Gianna Michaels Real Name, Career, Awards & Personal Life

Gianna Michaels is a pornographic actress from the United States who is recognized for her curvy body. The artist has completed more than 500 pieces as of 2019. From 2004 until 2015, Michaels was a regular in videos. With so much fame and success in the adult movie industry, fans are eager to know; is Gianna Michaels her real name?

Gianna Michael’s real name is Terah Wicker and she was born in Seattle, Washington. She hasn’t spoken about why she changed her name and adopted something else.

 As of this month, Gianna has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Stick around to find out more about Gianna Michael’s personal and professional life, including why she changed her real name.

Gianna always wanted to be on the big screens

Gianna michaels real name

Gianna Michaels was born in Seattle, Washington, on 6 June 1983. She is of Hispanic ancestry on her mother’s side. The actress was always passionate about acting and aspired to be a Hollywood actress. After dropping out of school due to lack of interest, she moved to Southern California with her boyfriend who was from the area. 

Once there, she started working as a receptionist at a hamburger restaurant named Dick’s Drive-in, a hamburger restaurant in Seattle. At the time, several talent scouts approached her about the possibility of becoming a model in the future. Although initially reluctant, she accepted the offer as soon as she realized the amount of money she was likely to make.

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Gianna Michaels Personal life

Michaels has managed to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, focusing solely on her work as an adult film actress.

Gianna Michaels career as an XXX model

Gianna michaels real name

Gianna Michaels began her job as a receptionist at Dick’s Drive-in, a Seattle hamburger joint. Many talent scouts approached her at the time, hoping to land her a modeling contract. She was apprehensive at first, but after learning how much money she could make as a model, she accepted the offer. 

Michaels began modeling for nude photoshoots, which added to her fortune. She starred in her first pornographic film in 2005, and her looks and abilities earned her a large fan base. Over the next few years, she appeared on nearly every major pornographic website, as well as over 80 XXX DVDs. Her fame grew, and she began to receive numerous international offers.

The famous pornstar starred alongside Ashlynn Brooke in the mainstream horror film “Piranha 3D” in 2010. She eventually left the pornographic profession and began focusing on her website. Michaels created her “GiannaXXX” website in 2012, where she posts her movies and images. She also did a few live cam shows for the site’s premium members.

Awards and Achievements

Gianna Michaels 1 1200x1200 1

In her remarkable career, Gianna Michaels has received numerous awards and honors. She received the AVN Award for Best Scene, the FICEB Ninfa Award for Most Original Sex Sequences, and the XRCO Award for Best On-Screen Chemistry in 2007. 

She was voted Unsung Starlet of the Year the following year and received the AVN Award for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production the following year. In 2009, Michaels was nominated for the VOD Awards, and in 2011, he was nominated for the Urban X Award.

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Gianna Michaels Net worth

Gianna Michaels has a net worth of more than $5 million as of November 2021. She has amassed such wealth as a result of her successful career as an adult film actor. 

Michaels has appeared in almost 200 pornographic videos with all of the major adult film studios. Her videos have been seen and downloaded in excess of 10 million times. 

She also makes a lot of money from her website “GiannaXXX,” where she provides content for the site’s premium subscribers. 

Furthermore, she makes money from brand endorsements, collaborations, sponsorships, and promotions, among other things.

Why did Gianna Michaels change her real name?

While she hasn’t spoken about why she change the real name, it’s possibly one of the many reasons pornstars and celebrities, in general, do it. Gianna Michaels may have changed her real name based on her agents’ recommendations to adopt something that’s easy to remember. 

Or she may have changed her real name to keep her personal life from her career. If the latter is the case, then the name change served its purpose as no one knows about her family, friends, and relationships.

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