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The first three instalments of the film, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, featured Devon Bostick, who played Rodrick Heffley. The Canadian actor endeared fans to himself and in no time became a talked-about actor for quite a while. His role in the movies saw him earn roles in the series The 100, where he played Jasper Jordan. The TV show has received several acclaims for the dystopian nature of the film.

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It is safe to say that the stocks of Bostick are still on the rise. However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t movies, documentaries, and TV shows that he has featured on; in fact, there is quite a number. It is not easy to discard a talent such as he has. In this article, we will be telling you all you need to know about the funny-faced Canadian actor.

Who is Devon Bostick?

Devon Bostick was born on November 13, 1991, in the city of Toronto, Canada, to Stephanie Gorin and Joe Bostick. Stephanie, his mother, is a casting agent based in Toronto. She also works on stage and screen.

His father, Joe Bostick, is also an actor, explaining where the acting genes come from. However, he is an actor, but he is also a film fight coordinator. Therefore, Devon must have inherited the genes of acting from his parents.

Interestingly, Devon’s grandparents are English immigrants from his mother’s side, while his father has roots in Norway. So, Devon is of different descent. Growing up and watching his parents go to movie sets, Devon developed a keen love for acting. He started acting as early as when he was five years old. Seeing his talents already, his parents decided to help him nurture the talents. So, he enrolled at the Etobicoke School of The Arts in Toronto.

Devon Bostick
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Devon Bostick’s Career

Devon has not had it easy with his career, but he has been lucky. The clownish-faced man has gotten some roles too. His appearances in films include roles in Fugitive Pieces, The Stone Angel, Godsend. He has also had roles in some television series like Flashpoint, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Some other films where he has had to play his roles include The Poet, a World War II-themed drama that had Colm George on. He also played Ezio Auditore in the thriller and action-packed Assassin’s Creed: Lineage. Bostick played Alan in three episodes of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. There are other movies where he played as an extra, like in Survival of the Dead, The Dreaming, where his role was minimal.

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Is Devon Bostick in A Relationship?

Rumours had it one time that Bostick was going for a Swedish model, Alexandra Burman. Well, to be fair, he mentioned her himself in an interview. However, as it stands, the relationship has been called off, and it looks like he is back to being single. But, again, we may never know if he is really single as Bostick is quite a private person. He is in his thirties, and perhaps, he has someone he is engaged to, but we don’t know away from the prying eyes of the media.

What is the Net Worth of Bostick?

With the number of movies he has acted in, it shouldn’t be surprising that his net worth is weighty. Several sources have claimed that Devon has a net worth of $3 million. This is highly possible, and it is little compared to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. However, Bostick still has room to make himself a household name. Indeed there is the talent!

Is Devon Bostick on Social Media?

Devon is quite popular on social media, especially on the pictures sharing social platform – Instagram. He has amassed several followers all over the world. Certainly, these fans got attracted to him because of his roles in their favourite movies or TV shows. Devon regularly posts what goes on in his life on the platform.

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Devon TikTok Shorts

Devon has seized the advent of the blooming social media platform, TikTok to create short videos about himself. At the time of writing this article, his videos have seen over 300 million views. For some actors who aren’t getting roles, TikTok has become that platform where they can reach out to their fans and be paid for it. So many entertainers have used this path.

Devon Bostick
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Devon Bostick has given us funny moments from his role in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but as it stands, it looks like there hasn’t been a big moment for the natural clown-faced actor. Hopefully, the coming years will see him take on roles that will catapult him to the bracket of the elites.

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