Exton Elias Downey: About His Early Life, Parents

Exton Elias Downey is a celebrity kid whose parents are well-known. Downey is the son of executive producer Susan Downey and renowned American actor Robert Downey Jr. He is the senior sibling of Avri Roel Downey. He is too young to begin a career. He could, however, develop into a successful adult who looks and acts exactly like his parents.

exton elias downey

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Early Life

He is 10 years old in 2022. In California’s Los Angeles on February 7, 2012, he was born. The birth of Exton occurred at 7:24 in the morning, according to Celebsubrb. When he was born, he weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. He is Robert Downey’s first child with Susan Nicole Downey,

About His Parents

susan downey robert downey jr

Six years after their wedding, his parents welcomed him home. In a Jewish ceremony, Robert and Susan were wed in 2005. Susan and Robert first crossed paths in 2003 while producing the movie “Gothika.”

His younger sister was born in November 2014. Named Avri Roel Downey, she is. Deborah Falconer and Robert Downey Jr., his father, were previously wed. Half-brother Exton exists. Indio Falconer Downey is the name of his older brother.

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Interesting Facts About Exton Elias Downey And Family

exton elias downey jr

In the film “Avengers: Endgame,” directed by the Russo Brothers, a sequence was based on Exton and his brothers. I love you, 3000 is how Tony Stark, played by Robert, addressed his on-screen daughter Morgan in the film.

Elliott A. and Rosanne T. Levin are Exton’s maternal grandparents. Elsie Ford and Robert Downey Sr. are his paternal grandparents. Exton only has one paternal aunt, Allyson Downey.

His great uncle was remembered when Exton was given his name. The son of a wealthy couple lives in a $3,800,000 home in Los Angeles and has an opulent lifestyle. Additionally, his parents own a vacation property in the Hamptons.

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About Exton’s Father: Robert Downey Jr

robert downey jr

Robert Downey, Jr. was born in New York City on April 4, 1965. Robert Downey Sr., a writer, actor, and director is his father. Elsie Ann Downey, his mother, is an actress who has been in several of her husband’s movies. Allyson, Downey Jr.’s elder sister, is a woman. They were a Greenwich Village-based family. When Downey Jr. was six years old, his drug-addicted father gave him his first taste of marijuana.

After his parents separated in 1987, Downey and his father relocated to California. At the same time as Downey, Dean Cain, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Holly Robinson-Peete, Rob Lowe, and Holly Robinson-Peete attended Santa Monica High School. In order to pursue a career in acting, Downey returned to New York City after dropping out of high school in 1982.

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His Career

Before joining the new, younger ensemble of “Saturday Night Live” in the middle of the 1980s, Downey played a variety of theatrical roles alongside Joan Cusack, Nora Dunn, Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Randy Quaid, Terry Sweeney, and Danita Vance. The “SNL” season from 1985 to 1986 received dismal ratings, and all of the new cast members hired in 1985 were let go. Downey Jr. as a bully in John Hughes’ 1985 film “Weird Science

He portrayed drug-addicted privileged youngster Julian Wells in “Less Than Zero” in 1987. From then, he went on to star in “Chances Are” in 1989, “Air America” in 1990, and “Soapdish” in 1991 alongside Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg, and Kevin Kline. He played Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film “Chaplin.” For his performance in “Chaplin,” he received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

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Drug Problems

When Robert Downey’s drug abuse spiraled out of hand, his career suffered. He was detained several times between 1996 and 2001 on drug-related allegations. At various times, he was discovered to be in possession of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. He participated in several drug rehabilitation programs, but he always relapsed. He pulled over while driving too quickly on Sunset Boulevard in April 1996. He was discovered to be in possession of a.357 Magnum firearm, heroin, and cocaine. He was detained. When Robert Downey was released from prison a month later, he proceeded to sleep in one of his neighbor’s beds after breaking into his neighbor’s home while under the influence of something.

He received a three-year probationary period and had to submit to drug testing. In 1997, he failed one of the court-mandated drug tests and was sentenced to six months in the L.A. County Jail. He failed a second drug test two years later, which resulted in another arrest. He received a three-year prison term this time in the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison. He was qualified for early release after spending almost a year at the substance abuse treatment center and posting $5,000 bail.

He joined the cast of “Ally McBeal” one week following his release from prison. For the part, he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film. Downey was detained over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2000 while inebriated and in possession of cocaine and Valium. An LAPD officer discovered Downey roaming through Culver City without shoes in April 2001.

He was detained on the grounds that he could be using a controlled substance. Even though cocaine was found in his system, he was discharged a few hours later. He was let go from “Ally McBeal” following this arrest. He was placed on three years of probation and ordered back to drug rehab.

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Career Rebound

Once he had finally conquered his drug problems, Downey found it difficult to relaunch his career. Filmmakers were unwilling to pay the price that the insurance firms utilized by projects allocated to Downey, making him unhireable. The second half of Downey’s career was made possible by Mel Gibson, a friend of his since “Air America.” For “The Singing Detective,” he personally paid Downey’s insurance bond. Other directors were prepared to hire Downey again when he finished the movie smoothly.

He then received the part of a lifetime in 2007 when he was chosen to play Tony Stark in “Iron Man.” 2008’s spring saw the release of the first Iron Man movie. For his work in Iron Man, Downey received favorable reviews from critics. Additionally, he played Tony Stark in the “Iron Man” sequels from 2010 and 2013 as well as “The Incredible Hulk” from 2008. The Avengers from 2012, Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, Captain America: Civil War in 2016, Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, and Avengers: Endgame from 2019 are some examples.

Additionally, Robert Downey starred in the comedy Tropic Thunder, for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. When Downey was chosen to play Sherlock Holmes in the 2009 movie of the same name, he was cast as yet another well-known figure. In the 2011 film “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” he reprised his part as the renowned fictional detective, and he is set to reprise the role in a third movie, which is currently planned for release in late December 2021.

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About His Exton’s Mum: Susan Downey

susan downey

American film producer Susan Nicole Downey was born on November 6, 1973. She served as Joel Silver’s production business Silver Pictures’ executive vice president of production and co-president of Dark Castle Entertainment until February 2009. Robert Downey Jr. is married to Susan. Team Downey is the name of the couple’s new production company.

Her Early Life

Susan Levin was born in Schaumburg, Illinois, to Rosie and businessman Elliott Levin. At the age of 12, she developed an interest in the cinema industry. She was the 1991 valedictorian of her class at Schaumburg High School. She is a Jew.

Levin relocated to California with the goal of pursuing a career in film production. He attended the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and received his summa cum laude diploma.

She started her career at Threshold Entertainment, where she was responsible for the creation and production of films and television shows based on well-known characters. Along with the 22-episode TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest, which aired on TNT and in syndication, these include the motion pictures Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

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Her Career

Susan Downey held the twin positions of Executive Vice President of Production at Silver Pictures and Co-President of Dark Castle Entertainment. She started working with Silver Pictures in 1999, where she oversaw the creation of several films, including Thir13en Ghosts and Swordfish, that were distributed under both labels.

She co-produced the 2003 film Cradle 2 the Grave after co-producing Ghost Ship in 2002, which marked her debut in the industry. In the years that followed, Susan Downey produced the films Gothika and House of Wax in addition to serving as executive producer on the critically acclaimed comedy-thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Susan Downey went on to produce Guy Ritchie’s comedy RocknRolla, starring Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Idris Elba, Chris Bridges, and Jeremy Piven; Neil Jordan’s psychological drama The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard; the horror thriller Orphan, starring Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard; and the suspense thriller Whiteout, starring Kate Beckinsale.

She also served as executive producer on the post-apocalyptic drama The Book of Eli, directed by the Hughes brothers and starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.

Robert Downey Jr. visited Susan Downey’s office at Silver Pictures while she was working on the production of Guy Ritchie’s crime drama RocknRolla, learning about Ritchie’s plans for a new Sherlock Holmes movie. Susan set up a meeting with Ritchie at her husband’s request, and soon Robert Downey Jr. was cast as the lead in the movie. The Downeys worked together for the first time since 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and according to Robert Downey Jr., the couple really enjoyed it because they didn’t have to “miss each other” throughout the drawn-out production.

Over the 2009 Christmas holiday, Sherlock Holmes debuted to rave acclaim and a record-breaking box receipt. It was the couple’s most lucrative combined project to date, and Robert Downey Jr. won his first Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Golden Globe and third Golden Globe for the role. He began by thanking his wife in his humorous, self-deprecating acceptance speech: “First of all, I would like to thank Susan Downey for telling me that Matt Damon was going to win, ‘so don’t bother to prepare a speech.’ That was at about 10 AM.”

He went on to mention all the people he had promised not to thank (indirectly thanking them for the opportunity to appear in the movie), and he once more singled out his wife for praise: “I mean, I really don’t want to thank my wife, because I could be bussing tables at the Daily Grill right now if not for her.”

After the first Sherlock Holmes finished filming, Susan collaborated with the crew of Iron Man 2, Due Date, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, allowing the couple to work together once more.

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Her Personal Life

The 2003 thriller Gothika, starring Halle Berry and Susan Levin’s future husband, actor Robert Downey Jr., was her first full-credit producing gig. Levin admitted to James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio that while she thought Downey was “an amazing actor that we were lucky to have in our movie,” her first impression of him was that he was “weird.” Downey, who was divorcing his first wife, Deborah Falconer, has said that his most memorable memory of shooting Gothika was “romancing the producer.”

They started dating privately, but she declined his advances twice out of concern that their relationship wouldn’t endure until the end of filming since “he’s an actor; I have a real job.” In the fall of 2003, the pair finally made their relationship public.

On November 5, 2003, the night before her 30th birthday, Robert Downey proposed to Levin. the couple was wed in a Jewish ceremony in Amagansett, New York, on August 27, 2005. Exton Elias Downey, their first child, was born to her on February 7, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. Indio Falconer Downey, Robert’s first child from his first marriage, was born in September 1993, and Susan is his stepmother.

Robert Downey attributes the revitalization of his career to his wife, who also assisted him in quitting his previous drug and alcohol use, which he did in 2003. “The old saying is true behind every good man there’s an incredible woman. I owe a huge amount if not all of my success to Susan. We make a great team, and all that luck I spoke about, that’s Susan”.

Guy Ritchie, the filmmaker of Sherlock Holmes, sees the couple as “the best example of a symbiotic relationship I’ve ever seen. He’s a great yin and yang, which makes working with him a delight. Robert would be a pain in the ass if he didn’t have Susan to police him”. As a tribute to her, Downey has “Suzie Q” inked on one of his biceps.

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