Cliff Devries Paralyzed Accident Story

Cliff Devries is still a topic of conversation among his admirers, as everyone wants to know everything there is to know about him and what happened to him. As everyone knows, everyone in this world has their own unique personality, which is the only thing that distinguishes them from one another.

With this personality type, a person can sometimes triumph over all of their life’s troubles, and these difficulties take on a particularly dreadful form. Cliff Devries, on the other hand, is among the brave individuals who have overcome all of life’s challenges, which is why a few people regard him as their hero.

Cliff Devries is back in the news for the 97th time as the diving coach for the Tigers, according to exclusive reports. His inspirational history is fantastic in and of itself, inspiring everyone in such a way that you can’t even guess because his very presence makes his admirers’ day. People’s curiosity about Cliff got so strong after they learned what had happened to him that they turned to internet sites to learn more about him.


Who is Cliff Devries?

Cliff Devries is a well-known diving coach and cancer survivor who is affiliated with the Rochester Institute of Technology. He was born on October 30, 1973, and his enormous fame peaked in 2016-2017 when he was claimed to dive a 3-meter diving board. However, as soon as word broke about his coaching of the Tigers around the 97th time, he resigned.

Cliff Devries is a professional diver from the United States, and his career was at its pinnacle, but due to an awful accident, his life was turned upside down in ways he could never have dreamed, yet his remarkable story inspires many admirers.

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Cliff Devries began his diving career at the University of Kentucky, where he competed in Division I. However, he dropped out after only one semester due to severe shoulder pain that prevented him from lifting his right arm above his head. His injuries were eventually discovered to be the result of a tumor discovered in his brain.

He enrolled as a student at Rochester Institute of Technology when he was a coach. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2002 during his time there. The next year, he received his CPA certification.



Cliff Devries is a three-time Olympic diver. Cliff was a two-time Section V and Empire State Games champion in diving. At Monroe Community College, he founded the Mavericks Dive Club, which he continues to coach. Devries joined the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Tigers as a diving coach in 1999. In 2005, he returned to his previous role after a three-year absence.

Several All-Americans have been taught by Cliff Devries. Natalie Snyder, the first female All-American diver at RIT, was his student. In 2007 and 2008, he coached All-American divers Quinn Donahoe and Matt Joseph, who were both named All-Americans. Evan Wendt was named the 2011 Diver of the Year by the Upper New York State Athletic Conference. In 2013, he coached John Tellgren, who would go on to become an All-American. Matt DePalo won the same award in 2014.


Devries became the diving coach at the University of Rochester after stints at MCC and RIT. Chris Devries has eight conference championships under his belt and has been voted Coach of the Year in the Upper New York State Athletic Conference in 2000, 2002, 2007, 2008, and 2011. Cliff Devries is not only a diving coach but also the director of Upstate New York Diving, the state’s largest diving club.
In 2006, he established Upstate New York Diving, which is now the state’s largest diving program.

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During his stint at RIT, he has been voted the Upper New York State Athletic Conference Diving Coach of the Year six times, the most recent being in 2016. He was the first diving coach to receive the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America’s Richard E. Steadman Award in 2018.


Personal Life

Cliff’s spouse is Stephanie Devries and their four children support him. Corey, his son, assisted him in climbing the steps and keeping him stable before his dive. Grace, his daughter, was by his side at the poolside cheering him on.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated the ESPN E:60 2019 program “Cliff Diving” about Devries for a Sports Emmy Award in March 2020. One of five stories in contention for “Outstanding Long Feature” is a piece about Devries’ yearly birthday dive off the 3-meter springboard at RIT’s Judson Pool.

Cliff Devries was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March 1995, which was characterized as 6 inches long. It was successfully removed after a 13-hour operation. However, the tumor paralyzed him from the neck down on his right side. He regained use of his left side after months of hard labor. He dives into a pool from a diving board every year on his birthday, October 30. In November 2017, one of his dives off a 3-meter diving board went viral. He said the following in a video interview:

Being around diving has always been a type of support and a great type of therapy for me. So just being in a pool, being in a wonderful facility like this, it’s exhilarating and it’s exciting.


Cliff Devries Accident

Cliff Devries was awarded the prestigious Richard E in the year 2018 as a result of his incredible work in the sport; he was an Olympic dreamer himself but was limited to coaching only after a tragic incident; it appears that his story is being shared with the world as he is going to have a well-made short documentary on his tragic incident.

The public is aware of his unfortunate situation and significant contribution to the sport, and he is receiving the recognition he deserves. Here is everything you need to know about the guy and his story.

Cliff Devries had a stiff shoulder because he felt awful in the water multiple times when trying out some tough techniques. He was an ambitious diver at the time who aspired to be at the top, and he used to do difficult moves frequently, which led to his developing horrible posture in the pool.

He was young at the time, and he repeated it several times until he saw that his shoulder had gotten stiff and it was becoming difficult for him to move it quickly; regrettably, it became stiffer, and he went on to get an MRI, which is when he discovered he had a brain tumor.

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How Did Cliff Devries Get Paralyzed?

Cliff Devries was paralyzed as a result of complications that occurred during his surgery for the 6-inch long tumor, and when he did his MRI test, the doctor told him about spotting a large tumor growing just below his brain stem around the spine. As he explained the story, Devries was suffering from a stiff shoulder during his diving practices at the time, and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Cliff has revealed that during the course of his surgery, the machines unexpectedly shut down, causing a massive complication; the doctors were unable to complete the work properly, and the surgery turned out to be a failure; he even stated that the doctor predicted that he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

He was paralyzed on the right side of his body, but that didn’t stop him from becoming involved in the sport he adores, and he continued to contribute to it through his teaching abilities. Cliff Devries has recently become a topic of conversation among his supporters after a tragic occurrence in his life was made public. Cliff Devries spent a lot of time as a coach at RIT. Throughout his career, he has mentored a large number of students. He is one of RIT’s most popular coaches.

Since the news of a tragic tragedy in his life broke, he has been added to the list of strong people who have overcome adversity in their lives. Some of his admirers regarded him as their personal hero.

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Cliff Devries was a well-known diving coach at Rochester Institute of Technology. He was born on October 30, 1973, and is a cancer survivor. He garnered a lot of attention in 2016-2017 when he was asked to dive a 3-meter diving board. He works as a diver in the United States. He was once involved in a horrible occurrence that forever ruined his life. He never expected anything like this to happen to him. But, as a result of that tragedy, he grew bolder, and today he has an incredible life narrative that inspires his admirers to never give up.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1995, and the complications intensified as soon as his treatment began. However, the results were favorable after 13 hours of surgery. However, due to problems in his therapy, he became paraplegic. On the right side of his body, he became paralyzed. Despite this, he maintained his belief in his coaching and work. He reclaimed his power after a long period of struggle and self-improvement. To regain his fitness, he engaged in some exercises. Following his recovery from all of his health challenges, he continued to use his coaching skills to help the sports community.

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