Discord: Everything To Know About The Platform


Discord is a chat software similar to Skype, TeamSpeak, and business messaging platforms like Slack. It includes tools for them to find one another, organize play, and interact while playing video games. It is specifically made for them. Users can text, voice chat, and video call in addition to other forms of communication.

Due to its extensive features, users have embraced Discord as a semi-public, forum-style community tool. Players can create or join public or private servers where a large number of people can gather and communicate via text, video, or voice if they share shared interests, such as being fans of the same company or game.

You can find public Discord servers for anime, cryptocurrencies, self-improvement, making friends, and hanging out even if the majority of the servers are focused on gaming.

Additionally, creating a server is not required for gaming; therefore, if you want to use Discord to discuss a subject, you can do it at any time. Finding and searching public servers is made easier with the help of Discord.me, Disboard.org, and Discordservers.com. Additionally, Discord is now totally free.

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What Is The Purpose Of Discord?


Playing PC video games typically presents two difficulties for players:

  • How can we talk to one another?
  • How can people be gathered long enough to begin a game?

The most recent application to address this issue is Discord. The free platform mixes Skype-style video and voice chat with the well-known chat interface found in programs like Slack. With 14 million daily users, it has quickly risen to the top. You may use Discord to make spaces where people can congregate, meet up to find new gamers, and socialize in addition to using it to talk with friends while playing games.

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What Makes Discord Unique And different from Other Platforms?


Although there are numerous free communication platforms online, Discord stands out because of its robust chat features. It combines the greatest elements of well-known applications like Skype and Slack with an intuitive user interface. If employing a voice chat program causes your games to run slowly, it would be of little use. As a result, Discord’s developers are making a lot of effort to make it as quick as they can

Discord’s versatility as a platform for meeting and communicating with people who share common interests, rather than just friends, has attracted large numbers of users. It is a cross between a social networking site and a communication app.

The chat room element of the program, which enables users to join public or private “servers,” is possibly its most prominent feature, but it also features a great social forum for organizing game nights. You do not need video games to utilize Discord because it is so helpful for joining groups of friends on a private server or meeting like-minded individuals on public ones.

You may make a Discord server more unique by giving different responsibilities to members when you create it, such as additional administrators and moderators or a special place for your most active users. In addition to making server management simpler, rewarding active members, and offering different access permissions, creating unique member roles for your server has many other benefits as well.

Discord is easy to use even if you are not in front of a gaming PC because it is accessible via a variety of methods. The app is available as a download for PCs, a web-based version, and a mobile version. The convenient, lightweight version of the PC program is ideal for running in the background while you play games. As a result, the social potential of the program is substantially increased because you may connect with members in your Discord chat servers from nearly anywhere.

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How Discord Started


In 2015, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy started developing Discord. The world over, it was a great smash. Discord made it simple to have genuine conversations with friends that went beyond lighthearted joking. Friends stayed in touch with the many communities they lived in.

Users of Discord were able to easily switch between text, voice, and video chats. The goal was to create Discord a friendly and cozy place to hang out with your friends and communities, despite the technical technology. After a few years, Discord started to gain popularity, and devoted users who enjoyed the software sprouted up all over the world.

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How Can I Get To Use Discord?


Whether you want to use Discord on your desktop, laptop, or the web, you can download it at discordapp.com. There are versions for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Visit the iTunes Software Store or the Google Play Store to find the right app for your device.

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Discord Web Version vs. Discord Desktop App

Most browsers can use the web app for Discord, which is available. For Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android users, a desktop version is also available for download. Discord’s desktop and browser applications appear and function almost identically in every respect.

The desktop and browser versions of Discord differ in a few ways. Push-to-talk is always enabled on the desktop app. Push-to-talk is not available while you are playing in the web app because it needs the browser window to be focused in order to function.

You may display the game you’re playing to your pals using the desktop version. The absence of a download requirement is the main advantage of the web version. It doesn’t require any downloading or installation and can be used on any computer, anywhere.

The web app is great since it reduces the barrier to entry. For instance, when you’re playing a game with your buddies and want to invite an outside player into voice chat. The desktop program is worthwhile to acquire if you use Discord frequently.

In order to use a service like TeamSpeak or Mumble, people must download the app, register, and enter their server details. With Discord, all they have to do to get started is click your invite link, enter a temporary account if necessary, and they’re good to go.

Discord Mobile App


Discord has mobile apps for iOS and Android in addition to PC and online versions. Although it has been adjusted to work on smaller displays, the Discord mobile app looks quite similar to the desktop version. Swipe right to see a list of voice and text channels when you’re on a server and swipe left to see a list of the other users there.

Voice chat on the Discord mobile app functions the same as the desktop version. When you’re playing on a console that doesn’t support Discord, you can utilize it to talk to your friends or teammates.

You can mute others so that you can’t hear them, change the volume of other users, and mute yourself if you don’t want your friends to hear what’s going on in your house.

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What You Can Do On Discord

1. Find A Server Or Create One


Like Slack, Discord enables the creation of chat rooms, which it refers to as servers that invite users. When someone joins the server, they receive a link that enables them to connect and communicate with other users. Each server can be separated into separate “channels,” or locations for conversations on particular subjects. To increase usage, channels are available in both speech and text modes. You can make some channels on your server private so that only people who have been invited can use them.

Discord is a hub for social engagement since it allows you to log in to multiple servers at once. For instance, while participating in several public servers, you might establish a private server solely for you and your friends to plan ahead before playing a game. You are free to join as many servers as you want. Additionally, you can quickly switch between servers whenever you want: The left side of the interface always displays a list of your servers, and choosing a destination is as easy as clicking one or the other.

Joining a server is as easy as clicking a link. You will, however, always need to wait to be invited. The search feature in Discord can be used to find numerous servers that are accessible to the general public. Additionally, Discord offers “verified servers,” which are official servers managed by game studios and other significant organizations and can be seen as official community forums for gamers to communicate with game developers.

Setting up your server is simple. The servers you are currently connected to are shown in a vertical list down the left side of the software, allowing you to quickly switch between them. You can create your server at the location shown by a “+” icon. The server is now online, and Discord will provide a link for you to invite people to join it. Give it a name and a picture, if you like, and select a server location close to you.

On the left side of the screen on your server, there will be lists for voice and text channels. New channels can be quickly added and given new names by using the “+” symbols found towards the top of each list. Each channel has a unique set of settings, including the ability to make it private, invite-only, and who is allowed to create invite links.

2. Find New Friends


Discord lets you make a list of “friends” who also use the program and who you may get in touch with directly outside of any servers, similar to the majority of other chat programs.

The quickest way to add people to your list is to find their names on servers you have already joined. By right-clicking on someone’s name and choosing “Add Friend” from the menu at the bottom of the screen, you may send them a friend request. Additionally, by clicking a user’s name, you may view their User Profile and locate a button to add them as a friend.

Additionally, users can be located through searches and added as friends. If you know their username and their privacy settings have been set to allow for search, you can look them up using the search area at the top-left of the screen. You can add any of the visible persons on the list as friends by clicking on their pictures.

3. Find Your Voice


Voice chat in Discord is easy to use. Entering a speech channel on a server turns on your computer’s microphone if it is connected and functional. You can access voice chat by calling pals individually or in a group by clicking the phone icon on your friend’s list.

If you are in voice chat, Discord offers some quick operational controls at the bottom of the voice chat window or channel window. For instance, the headphones icon enables “deafen” whereas the microphone icon automatically mutes your microphone. This mutes all sound coming from Discord and turns off your microphone.

By choosing the gear symbol to open the Settings menu, you can also change the audio settings for voice and video chat. To end a voice call or voice channel, it would be helpful to press the “hang up” indicator on a server, represented by a phone with an arrow pointing downward.

4. Text message


While navigating servers and channels in Discord, you may quickly and easily compose text messages to anyone using the text field at the bottom of the screen. But there is a lot more to it than just sending quick texts. To upload images and GIFs to the conversation, first, drag them into the text box or use the upload button on the text window’s left side. Next, move your cursor over the message and click the pencil icon to edit it. Alternatively, you can click the “…” button and select delete to get rid of a message you’ve already sent.

Discord text also supports “Markdown,” which enables you to quickly and simply edit the text in your talks without knowing how to code. When formatting text messages with bold, italics, strikethroughs, spoiler alerts, and other formattings, Markdown comes in extremely handy. Keep up with your text game because it is really easy to learn and Discord has a blog post that describes how it all works.

5. Select Who You Can Choose And Hear


Just because you share a server with someone doesn’t mean you have to listen to them. Discord offers all the social networking features that let you decide how you interact with other people. To send a private message, add someone to your friend’s list, initiate a phone call, mute them, or block them, right-click their name in the server list and a drop-down menu will appear.

You can change it on your end if another user’s volume is too loud. A person can be muted in a voice chat so that you cannot hear their voice but they can still hear you. If you block someone, you won’t be able to read their text messages, but if you’re in the same voice chat, you’ll still be able to hear them.

6. Link Accounts to Create a Profile


Discord allows you to connect to other social network accounts, create a user profile, and quickly locate friends. Because Discord combines private chats with public chat rooms, connecting accounts serves purposes beyond the typical one of finding individuals you are already friends with to converse with. If you want people to be able to recognize you in the real world, it also makes that easier.

The process of connecting accounts is straightforward and works similarly to other chat or social media apps, allowing you to converse by asking you for the passwords to your other accounts. The additional advantage of turning Discord into a social network is the possibility to locate people you meet on Discord on other media websites. If you utilize it to access public servers to find like-minded players in various games, it might be a useful tool for meeting people.

7. Streaming live


Discord also has a Go Live feature that allows users to broadcast live gaming to other users on the server. To “Go Live,” click the Go Live button in the lower-left corner of your screen after joining a voice conversation. By selecting the game and pressing the “Go Live” button, you may start broadcasting it. Go If you wish to share YouTube videos with others, you may also utilize “live” to broadcast your screen or a specific app.

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Even though the software is free, the creators considered ways to make money off of it. One idea was to charge for customizing features like emotes and stickers. The software’s creators have insisted that it won’t ever lose its core functionality even as they look for ways to make money from it.

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