9 Best Ergonomic Keyboards

The ideal desktop will be created by combining the greatest ergonomic keyboards with an ergonomic mouse and monitor. Additionally, ergonomic designs are intended to be more pleasant than conventional keyboards. In comparison to straight keyboards, these gadgets enable a more comfortable wrist position. They’re an excellent solution for anyone who wants to relieve wrist strain and works at a keyboard for a considerable portion of each day.

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PC vs. Apple, size and usage are topics to think about while shopping for a new keyboard. Some keyboards, like the KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB at Amazon, are designed specifically for gaming and will keep your wrists secure even during the fiercest battle.

The Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue (see on Amazon) is the ideal accessory for Apple products if you own a Mac because it is pre-programmed with shortcuts exclusive to Apple products. The greatest ergonomic keyboard is available for you regardless of your requirements or operating system.

1. Logitech Ergo K860

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Logitech Ergo K860

  • 10 m (33-ft) wireless range
  • Type more naturally with a curved
  • Keep your wrists in total comfort
  • Natural typing posture with ergonomically-designed tilt legs of 0, -4 and -7 degrees

Logitech’s newest ergonomic workhorse has gone above and beyond. The MX Ergo K860 is destined to overtake other wireless office keyboards as it incorporates a large portion of the technology found in their renowned wireless MX Keys keyboard. This keyboard is one of the most comfortable and stylish ones available, albeit it can take a little getting used to for users who aren’t proficient touch-typists because of the split layout.

The keyboard can purportedly run for up to two years on only one pair of AAA batteries and features 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity for Windows or Mac OS. Although the lengthy battery life is undoubtedly a plus, the absence of illumination is a minor inconvenience.

The K860 has one of the most comfortable incorporated wrists rests we’ve ever used. Although it does a great job of supporting your wrists and is somewhat of a requirement for ergonomic keyboards, the inability to detach the wrist rest from the keyboard itself could be a problem if it ever wears out, necessitating the purchase of an entirely new device. Although it may be expensive, this ergonomic keyboard is one of the most wrist-friendly alternatives available thanks to wireless connectivity and long battery life.

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2. Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard

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Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard

  • Microban antimicrobial protection keeps product cleaner
  • Conforms to natural arm and hand positions for added comfort
  • 16-character buffer for fast typists
  • Wired keyboard

The Fellowes Microban split design keyboard delivers more natural comfort without breaking the budget since it provides premium comfort at an affordable price. The antimicrobial protection, which is a member of the Microban product family, will keep your keyboard clean while still allowing for a more natural position for your hands and arms.

The Fellowes, which was designed with Windows computers in mind, has seven buttons specifically designated for media playback in addition to one-touch access to the web. The dedicated number pad eliminates the requirement for additional hardware and the need to locate the keyboard’s numerical keys at the top. While any ergonomic keyboard will require some getting used to, the instant benefits of reduced pain and tension along with Fellowes’s exceptional wrist support will have you wondering why you didn’t make the move sooner.

3. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

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Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Compatible with Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Studio
  • Natural arc and slope
  • Double-cushioned palm rest covered in stunning Alcantara
  • Wireless frequency is 2.400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz

The Surface keyboard excels in protecting your hands and wrists beyond its durability thanks to its keycap geometry, split space bar, and a more natural design that helps to reduce wrist and hand strain. A smooth, whisper-quiet typing experience with great stability for usage on practically any surface is made possible by the professional build quality.

This ergonomic keyboard, which is made especially for Microsoft’s Surface family of laptops, is made with comfort in mind and is a perfect option for finding a comfortable arc. The Surface keyboard is wirelessly compatible up to 32 feet away from your device and is powered by Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 and three AAA batteries with a 12-month lifespan. The double-cushioned palm rest, which is covered in a mixture of polyester and polyurethane, is strong and stain-resistant when you’re sitting in front of the computer.

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4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

  • The split keyset design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position
  • Natural Arc key layout mimics the curved shape of the fingertips
  • This keyboard features Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology

Microsoft’s Sculpt for Windows laptops is regarded as the industry’s greatest ergonomic keyboard and a standout option for all-day comfort. Compared to the straight-on approach preferred by most keyboards, the split keyboard design immediately aids in putting your wrists into a more natural position. Your wrists will remain at a more comfortable angle all day thanks to the domed shape, which also helps to eliminate the discomforts associated with other models.

In addition to its split design, the natural arc keys provide a more natural look and feel that mimics the curvature of your fingertips. This enhances overall comfort and eases stress on your hands and wrists. A cushioned palm rest that helps your wrists to unwind and creates a perfectly natural feeling from your fingertips to your wrists completes its ergonomic design. You can put a separate number pad next to the Sculpt keyboard in any position that is most comfortable for you.

5. Logitech K350.

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Logitech K350

  • The curved layout guides hands into just the right position
  •  Cushioned palm rest makes work easier and fun more fun
  •  This feature gives you up to three years of battery life
  • The tiny Unifying receiver stays in your notebook

Anyone searching for a straightforward wireless keyboard with an ergonomic design may choose the Logitech K350. You won’t have to spend much time relearning how to type because this keyboard is one piece. Long-term typing is much more pleasant thanks to the wave shape that each key has, which seamlessly transitions from one to the next.

For increased comfort, the keyboard also has a padded wrist rest and movable legs. The universal wireless receiver is perfect for computers with limited USB ports since it enables you to connect a mouse and even additional keyboards without the use of additional USB dongles.

The Logitech K350 is powered by two AAA batteries, which it may use for up to three years before needing to be replaced. The keyboard has special media keys for streaming movies and music, as well as completely programmable F-keys to speed up workflow.

6. MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard

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MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard

  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for 60 hours of continuous operation or 30 days of standby
  •  The classic and elegant leather design is durable and scratch-resistant

The MoKo keyboard’s size alone might probably make it the most portable item on this list, given how small and svelte it is. However, things appear even better when you take into account that this ergonomic keyboard is foldable.

When stowed in your bag, the gadget device, which weighs only 6.2 ounces and measures 6.2 x 4 inches, and has an incredible thickness of barely half an inch, seems more like a Kindle than a full-sized keyboard. It utilizes Bluetooth connectivity and is organized into two main portions to enable the ergonomic two-hand experience.

The 110 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery charges in around two hours and provides up to 30 days of standby time and 40 hours of continuous typing. This keyboard will last for a while because the manufacturer guarantees it will last for roughly 3 million keystrokes. This simple device’s automatic power on and off function completes the list of cool functions it has to offer.

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7. Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue

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Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue

  • The split-adjustable design allows the Freestyle2 to adjust to your body (standard 9″ separation)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, Linux & Android
  • Low force, tactile key switches
  • Compatible Accessories: Palm Supports, VIP3 and V3 Lifters for tenting, and Numeric keypad

The Kinesis Freestyle2 blue wireless ergonomic keyboard, which has a plethora of Apple-specific keyboard shortcuts including cut, copy, paste, and undo, is the only option for users of Apple computers. A single Kinesis battery charge should last approximately 300 hours, or six months when connected to your Apple device through Bluetooth 3.0.

You’ll notice right away that the negative slope design requires less wrist extension to press each key. The Bluetooth-based capability allows a total of three devices to be synced at once and is available with three separate channels. The dock shortcut, advanced controls for multimedia playing, and volume control are additional buttons.

8. ErgoDox EZ Ergonomic Keyboard

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ErgoDox EZ Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Plenty of unmarked keycaps
  • Mini-USB connector on the keyboard side
  •  Available in a wide variety of Cherry Mx and Kailh switches

It can be impossible to predict how an ergonomic keyboard will affect your comfort and pain management until you use it for a while, which is a problem with many of them, especially when purchasing them online. ErgoDox has the remedy if it has previously been a concern for you: an adaptable, modular keyboard that you may experiment with over time.

The keyboard has a fully split design for maximum spacing, mechanical Cherry MX Brown switches, and printed keycaps made of ABS plastic. This helps your shoulders and posture when working all day. Additionally, the keys are arranged in a straight line to reduce stress on your fingertips, and the additional wrist support keeps you holding the keyboard at the proper angle throughout the day.

Speaking of angles, the ErgoDox EZ Ergonomic Keyboard’s adjustable stand is one of its nicest features. You may experiment with different angles and configurations to discover the one that feels most comfortable for you. The two-year guarantee gives you some protection if something goes wrong while you’re experimenting, even though the keyboard may be among the most expensive ones available.

9. KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB

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KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB

  • 16.8M color per-key RGB Backlighting with 10 customizable effects like wave
  • The detachable Palm Supports now include all-new thick cushioned palm pads for even more comfort

Whether you play video games professionally or just for fun, it can damage your hands and wrists. With the exception of the most strenuous gaming sessions, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge keyboard is intended to keep you comfortable. Two distinct halves of this keyboard can be arranged in numerous ways to make it feel more natural.

You can utilize the left half of the keyboard as a gamepad by itself to free up space for a larger mouse, a microphone, or other tools you might require. The keyboard’s two parts can be separated by up to 20 inches for better typing comfort and to make room for extra accessories.

For durability and a clicky, tactile response, the keyboard has Cherry MX Blue switches. With more than 16.8 million color possibilities and 10 different effects, each of the 95 keys can be individually backlit. Up to nine separate user profiles can be kept in the keyboard’s internal 4MB memory, and they can also be remapped instantly using Kensis’ SmartSet program. You don’t need to bother about downloading additional drivers or software because this keyboard has plug-and-play capabilities for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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How effective are ergonomic keyboards?

Although they can lessen strain for some users, they are not a universal fix for preventing wrist issues. If you experience chronic typing pain, consult your doctor before purchasing an ergonomic keyboard. You should also always check out an ergonomic design before purchasing it. It’s a good investment if it relieves your wrist pain. Another choice to consider is using a wrist rest with a conventional keyboard if you haven’t already done so.

How can I pick a keyboard that is comfortable to use?

It’s crucial to seek a keyboard that has strong, responsive keys that feel pleasant when you type in addition to experimenting with ergonomic designs to see whether they physically assist. For instance, membrane keyboards might be more resistant to spills and dust, but their mushy keys might not be the most comfortable to use.

Based on assessments of how well they truly work and how they can ease discomfort, we chose our keyboards. Additionally, they work well with an ergonomic mouse. Consider adding a wrist pad to your workplace arrangement, such as Razer’s Wrist Rest, if your ergonomic keyboard doesn’t already have one to help reduce wrist strain.

Especially if you’re not used to the placement of the keys on a split design, you might wish to consider a keyboard with adjustable keyboard backlighting if you’re working in environments with dimmer ambient lighting. Also, if you’re purchasing an ergonomic keyboard, make sure to assess your entire workspace.

Is your monitor at the right height for where you want to put the keyboard? If it’s too low, think about buying monitor risers to raise it or mounting your display to a movable stand. Additionally, a standing desk might aid with workplace ergonomics.

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What characteristics distinguish a good ergonomic keyboard?

Along with grips to keep the keyboard firmly in place on your desk, good ergonomic keyboards offer tilting options that can be adjusted (including reverse tilting to help your wrists reach a more natural position), as well as optional wrist pads for the front of the keyboard. Easy key replacement and key mapping are also excellent features. Although fully mechanical switches on mechanical keyboards make them popular, not everyone prefers them. The keyboard we prefer includes shallow keys that are easy to reach, which will eventually lessen wrist pain from typing. If your job requires one, numeric keyboards are also crucial.

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