 

What is Demolition Ranch Net Worth? 

Demolition Ranch is estimated to be worth $5 million. Matt Carriker, the channel’s owner, earns about $1.8 million a year. That’s a lot. 

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