Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

The prominent names that constantly get dropped when we talk about powerful characters in anime are Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, and Luffy. To put it another way, it’s a boys’ club.

It’s all too easy to overlook the fact that there are plenty of equally toned ladies who could compete with the men of Dragon Ball and Naruto in the power rankings.

As a result, this list is devoted solely to anime’s most powerful female characters.

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10. BIG MOM (One Piece)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Big Mom is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates, Queen of Totto Land, and one of One Piece’s fabled four Emperors. Her official name is Charlotte Linlin, but you can nickname her Big Mom. Big Mom wants Totto Land to be a paradise, but she imposes a high tax on her subjects in order to do so.

She can manipulate any living or inanimate object by transferring a human soul into it and giving it life as a “Homie” with the Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit. The human loses some or all of their life force, which she utilizes to keep her subordinates under her control. Her best creations are Prometheus, the sun, Zeus, the thundercloud, and Napoleon, the bicorne, which she uses to regulate the weather.

9. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Attack on Titan is one of the few major shonen anime series in which the female characters are equally valuable, well-rounded, intricate, and powerful as the male characters. Mikasa Ackermann is a fearsome young lady who guards Eren and the people she cares about.

She is a terrifyingly tough child who grows up to be the world’s second-most proficient Scout, immediately behind her older relative, Levi. Mikasa is rarely hurt, has a high kill count, and is always willing to help people in need.

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8. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Misa Amane lacks both magical combat skills and battle experience. Instead, her passion, wittiness, and, of course, her Death Note give her power. Misa made a pact to gain the ability to see the name and lifetime of anybody she stares at with Shinigami Eyes.

This offers her an advantage over her opponents because she can write down anyone’s name just by looking at their face. Misa is included on this list because of the large number of individuals she has killed. And, aside from Light, she is the most lethal human being in the Death Note universe.

7. BOA HANCOCK (One Piece)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

The gorgeous Boa Hancock is definitely One Piece’s answer to Medusa, known as the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, and with the Love Love Devil Fruit’s power to manipulate people’s sentiments of desire to turn them to stone.

She’s also the Captain of the Kuja Pirates and one of the show’s Seven Warlords.
That’s not unexpected, given that she easily dispatched a slew of Pacifistas on her alone, whereas the entire Straw Hat crew had to train for two years to overcome just one. Boa Hancock is also skilled in two varieties of Haki, a peculiar spiritual force that only one in a million people can master.

6. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Erza is a Fairy Tail Guild S-Class Mage who is a member of Team Natsu. Swordsmanship, archery, and hand-to-hand fighting are her strong suits. Her endurance, reflexes, durability, strength, and intelligence are all exceptional. Erza is known for being the only sword Mage who can re-equip weapons and armor in the middle of a battle.

She has over 100 different armor to choose from during fighting. Erza may also utilize Telekenisis to control her swords remotely and send them to her adversaries, combining the skill with her competence in Sword Magic.

5. SETSUNO (Toriko)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Master Roshi demonstrates that the old are not to be trifled with in anime, and Toriko’s Setsuno demonstrates that the same is true for both genders. When we term “elderly,” we’re talking about someone who is over 500 years old in her case. Setsuno is one of the Gourmet Living Legends, a top-five chef in the world, according to his experience.

She’s a clever businesswoman who runs a company with over 1 million people, but that doesn’t stop her from getting her hands dirty when it comes to hunting high-level animals. Her most amazing ability is to microwave her opponents by heating the air around them. Setsuno’s very presence instills paralyzing terror, which is unsurprising.

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4. Akame ga Kill (Akame ga Kill)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Akame, the titular female heroine of Akame ga Kill, is the group Night Raid’s fiercest member. Her physical strength is practically superhuman, and she wields two masterful swords that make for lethal attacks.

Akame has the ability to slice through people like water. She moves faster than any human should be able to, annihilating her foes before they have a chance to retaliate.

3. KALE (Dragon Ball Super)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most Powerful

Kale is a pure-blooded Saiyan with a level of strength that no other female character in Dragon Ball Super can match. She can even defeat some of the show’s fiercest male characters. When she transforms into a Super Saiyan, she unleashes a more vicious side of herself.

Kale faces increasingly difficult opponents as she develops her more powerful Super Saiyan skills, and she even survives Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha. Even in his Super Saiyan God form, Kale was able to keep up with Goku.

2. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most PowerfulTatsumaki, the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero in the Hero Association, is one of One Punch Man’s godlike heroes. She is regarded as one of history’s most powerful heroes, and she is the most powerful esper.

Tatsumaki uses her powerful psychokinesis abilities to vanquish even the most dangerous foes. She can also hover and build magical barriers with these astounding abilities.

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1. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)

Female Characters in Anime: The 10 Most PowerfulKaguya Otsutsuki, the highest celestial being from the Naruto universe, was the very first chakra wielder and later became the Ten-Tails. Kaguya got extraordinary chakra and strength by eating the fruit of the God Tree. She has the ability to blend with nature and entirely control it, as well as fly and read people’s minds.

She has almost no weaknesses now that she wields the power of Ten-Tails. Kaguya built an army and governed the land by instilling terror in the people due to her enormous strength. This heavenly is tough to beat when it comes to powerful women in shonen anime.



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