15 Best Friendship Bracelet Patterns And How To Make Them

With the help of these free friendship bracelet patterns, you can create bracelets with zigzags, Chinese ladder knots, chevrons, braids, twists, and a variety of other patterns. There are patterns that are ideal for a beginner or child, while others are fantastic for someone who is a little more ambitious or who wants to construct a more sophisticated friendship bracelet.

Embroidery floss is typically used to make friendship bracelets, but you’ll discover a wide range of alternatives in these instructions, including bracelets fashioned from yarn, leather cord, fabric remnants, and other intriguing materials. They can be adorned in several ways with accessories like tassels and even rhinestones. You can make them quickly and easily, and before you know it, you’ll have an entire armful of them.

1. Sliding Knot Friendship Bracelet

friendship bracelet

Since it is simple to wear and comfy, the sliding knot bracelet is one of the most well-liked styles. The knot that secures this bracelet gives it its unique style. Multiple wrist sizes can easily be accommodated because the knot is adjustable.

Leather, elastic cord, and silk cord are just a few of the fabrics that can be used to make it, depending on your preferences. You can pick the colors you desire, and for a more elaborate look, you can even add jewelry. Two feet of rope are required. After shaping the bracelet around the center, tie the ideal sliding knot by following the instructions below.

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2. Wave Bracelet Pattern

friendship bracelet

If you want something unique, the wave pattern bracelet is a great option. It is done in two colors, and when made with embroidery floss, it works wonderfully. When finished, the bracelet will be about 15 cm long. Additionally meaningful, waves can convey your adoration for the sea. They may also stand for evolution, liberation, and movement. The wave design on a friendship bracelet can serve as a reminder that you will always have each other, despite any changes and difficulties you may encounter in life.

3. Multiple Friendship Bracelet Tutorials

friendship bracelet

There are three free friendship bracelets available here, including the diagonal and five-braid bracelets. These range in difficulty from the simplest to the most difficult, but there are numerous illustrations and instructions to help you out. Try one of these, or try them all. You can learn how to build a bracelet loop in one of the tutorials on this page, and you may use that technique with any of the patterns.

4. DIY Macrame Friendship Bracelet

friendship bracelet

Macrame is a type of knotting and textile-based method. Full-hitch and double half-hitches are two common square knots. This is a lovely method that can be used to construct a variety of items, including hanging artwork and friendship bracelets, and it can be done in a variety of thicknesses and colors.

You should use a rope with a thickness of 2 mm for your friendship bracelet. Three threads are required, one measuring 60 cm, one measuring 150 cm, and one measuring 30 cm for sliding knots. You can use the video tutorial below to make the ideal macrame bracelet, which has a 17.5 cm circumference.

5. Teardrop Loop Friendship Pattern

friendship bracelet

The teardrop loop creates an eye-catching impact and is a great foundation for a friendship bracelet. You must make the shape, which resembles an upside-down teardrop, using a pattern with an even amount of colored strings. You can find all the instructions for making the teardrop loop in the video below, along with some useful hints. Always cut the thread longer than you think you’ll need, for instance.

The strings will all be cut to the same length, with the exception of the one you want on the hoop, which will be longer. Take the longest piece after folding the strings in half, and keep it apart from the other pieces. The bracelet will then be fastened with it, allowing you to start designing your masterpiece.

6. T-Shirt Bracelets

friendship bracelet

Instead of using regular embroidery floss, this free friendship bracelet pattern calls for the usage of discarded T-shirts. The first step is to create a T-shirt yarn, which is a simple and quick process. The yarn is then used to wrap and weave around bracelet bangles. There is a free pattern available if you like this look to build a headband in the same way.

7. Diagonal Stripe Friendship Bracelet

friendship bracelet

With various color schemes, the diagonal stripe bracelet can have a distinctive appearance. Six strands in the fabric and colors of your choice are a good place to start. They should be about 91 centimeters long. Starting from left to right, cross one color over and beneath another color, then continue the process until all the colors are present in the first diagonal row. This bracelet is appealing since it just employs the forward knot, which is simpler for novices. According to the outcome you desire, you can add to the bracelet in the end according to the video below, which includes adding beads.

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8. Friendship Bracelet with Alphabet Beads

friendship bracelet

The bracelet can be made more distinctive by using beaded letters to spell out special words and names. Making a simple square-knot bracelet is straightforward, and you can play with the colors and the text you wish to spell. This can make a strong statement and is a wonderful present for a loved one or even for yourself. To make the bracelet and add the alphabet beads, follow the instructions in the video below.

To do this, cut two lengths of hemp cord measuring 60 cm each, fold the two cords in half, and tie an overhand knot to form a loop. The two center cords will next be secured with square knots once you have added the beads and tied square knots around them.

9. Dreamcatcher Friendship Bracelet

friendship bracelet

A dreamcatcher design is made to be in the middle of a bracelet. It is a stunning, complicated pattern that also has a symbolic purpose. A handwoven item with Native American heritage is a dreamcatcher. It is hanging over young children’s beds to shield them from unpleasant nightmares and harmful energy. You will need a keychain, your selected colors of embroidery floss or thread, and a needle to make the bracelet. To start making the dreamcatcher pattern, place the thread over the keyring.

10. Jelly Fish Bracelets

friendship bracelet

This lovely seven-strand bracelet is created using a jellyfish friendship bracelet pattern. There are instructions on how to make it using a paper wheel. When you see your dangling strands, you’ll understand why it’s named the jellyfish bracelet because of the unusual way it comes together. If you want to use your cutting machine to create your own wheel, there is also a free file supplied.

11. Friendship Bracelets for Grown-Ups

friendship bracelet

You may use this friendship bracelet template to create bracelets that are as narrow or as wide as you like. You’ll learn how to build the bracelet first, then how to embellish it with rhinestones, a metal clasp, and an optional tassel. These factors elevate the bracelet, making it a fantastic option for adults and older teens.

12. Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet

friendship bracelet

Here is a friendship bracelet pattern for the Chinese Ladder, also known as the Chinese Staircase, which uses just one straightforward knot to produce an intriguing twisted design. To create a more colorful look, you can make this with as many various colors of thread as you wish. This pattern may appear challenging, but it’s actually rather simple and perfect for a beginner bracelet maker.

13. Arrowhead Bracelet Pattern

friendship bracelet

For those looking for a colorful, intricate bracelet, the Arrowhead pattern is a great option. The video below will walk you through every step of making an Arrowhead Diamond Macrame bracelet with embroidery thread. The pattern is complicated. While you are free to use your favorite colors, contrasting tones will produce the best effects by making the design stand out.

14. Two-Tone Hearts Friendship Bracelet

friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are an excellent way to honor the connection you have with your closest friends. The two-tone heart bracelet is one of the nicest types among many others. It is a two-color pattern with chevrons as its foundation. You can pick the two colors you like most, but traditional hues like pink, red, and white are excellent options because they frequently connote love. You can use a craft cord, which is affordable and simple to find, to make this bracelet. You will require four pieces, two of each color, and choose which color you want to be the background.

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15. Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern

friendship bracelet

The friendship bracelet with the chevron pattern is a really cute choice because you can use different colors creatively. To make the bracelet, you’ll need at least six strands of string, possibly more depending on the thickness you choose. They may appear difficult to build and have an impressive finish, but they are actually rather simple to produce and something you can master with a little practice. To perfect the chevron bracelet with a teardrop loop.

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