Eduin Cazares: Why Was The Mexican Singer Admitted In A hospital?

Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cazares, better known by his stage name Eduin Caz, is a well-known Mexican music artist and vocalist for the ‘Grupo Firme group, which he and his pals founded in his early career. After reaching some level of success with the brand, the group went on to become a fast-growing brand in recent years.

Eduin Caz rose to prominence after releasing hit tracks such as ‘El Toxico,’ ‘Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo,’ and ‘El Amor No Fue Pa Mi.’ He is a Christian who is in his late twenties and is from Mexico.

Eduin Cazares

Eduin Cazares Early Life

Eduin Caz was born in the Mexican city of Culiacan on July 30, 1994. He was born on April 8th, 2022, and is currently 27 years old. Leo is his astrological sign. Caz’s early years were spent in Tijuana, where he grew up with his brother Jhonny. He lived with his Mexican parents, who were always supportive of his decisions as he matured, on the other hand, made certain that he received the best education possible from the University of Baja California, where he majored in Marketing.

Eduin, along with his brother, has always had an interest in music. After a few years, he went on to sing with Grupo Firme, a well-known group around the world. He is a very secretive person when it comes to his family, with just his famous sibling being known about him.

Eduin Cazares

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Eduin Cazares Career

Eduin Cazares became well-known as a member of the Grupo Firme. Jairo Corrales plays the accordion and 2nd voice, Christian Tellez plays bass, Joaquin Ruiz plays harmony, and Dylan Camacho all members of his band play drums.

Eduin Cazares and Jairo Corrales formed the band in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, in 2014. In 2017, they released their debut album, Pasado Presente, Futuro. The album features a total of twelve songs, none of which have received critical recognition, but they have left an indelible impression on Eduin’s career because of his powerful voice in the Mexican music scene.

Their subsequent albums were generally well-received. However, the group became well-known in 2020 after releasing the singles Pideme, Juro Por Dios, and El Roto. They spent the next few months touring across the United States. Grupo Firme has received five Latin Grammy Awards.


Eduin Cazares Personal Life

Prior to music, he worked in the transportation industry. He crossed the border with trucks transporting commodities from Mexico to the United States. Eduin graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Eduin Cazares is from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, and hails from a modest background. He also has a musically inclined brother. Eduin is a father of two children. Daisy Anahy, his wife, is a social media influencer with 2.5 million followers.

Eduin and his future wife met when he was only 16 years old. They’ve been dating since then, and they married seven years ago in 2015. Eduin Gerardo Cazares is their first child, and they also have a daughter named Dhasia Geraldine.


Eduin Caz Wife

Eduin Cazares

Daisy Anahy, Eduin Caz Wife, is a web-based media influencer. On September 1, 1994, she was born in the state of Sinaloa. After her partner’s success, she became a powerful influencer and a household name. Since she first went online, her following has grown by the week, and her success is astounding.

Her parents are unknown, but she is the mother of two lovely children with Eduin Caz. Edwin Gerardo, a boy, and Dhasia Geraldine, a female, are the two children.

She received her diploma from The University of Tijuana on October 16, 2018, and uploaded it on Instagram with the remark “The trip has been long but finally arrived.” She also enjoys dancing, particularly pole dancing, which she learned at the “Dragon Academy” and where she consistently performed well. She continues to enjoy her passion and posts some of her amazing photographs on social media.

Edwin Caz and Daisy Anahy’s romance began in high school in 2009 when Edwin Caz was just starting out in his career. She strongly supported singer Edwin Caz’s career when fame and name were millimeters away from her, for six years as her partner and now as her wife.

Daisy Anarchy became a social media influencer with over 1 million Instagram followers while Edwin Caz was busy singing with his bandmates, making masterpieces, and garnering notoriety from his songs. While having such a lovey-dovey relationship, both of them took pride in their accomplishments.

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Their love tale is, without a doubt, the most famous of all lovers. They never publicly discussed it, but their love says it all. They have kept their love journey going strong all these years, from high school romance to magnificent hot and handsome lovers. Daisy Anahy and Eduin Cazares were high school sweethearts.

They began dating in 2009 when Eduin was only 16 years old, and they both knew they were meant to be together from that moment on. With diverse personal and professional backgrounds, Eduin and Daisy believed their love was “Forever.” They dated for almost six years before ultimately tying married in 2015.

They have two adorable children after spending 12 years together, six years as girlfriend-boyfriend and six years as husband-wife; their first son is Edwin Garrido. They welcomed another kid, Dhasia Geradaline, in mid-2020, on August 10. Daisy uploaded a gorgeous snapshot of her kid on September 11 after a month and wrote, “Being able to turn love into life is the most wonderful gift that God gives us; today, the month after your arrival, I can thank God, and I fell in love again. You arrived on August 10, 2020, 3Kg 50cm, exactly at 5:05 pm. I came to remember what I am capable of for you and your brother.”


Eduin Caz Sibling

Jhonny Caz is a well-known melodic composer who is well known for being a member of Grupo Firme, a well-known musical collective. He’s also a TikTok user who uploads lip-sync clips, as well as show and execution cuts. Moreover, when Grupo Firme’s YouTube front of Edén Muoz’s El Amor No Fue Pa Mi was transferred in April 2019, Jhonny Caz became more well-known.

In the meanwhile, Jhonny Caz is the second main entertainer of Grupo Firme, a well-known musical band. Johnny has also been involved with Grupo Firme for a long time and has played many roles in their productions.

Eduin Caz

However, when Jhonny Caz revealed his sexuality, he gained much more recognition. Jhonny Caz’s sexual preferences had been discussed in Grupo Firme’s informal communities for over a year.

Eduin Caz, Jhonny’s brother, also stated that his family and the artists were aware of Jhonny’s sexual orientation.

Johnny Caz, a member of Grupo Firme, has a tight relationship with his partner Jonathan Bencomo. The loving couple has been relishing their lives for a long time and is delighted to have found each other.

Jhonny Caz may also be found on Instagram under the handle @jhonny caz. Jhonny Caz’s Instagram account has more than 729k followers, and he uses it to publish his daily reports.


Eduin Caz Hospital

Due to a persistent ailment, Eduin Caz was sent to a hospital in Mexico over the weekend. After a Grupo Firme show in Mexico City’s Foro Sol on May 7 Saturday, the performer was rushed to the hospital. Caz, the main vocalist of Grupo Firme, took to Instagram Live on Sunday to put the rumors to rest and explain why he was hospitalized after “erroneous information” about him “having a heart attack” or “overdosing” surfaced.

Eduin Caz told supporters during a roughly 10-minute video that he does not use drugs and simply drinks beer, which is why he went to the hospital in the first place. He claimed that he became very drunk during two back-to-back gigs and then ate a lot of food, which exacerbated his chronic hernia ailment.

Eduin Caz

He stated “Those who are my real fans know I have a chronic hernia and I was told I shouldn’t be drinking. That day [on Friday], I totally forgot.” And also said “My stomach was burning. I woke up Saturday with stomach pain and diarrhea and took some meds. I also drank that day, but now, with medicine in my system.”

He planned to invite his special guests, including Colombian musician Pipe Bueno, to continue celebrating in his hotel room later that night, but preparations were quickly abandoned when he began to feel pain in his chest and back.

“I felt my entire body hot as if they put fire on my back. I couldn’t hold the pain and I fainted,” he said. “That’s when the ambulance arrived and took me to a local clinic. They gave me pain meds and my specialist explained to me that it was due to heartburn. My vocal cords burned, and my chest and back felt on fire.”

Caz said on the same Instagram Live that he has to focus on his health and start from scratch with his workout and dietary regimen. He concluded by saying  “I just wanted to make this video to let my fans know I’m fine and not to believe everything you read.”

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Eduin Caz’s Net Worth

Because of his renown in Mexico and Latin America. Due to his tours and album sales, Eduin Caz’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $10 million. Grupo Firme sold a record number of tickets to their performances and tours in 2021. As a result, their combined net worth is around $30 million.


Eduin Caz’s Social Media

Eduin can be found on Instagram under the handle/username @eduincaz if you want to follow him. On the platform, he has roughly 6.6 million fans.


Eduin Cazares Height

Eduin Cazares stands at roughly five feet and eight inches (5ft 8inches) in imperial height, which is somewhat over normal for males. That’s around 1.77 meters in meters.


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