Eric Hartter: Is He Really The Biological Father Of Eminem’s Adopted Child Stevie Laine?

Eric Hartter is a tattoo artist and a drug addict who is best known for his relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott. She is Eminem’s former wife.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he is Whitney Scott Mathers‘ biological father. However, due to his addiction, he was unable to raise a family.

Eric was sentenced to prison for narcotics trafficking. As a result, when Whitney was born, Eric was on a list of wanted offenders. That’s why he was always on the run.

Eric Hartter

Early Life

Eric Hartter was born in the United States of America. His exact date of birth, however, remains unknown to the media. He was only well-known when his relationship with Eminem’s ex-wife was revealed.

Eric’s mother’s name is Marie Hartter, but his father’s name is unknown. His family has yet to be revealed in any detail. Despite the fact that his family was respectable, a lack of fundamental needs fulfillment and the incorrect firm led him down the tragic path.

Eric Hartter is of mixed race and possesses dual citizenship in the United States. According to rumors, he is in his late 40s and stands 5’10 tall.

Eric’s body was discovered in an abandoned house on August 22, 2019. They believe the fatality was caused by a narcotic overdose. The cremation, according to Eric’s mother, took place on September 11, 2019.

Whitney (Stevie Laine) stated in an interview that she believed Eminem was her biological father. She didn’t know Eric, however, until she received a letter alerting her that he was her biological father. Debbie Nelson, her grandma, was then confronted.

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Eric Hartter was a tattoo artist, as previously stated. As you can see in all of his images strewn around the internet, his work was evident all over his flesh. However, like much other information concerning Eric Hartter, the motives for his tattoos or even his work choice are mostly unknown. He is also said to have tattoed Whitney Scott Mathers’ face on the shoulder of artist Eminem.

Eric used to work as a tattoo artist and ran a drug cartel. The authorities discovered drugs in his possession after investigating his home. He’s never carried out his responsibilities as Whitney’s father. Eric’s drug history and criminal convictions have made him a disgrace.

Eric Hartter Rose to Fame as Stevie Laine’s Father

After it was found that Eric Hartter was the biological father of Stevie Laine, Eminem’s adoptive daughter, he became a media phenomenon. His daughter was born to him by Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim Mathers.

Before their divorce in 2001, Kim Mathers was married to Eminem. She began dating Eric Hartter a few months after they split, and they welcomed their daughter a year later. Eric, on the other hand, never saw his daughter because he was not present during her delivery.

Eric and Kim’s romance was short-lived, as it terminated the same year they gave birth to their daughter. Kim returned to her ex-husband Eminem, who legally adopted Stevie Laine and nurtured her as his own daughter.

Why Did Eric Hartter Not Get Custody Of His Daughter?

Eric attempted to reclaim custody of their daughter after Kim returned to Eminem with her. He was unsuccessful, however, because he was unable to suit Kim in court as a result of his involvement in narcotics trafficking. Despite his futile attempts to reach his daughter, Eric was not allowed to meet her at any time since he was considered a dangerous parent.

Steve Laine

Stevie Laine was born on April 16, 2002, in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and spent her childhood in Michigan. After Scott and Eminem reconciled in 2005, Eminem adopted Stevie. Stevie was born under the sign of Aries. She grew up with her half-siblings in the rapper’s home.


How Stevie Laine Get Know About Her Biological Father Eric Hartter

Eric and his daughter Stevie Laine did not have any sort of interaction. He never surrendered his rights as her biological father, therefore he was not actively involved in Eminem’s adoption of her. Because of his criminal history, drug addiction, and many arrests, the adoption was only possible.

Marie Hartter, Eric’s mother, sued Eminem in 2005 for preventing her from seeing her granddaughter. Stevie remained with Eminem and grew up with his other children, thus nothing came of the lawsuit.

Stevie had always assumed that the rapper was her real father until she heard the word of his death in 2019. Stevie reacted to the news with a TikTok video in which she appeared to address Eminem, asking if he was her biological father. Later, the video was removed from the platform.

Stevie Laine Came Out as Non-Binary

On the 12th of August, 2021. Whitney Scott Mathers declared herself non-binary in a series of Instagram and TikTok posts. She prefers to be addressed with the word “they” now. As a result, they cut their hair short and choose an eccentric fashion style. Since they made the announcement, their family and social media followers have shown their support.

“Watch me become more comfortable with myself,” and “forever growing and changing,” says a TikTok video, which also depicts their metamorphosis over time. In several posts, they used the hashtags #genderfluid, #bi, and #nonbinary

Viewer comments beneath the video are overwhelmingly supportive, with stories supporting Stevie’s journey or respectfully questioning their decision to change their pronouns.

“I’m really interested why you chose Stevie! Could you maybe explain/team me.” The teen responded to the comment by explaining why she changed their name to Stevie.

“I spent so long trying to pick a name I felt comfortable with and the first time I felt comfortable with is Stevie!!” ‘Yes,’ said the 19-year-old.

Eminem’s biological daughter with Scott, Hailie Jade, has loved the newly posted TikTok video.

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Kimberly Scott, Eric Hartter’s Baby Mama, and Stevie Laine’s Mother

Kathleen Lou Doherty gave birth to Kimberly Anne Scott on January 9, 1975. Dawn Scott, her twin sister, was her twin sister. Dawn and Kimberly never met their biological father. The twins were born in Warren, Michigan, in the United States. The girls were raised by their remarried mother, whose alcoholic stepfather, Casimer Sluck, was a violent drunk. The girls ran away from home as a result of the dreadful household situation. Apart from her domestic issues, little is known about Kimberly Anne Scott’s early life. Kimberly Anne Scott attended Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her twin sister Dawn Scott.

Kimberly Ann Scott, often known as Kim Mathers, rose to celebrity in the late 1990s after spending over a decade with musician Eminem. The two seemed to be a perfect match, or so they believed! Despite their affection for one another, the two were known to get into a lot of lovers’ quarrels.

After welcoming their first and only child, Hailie Mathers, in 1995, the couple decided to make their relationship official and married in 1999. Although things were going well for a while, the two ran into some rough waters and broke their relationship only two years later.

According to Kim, the basis for the breakup was a fake cheating accusation that resulted in assault charges. According to the Daily Mail, Eminem went up to the bar where Kim was and fired an unloaded gun at a man named John Guerra.

According to the publication, he was “sentenced to two years’ probation and barred from carrying a gun or any other weapon, as well as ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution for his crime and a $2,500 fine.”

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“My husband came up to Hot Rocks to check up on me,” Kim wrote to the Detroit Free Press, according to Ranker. “Why is still unknown to me because if I was to cheat on him, it wouldn’t be in a neighborhood bar where he knows I am. Had he asked any questions before he flew off the handle, he would have realized that everyone with me were only friends. The fact that he just jumped to conclusions has gotten him and myself in trouble.I would also like to state, since my husband has had no problem trying to make me look like an unfaithful wife, that every time I find a picture of him with other women, or read in magazines that he’s involved with “groupies,” I don’t go and show up where he is making a huge scene and getting our faces put all over the TV and papers. I have always taken his word on things and stood by his side.”

Kim and Eminem went through a lot of ups and downs, including a second marriage and divorce in the same year, 2006.

Kim Mathers has since discovered a love for creating children’s books and has made a successful profession out of it. Despite their difficulties, the two maintain touch, primarily for the sake of their daughter. After all of that, here are some lesser-known facts about Eminem’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Mathers.

Kim has overcome a variety of challenges in her life, including drug and alcohol misuse, which has led her down a dark path. Kim was most recently reported to have attempted suicide in July 2021 and was subsequently admitted to a hospital for assessment.

Kim appears to be keeping a low profile following her hospitalization in the summer of 2021, which is understandable. While there hasn’t been much information released regarding Kim’s health since then, hopefully, no news is good news and she is doing better these days. Eminem, on the other hand, is still going strong.

What Happened to Eric Hartter?

Eric Hartter was discovered dead in an abandoned house in Detriot, Michigan on August 22, 2019. An autopsy revealed that cocaine and fentanyl breakdown products were present in his blood, implying that a drug overdose was the likely cause of his death. On September 11, 2019, his mother burned his body.

Eric had struggled with drug addiction and had been arrested by the police several times for theft prior to his death. He was arrested a second time after being caught with illicit narcotics such as fentanyl and methamphetamine while in jail. He was sentenced to 153 days in prison and 24 months on probation.



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