Goldust: Fascinating Facts About Dustin Rhodes

American professional wrestler Dustin Patrick Runnels, better known by his ring as “Goldust,” presently competes on the WWE program “Monday Night Raw.” In 1990, against Paul Diamond, Runnels made his “WWE” (then “World Wrestling Federation,” or “WWF”) debut.

He has more than 27 years of professional wrestling and business promotion expertise, making him the longest-tenured “WWE” performer at the moment. He competed in “WWE” after overcoming Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and the World Wrestling Championship (WCW).

In his career as a wrestler, Goldust has won 20 titles, including the “WWE Intercontinental Championship,” the “WWE World Tag Team Championship,” the “WCW United States Heavyweight Championship,” and the “WWE Hardcore Championship.” Goldust is well-known in the “WWE” universe for his flamboyant persona and the distinctive golden-yellow paint on his face.

He has competed under a variety of ring names, including “Gold Dustin,” “Dustin Runnels,” “Dustin Rhodes,” and “Black Reign.” He has also imitated wrestlers and celebrities in the past, including “Chynadust,” “Dust Lovedust,” “Dustydust,” “Hunterdust,” “Sabledust,” and “Vaderdust.” Goldust declared his participation in the “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match” at “WrestleMania 34” on April 2, 2018, in an episode of “Raw.” The same night, he was defeated by “Woken” Matt Hardy.


Early Life

On April 11, 1969, Dustin Patrick Runnels was born in Austin, Texas. His father was Virgil Runnels, better known in “WWE” as Dusty Rhodes, “The American Dream.” A few years after being enshrined in the “WWE Hall of Fame,” his father passed away in 2015.

Cody Rhodes, his half-brother, is a professional wrestler for the “WWE” and is currently known as “The American Nightmare” in the “Ring of Honor.” His sister, Kristin Runnels Ditto, formerly cheered for the Dallas Cowboys.

On September 13, 1988, Goldust competed in his first match for the Tampa-based “Championship Wrestling from Florida” (CWF). On May 23, 1989, he won the “Florida Heavyweight Championship” by defeating Bob Cook in his professional wrestling debut.

He began competing for the “WCW” in December 1988 as “Dustin Rhodes.” He won his first singles match against Trent Knight before moving on to “All Japan Pro Wrestling” (AJPW). In March 1989, he made his AJPW debut as “Dusty Rhodes Jr.” Later that year, in mid-1989, he switched to the “United States Wrestling Association” (USWA).

He made his “WWF” debut as “Dustin Rhodes” in late 1990, and in the 1991 “Royal Rumble,” he paired up with his father. They were defeated by Virgil and Ted DiBiase in the contest.

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Goldust’s Career

He entered the “WCW” in February 1991 as “The Natural Dusty Rhodes” and faced off against Terrence Taylor and Larry Zbyzsko. On “WCW Saturday Night,” after defeating Terry Gordy and Steve Williams, he and his tag team partner Barry Windham also won the “WCW World Tag Team Championship.”

At the 18th “Clash of Champions,” Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas defeated them for the title. As the top challenger for the WCW Heavyweight Championship in January 1993, Goldust defeated his former partner Steamboat to claim the title of “United States Heavyweight Champion.” He repeatedly successfully defended his championship before losing to the previous champion Rick Rude. On August 28, 1993, though, he triumphed once more after beating Rude.

Steve Austin finally defeated him for the championship at “Starrcade.” Because he disobeyed company policy in the 1995 pay-per-view event “Uncensored,” he was sacked from “WCW.” In 1999, he made a comeback as “Seven,” a character who appeared on “WCW” as a face-painted individual outside a child’s bedroom.

Since “Seven” appeared to be kidnapping children, the gimmick was quickly abandoned. After that, he started competing as Dustin Rhodes, aka “The American Nightmare.” Before the “WWF” acquired “WCW” in 2001, he engaged in conflict with Terry Funk, Vince Russo, Ric Flair, and other people.

In August 1995, he made a comeback to the “WWF” as “Goldust,” a figure who infuriated his rivals with his seductive remarks and sexually heated emotions. During his promotional appearances, he sported a golden costume, gold and black face paint, and a platinum blonde wig on his head.

He appeared to be a drag queen and frequently touched his body while gently touching his opponent. At the “In Your House 4” pay-per-view on October 22, 1995, he defeated Marty Jannetty to win his debut bout. Additionally, he won “Bam Bam Bigelow’s” final bout at the Survivor Series competition. After defeating Razor Ramon in 1996, he also won the “Intercontinental Championship,” but Ahmed Johnson ultimately defeated him at “King of the Ring.”

He engaged in conflict as “Dustin Runnels” from 1997 to 1999 with Val Venis, Jeff Jarrett, Al Snow, The Blue Meanie, and The Hardy Boyz before quitting the business in May 1999.

He made a comeback as “Goldust” during the Royal Rumble on January 20, 2002, and attacked Rob Van Dam on “Raw,” turning heel. Rob Van Dam then defeated him in the match “No Way Out.” Later, he claimed nine victories in the “Hardcore Championship.”

Goldust and Booker T’s relationship on “Raw” grew popular after the “WWF” was rebranded as the “WWE.” At “Armageddon,” the pair claimed the “World Tag Team Championship,” but they later parted ways. His agreement was up in December 2003.

He also competed in wrestling on independent circuits from 2002 through 2008. During this period, he worked for TNA, AJPW, and One Pro Wrestling. In 2008, he returned to “Raw,” teamed up with Hornswoggle and defeated Festus and The Brian Kendrick. He was, however, transferred to “ECW.” Before “Raw” repurchased him in 2010, he faced off against Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Sheamus, and Sheamus.

Aksana will be Goldust’s rookie for the third season of “NXT,” it was shortly revealed. He eventually wed Aksana, only to have her smack him soon after their nuptials. The following Monday, while Goldust battled Ted DiBiase, Aksana not only left him but also stole the title belt from a contest. Goldust later came over the belt. After that, he got rid of her.

At the “Royal Rumble” on January 27, 2013, he made his fifth appearance in “WWE” and was defeated by his half-brother Cody Rhodes. After defeating “The Shield” with Cody, he captured his first “WWE” championship in eleven years.

Before losing it to The Miz and Damien Mizdow at the “Survivor Series,” they successfully defended the title numerous times. Cody, his half-brother, made his acting debut as the new character “Stardust,” who resembled Goldust in appearance.

In 2016, he occasionally teamed up with R-Truth to form the tag team “The Golden Truth.” At the “Money in the Bank” pre-show, they defeated Breezango to win their first match.

The conflict between their teams later subsided after Goldust defeated R-Truth on the “Raw” program on July 10. He faced off against famous wrestlers including Bray Wyatt, Finn Bálor, and John Cena in 2017 and made an appearance at the “Royal Rumble,” where he was defeated by Dolph Ziggler.

He revealed his participation in the “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match” at “WrestleMania 34” on the April 2 episode of “Raw.” But that evening, “Woken” Matt Hardy defeated him.

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Goldust’s Personal Life

Dakota Avery, a child from Goldust’s first marriage to Terri Boatright, is his only child. After six years of marriage, Terri and Goldust got a divorce on October 18, 1999. Afterward, he wed an unidentified woman.

It quickly became known that the subject was Milena Martelloni, whom he had married on December 18, 2002. In 2003, Goldust and Milena were divorced. Since June 22, 2012, Goldust has been wed to Ta-rel Marie Roche, his third wife.

Goldust And Ta-rel Marie Roche

Awards And Achievements

The “ACW Heavyweight Championship,” “WCW United States Heavyweight Championship” (twice), “WWF Intercontinental Championship” (three times), and “WWE Tag Team Championship” are just a few of the championships he has won in wrestling (). Among the top 500 singles wrestlers in the 1996 “PWI 500,” he came in at number 11. Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness, his autobiography, was released on December 14, 2010.

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Goldust’s Net Worth

The estimated $3 million value of Goldust’s net worth.

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