Gerard Depardieu Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life

Gerard Depardieu Net Worth

Gerard Marcel Xavier Depardieu is a French and Russian award-winning actor who has starred in several movies. Depardieu is known for his roles in The Last Metro, Jean de Florette, and Cyrano de Bergerac. For an actor, Gerard Depardieu’s net worth is quite high, and he has invested this money in several assets.

Gerard Depardieu net worth of $200 million. Added to this are his buildings, ships, yachts, cars, private jet, and vineyard. This makes Gerard Depardieu one of the richest French actors.

Depardieu is also a filmmaker and businessman. He presently lives with his wife and father’s four children.

Gerard Depardieu

Depardieu’s Bio And Career Beginnings

On 27 December 1948, Gerard Depardieu was born in Chateauroux, Indre in France. He was among the five children of Rene Maxime Lionel Depardieu and Jeanne Joseph. His father worked as a metalworker and firefighter.

Depardieu grew up with his five siblings in poverty. They lived in a two-room apartment in Chateauroux. At 13, he left school and spent most of his time on the streets. He also helped his mother with making deliveries for his younger brothers and sisters.

Depardieu was a stammerer, which made him unable to read. In his struggle to live on the streets, he was involved in crimes like theft and smuggling of goods like cigarettes and alcohol.

He also played bodyguard to prostitutes who came from Paris on weekends to see the GI on his payday. The authorities later caught and prosecuted him for his illicit actions. 

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Gerard Depardieu’s Success In The Industry

At 16, Depardieu left Chateauroux and moved to Paris. While there, he found a career and livelihood in acting in a comedy theatre known as Cafe de la Gare. He acted with Patrick Dewaere, Sotha, Miou-Miou and Romain Bouteille.

Soon, he combined his acting with dancing. He learned to dance with Jean-Laurent Cochet as a teacher.

Depardieu’s role as Jean-Claude in the comedy by Bertrand Blier titled Les Valseuses brought him to the limelight. With this exciting well-played character, he began gaining attention. He played more roles in other films after his breakthrough.

Some movies he featured in around this time include Maitresse (1975), 1900 (1970), and The Last Metro, which won his first Cesar Award for Best Actor. He went worldwide with his role in Jean de Florette in 1986. 

As he played more roles, he became more recognized and continuously won several awards. These films include Green Card in 1991 which got him the Golden Globe Award. He also starred in Hamlet, The Life of Pi, and the Asterix films.

Gerard Depardieu

Personal Life

Reports have it that Depardieu and his son – Guillaume did not have a good relationship though they reconciled. Guillaume was supposedly rebellious. He got into a motorcycle accident that had led to the amputation of his leg. He eventually died of pneumonia after suffering from drug addiction.

On 28 January 1992, Depardieu separated from his wife, Elisabeth Guignot, and entered a relationship with model Karine Silla. Karine Silla bore him a daughter – Roxanne. He divorced Guignot in 1996 and entered a relationship with a partner, actress Carole Bouquet.

Depardieu began living with Clementine Igou in 2005 to date. He is now converted to Eastern Orthodoxy.

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Health and controversies

He was in a motorcycle or scooter accident at least seven times in his lifetime. On May 18, 1998, he had a motorcycle accident, driving drunk. He had to take forty days off work as prescribed.

That same year, a car hit him in Paris as he rode his scooter. He also got into another minor accident. On both occasions, he had taken too much alcohol.

Depardieu got involved in several controversies. He once received allegations of urinating in a bottle in a plane. However, many believed he had an issue with his prostate gland. In 2012, there were accusations of him punching a motorist, which led to charges of assault. 

Depardieu had sparked reactions by making silly remarks about Russian-Ukrainian politics. This led to his shows being banned from TV and cinema in Ukraine during the summer of 2015.

In 2018, a 22-year-old actress and dancer accused him of sexual assault, which happened twice during rehearsal sessions. Depardieu denied these allegations and after a nine-month investigation, it was dropped.

French authorities charged him with rape in December 2020 stemming from the earlier case. Again, Depardieu rejected these allegations through his lawyer. 

He presently lives in Nechin, where he had been living since 7 December 2012.

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