Facebook Watch: All The Amazing Facts You Need To Know About It

There are a ton of on-demand video streaming options available right now. There are so many cable alternatives available, making it tough to choose just one, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you might not need to make a decision because the website has its own streaming service called Facebook Watch.

facebook watch

Users of Facebook can share their own videos with the community and access premium content for free through the video-on-demand service known as Facebook Watch. Throwing virtual get-togethers with your Facebook pals is another feature of Facebook Watch.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is integrated into the main Facebook website, and it is accessible via the Facebook app on mobile platforms and streaming devices. It is accessible from the Watch tab, which is situated alongside the Marketplace and Messenger sections.

Facebook Watch isn’t a cable substitute. Because it excludes live television from networks or cable channels, it is more comparable to YouTube than YouTube TV. It also shares many similarities with Instagram TV, the platform that Instagram launched to compete with YouTube in the user-generated content market.

Users’ content and professionally created content that Facebook has paid for to be produced are both presents on Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch is similar to YouTube Premium in that it offers both standard YouTube videos and paid-for original programming.

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Use of Facebook Watch

You need a Facebook account to use Facebook Watch, and that is the sole prerequisite. All Facebook Watch material is accessible on the regular Facebook website; you don’t need to download or install any additional apps. Follow the instructions below to begin streaming content on Facebook Watch.

  • Log into your Facebook account and launch the app on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Choose Watch from the menu at the top of the screen if you’re using Facebook on a desktop.
  • When using the Facebook mobile app, tap the three horizontal lines to reveal the menu, then tap Videos on Watch.
  • Choose a movie or television program to watch.

How to Use Facebook Watch’s Content Search

facebook watch

Similar to YouTube, Facebook Watch is structured. Instead of channels, there are numerous content producers who each have a page containing videos on Facebook Watch. Additionally, Facebook Watch features a number of its own Originals and series, each of which will have a page with information about the program, user reviews, and episode counts. Here is how to use Facebook Watch and locate material to stream.

Utilize the search box

Utilizing the search bar is the quickest way to find a video on Facebook Watch. On the Facebook Watch home page, it is in the upper-left corner. You may check to see if a video or show is available on Facebook Watch by typing its name into the search field.

View Facebook Watch’s Popular Picks

The Facebook View Top Picks can be browsed if you don’t know the name of a certain show or film you wish to watch. These are videos that Facebook has hand-picked for you based on your preferences, interests, and historical viewing habits as well as your location.

Utilize the Facebook Watch Menu

You can utilize the Facebook Watch menu to hunt for the particular kind of video material you’re looking for. You can choose to search for shows or live streams of sporting events in the top left corner of your screen.
Facebook Watch also has a section featuring gaming-related videos.

It resembles gaming live feeds on Twitch or YouTube. Go to the Facebook menu at the top of the screen and choose Gaming to locate live game streaming or previously recorded game videos. then take part in one of the live streams or watch the remaining streamers’ footage.

On your Watch List

You can add your favorite video material to your Watchlist on Facebook Watch so that you can access it later. You’ll notice that all the pages you follow are already listed in your Watchlist when you first choose it. They are always movable within your Watchlist.

Choose Follow or Save Video on the video’s page if you want to add it to your Watchlist. The film will then show up in your lists of recently added and saved videos, allowing you to easily retrieve it later.

Facebook Watch: Does it Feature Commercials or Pay Creators?

Audience Network and Ad Break are the two main methods by that creators on Facebook Watch can make money from their videos. These two approaches both entail adding advertisements or quick commercials into videos. If you watch a video on Facebook Watch and the creator has made money off of it, you will have to sit through advertisements.

  • The audience network is intended for more established publishers and developers of apps and video games. In addition to movies, it may be used to display advertisements from Facebook advertisers in games, applications, websites, and Facebook Instant Articles
  • Ad Break is aimed mostly at content producers that post videos to Facebook Watch. Your Facebook page must meet a number of criteria, including a minimum number of fans and a minimum number of minutes seen per video over a predetermined period of time, in order to be eligible to monetize your videos with Ad Break.

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One may upload to Facebook Watch, right?

Facebook allows anyone to upload movies, but not all of them are shown on Facebook Watch. You must upload your videos using a Facebook Page and not a Facebook profile or group if you want them to appear on Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch and YouTube and Instagram TV are comparable in some ways, but you can’t just join Facebook, make a Page for your program, and then expect your videos to appear on the service. The following advice will help your films appear on Facebook Watch:

  • Create a Facebook Page: You must create a Facebook Page if you don’t already have one. Even if you give the page your name, this is not the same as your own account. The more fans you engage with on Facebook Watch and the more followers your page has, the more likely it is that Facebook Watch will pick up your show.
  • Avoid over-promotion: Avoid posting films that serve as outright advertising for your company or its goods. Your videos can be about the same subject as your business if your Facebook page promotes them, but they should be educational or amusing.
  • Produce videos with a professional appearance: While Facebook Watch videos won’t all be Emmy winners, they do need to be of a higher production caliber than the typical YouTube video.
  • Create a number of videos: Facebook Watch is more likely to feature your videos if you have a number of them prepared.

Facebook Watch Parties

By organizing a Facebook View Party, you may get a group of people to watch a single video or a whole watchlist of videos. In the Facebook Watch party window, there is a chat field where you may type to discuss what is happening in real-time while everyone is watching at the same moment thanks to the video’s synced timing.

Facebook Watch Together

Friends can view Facebook videos together over video chat in Messenger and Facebook Messenger Rooms, similar to a Watch Party. The Messenger and Messenger Rooms mobile apps for iOS and Android offer this capability.

Create a Messenger Room or make a video call in Messenger to use Watch Together. After that, choose Watch Together from the menu by swiping it up. Uploaded or TV & Movies are good places to start looking for videos. In accordance with your activity, Facebook also makes recommendations. Up to eight people can join a Messenger video call, while up to 50 people can gather in a Messenger room.

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Despite having a mixed reputation, Facebook Watch is still worth checking out since it is offered without any strings attached. Consider using one of these other streaming sites as an excellent YouTube substitute if you are adamantly opposed to the thought of spending more time on Facebook or if you don’t even have a Facebook account.

Do you currently use Facebook Watch? Is it better than other streaming services in your opinion, and why? In the comments box below, please share your Facebook Watch experiences.

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