Faith Evans Net Worth: Early Life, Age, Height, Weight

Faith Evans Net Worth

Faith Evans net worth

Faith Evans Net Worth is estimated at around $ 4 million. She is an R&B singer who has received a Grammy Award and is regarded as one of the best of all time, began performing when she was just two years old. She is among the most talented musicians and singers in the industry. Faith Evans is a hip-hop vocalist as well as one of the most gifted and skilled songwriters.

She endured all the horrible cruelty and lost her husband, rapper The Notorious B.I.G., who was mysteriously assassinated as a result of the numerous violent crimes that ravaged the hip-hop music business. She performed “I’ll Be Missing You” as a tribute to her killed husband, and it went on to become one of the most popular and bestselling songs of all time.

She has been quite successful in the field of record production and is one of the most successful in that regard. She has performed in a few films and supporting television parts as well as having a career as an actress. One of the top-selling books on The New York Times’ bestsellers list was her autobiographical book, “Keeping the Faith,” which is a collection of her writings.

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Faith Evans Age

Faith Evans, who was born on 10 June 1973, will be 49 years old on this day, 4 February 2023.

Early Life

Helene Evans, an African American professional vocalist, gave birth to Evans on June 10, 1973, in Lakeland, Florida.   Before Evans was born, her father Richard Swain, an English and maybe Italian-ancestry musician, left. Half a year later, 19-year-old Helene left Faith with her cousin Johnnie Mae and her husband Orvelt Kennedy in Newark, New Jersey. During the period that Faith stayed with them, they reared more than 100 foster children.

As her grandparents, Faith was familiar with Johnnie Mae and Orvelt Kennedy. Not until a few years later, when Helene’s career began to falter, did she attempt to bring Evans back to her native country? Helene relocated next door because Faith, on the other hand, was reluctant to leave what she had “been used to.”

Evans, who was raised in a Christian environment, started singing in church when he was two years old. She first attracted the attention of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newark members when she was four years old by singing “Let the Sunshine In” by The 5th Dimension.

She performed with various jazz ensembles while attending University High School in Newark, and Helene inspired her to participate in pageants, festivals, and competitions outside where people would hear and appreciate her voice. Evans studied business at Fordham University in New York City after graduating from high school in 1991 but quit a year later to give birth to daughter Chyna with music producer Kiyamma Griffin.

In 1993, she relocated to Los Angeles and started working for the singer Al B as a backup vocalist.  She met the musician Sean ” Puff Diddy” Combs there. She made Combs take notice, and he inked her as the first female singer to his Bad Boy Entertainment record label in 1994.

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Faith Evans Career

She released her debut album in 1995 under the Bad Boy Records imprint, titled “Faith.” “You Used to Love Me” and “Soon As I Get Home” were two of the album’s top hits. On the Grammy Award-winning hit “I’ll Be Missing You,” she collaborated with Puff Daddy in 1997. One of the all-time best-selling songs was the result of the song’s success.

She reached the top of the music charts with her second album, “Keep the Faith,” which was released in 1998. Faith, “Love Like This”, and “All Night Long” are a few of the tracks on the album. She appeared in Robert Adetuyi’s hip-hop drama movie “Turn It Up” from 2000. Only moderate success was had by the movie.

Her third album, Faithfully, was released in 2001 by the Bad Boy Records label. The album contained the hit song “I Love You”, which peaked at the top of the charts. Capitol Records published “The First Lady,” her fourth studio album, in 2005. The album received positive reviews from the majority of music critics and peaked at number one on the charts.

On October 25, 2005, the Capitol Records label released her Christmas album, “A Faithful Christmas.” The album contained two-holiday songs, White Christmas and Santa Baby. “The Evolution of Robin Thicke,” Robin Thicke’s second album, was published in 2007, and it featured her on the song “Got 2 Be Down.” The song did not do exceptionally well on the music charts.

The Prolific Music Group label her fifth studio album published in 2010. “Something About Faith” was the name of the album. They played the popular tune “Gone Already.” For the album “R&B Divas,” which was released in 2012, she gathered songs from different R&B artists. Seven of the album’s twelve tracks include her performance in total.

Chucky Thompson, Mike City, KeKe Wyatt, B.Slade, and Karen Clark Sheard of The Clark Sisters contributed to Evans’ sixth studio album, Incomparable, which she officially announced in August 2013. The album’s lead single, “I Deserve It,” was released on August 25, 2014, and reached a peak of number 19 on the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart.

It features Missy Elliott, a frequent collaborator, and her protégé Sharaya J. On November 24, 2014, Incomparable was released by Prolific Music Group and BMG Rights Management. It debuted at number 27 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and number 17 on the US Independent Albums chart.

Evans revealed in 2016 that she was working on a postmortem Notorious B.I.G. album called The King & I, which would include duets with her deceased husband. On May 19, 2017, the album was made public.

Faith Evans Personal Life

Faith Evans net worth

The daughter she had with music producer Kiyamma Griffin is known as Chyna. On August 4, 1994, she married the rapper Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. They had a baby together in 1997 who was given the name Christopher Wallace Jr. The year before his mysterious murder, 1997, she and Wallace were divorced.

With music business executive Todd Russaw, she gave birth to a son called Joshua in 1998. In 2007, the couple marriage and birth to their second child. She made a divorce petition in 2011. On July 17, 2018, she married producer Stevie J, who is also a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The duo put out “A Minute,” a well-liked single, on July 27, 2018.

Between 2015 and 2019, Evans-Jordan appeared frequently on episodes of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Leave It to Stevie with her then-friend Stevie J. Evans was taken into custody in May 2020 on charges of felony domestic violence against Stevie J. Later, the charges were dropped, and she was released on bail. In 2021, Stevie J filed for divorce.

The Controversy Between Faith Evans And Tupac

Faith Evans net worth

At the time of the claimed encounter, Faith Evans and The Notorious B.I.G. were wed. Before Biggie’s 1997 death, there were already rumors of a relationship between 2Pac and Evans. Even ‘Pac admitted as much in the ferocious Biggie diss hit “Hit Em Up” from 1996, where he raps, “You claim to be a player/But I fucked your wife.” However, Evans forbade any rumors about the purported tryst in her 2009 book Keep The Faith.

Faith Evans expanded on the subject in a 2014 interview with VladTV, when she also acknowledged that 2Pac had asked her for sex when she went to the recording studio to work on his 1996 All Eyez On Me track “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch.” She insisted that she was ignorant about 2Pac’s affiliation with Death Row, the record company at the center of the Bad Boy Entertainment feud, at the time.

“I went to the studio, I realized there were a bunch of Death Row people there, so kind of in my mind I started figuring it out right there,” she said. “I didn’t think that was a good look just because of the fact of the Suge and Puff situation.” “Even though I didn’t really know a lot of the details about what happened, but it was clear he took a jab at Puff at the Source Awards and stuff like that. But I was pretty oblivious to the things that had gone on prior to that, until probably a few years later.”

The suggestion, according to Evans, happened when she went to 2Pac’s hotel to pick up the $25,000 she was due for the collaboration. “(Tupac requested) in a very surprising and offensive way for sure,” she explained. “By that time it was pretty clear to me, it seemed to me that that was kind of like a plan. I kind of allowed myself to be played and allow myself to get into this situation, because this is totally not how I operate, that ain’t how I do business and that was never up for discussion as far as that being an exchange. That’s not what it was about.”

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Faith Evans Height And Weight

Faith Evans stands 1.68 meters tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

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