Grand Theft Auto V: Top 10 Best Missions

The story of Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best in the series, and these are some of the best missions from Rockstar Games‘ smash hit.

The development of the upcoming entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has sparked a lot of debate recently. While GTA VI is still years away from release, it is worth noting that the most recent installment is still alive and strong.

Grand Theft Auto V: Top 10 Best Missions

It broke several records shortly after its highly anticipated arrival, and it’s still all the rage in 2021.
The game is chock-full of intriguing missions and difficult tasks. Granted, some missions tried players’ patience more than once, but overall, GTA 5 is a fantastic game with a diverse set of objectives.

Although the game’s online mode has kept many gamers occupied, the game’s core story mode remains one of the greatest in the series. One feature of the primary story that stuck out was how amazing the story missions were, regardless of how easy they were at times.

Here are the top 10 best missions in Grand Theft Auto V:

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10. Caida Libre

GTA 5 shines with action movie scenarios like Caida Libre. Martin Madrazo, the Mexican Cartel commander, has a long list of responsibilities. The “Caida Libre” mission is one of them. He enlists the services of Michael and Trevor to assassinate his cousin Javier, who is traveling in from Mexico City to testify against Madrazo.

Players have the option of shooting down Javier’s approaching plane with a high-powered mounted sniper weapon. The game only gets better when the focus shifts to Trevor, who races after the crashing jet on a dirtbike to complete the goal, which involves an incredible in-mission jump.

9. Deep Inside

Vehicle warfare is rarely included in missions in Grand Theft Auto, so being handed the keys to a spike-dropping superspy Aston Martin is a wonderful treat. In this comical ode to cinematic magic, ejector seats, and chase scene antics, Rockstar indulges our James Bond dreams.

The scenario authors even came up with a logical reason for Franklin to don the iconic white Connery tux. The journey comes to a surprising end with a laugh-out-loud punchline centered on figuring out what the red button does.

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8. Three’s Company

The first mission in the main plot is to feature all three playable characters. The goal of the mission is to assist the FIB in stealing Ferdinand Kerimov, who the FIB thought was dead but is alive and being interrogated by the IAA.

This mission is great since each character has a unique function to play mission, and the player gets to see and interact with them all. Michael rappels down to grab Kerimov as Trevor pilots the chopper. Franklin, armed with a sniper rifle, is on standby as a backup.

7. The Third Way

The Third Way is the only one of the three options Franklin has at the end of GTA 5 that seems to fit his character, and it leads to the most satisfying conclusion. To remain ahead of the tides of adversaries, we had to switch players frequently during the big, desperate gun war against legions of thieves.

The campy GTA plot comes to a close with Michael, Franklin, and Trevor finding some peace in defeating their mutual enemy, and we’re free to explore Los Santos post-game with all three members of the old team intact.

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6. Blitz Play

The three characters are entrusted with robbing an armored truck loaded with monies for the IAA in another FIB mission. Michael opts for a blitz play strategy, in which they use a garbage truck to block the armored vehicle’s route just as it approaches.

Then, while the automobile is parked, they ram it with a tow truck to ruin it and collect the money. If the player succeeds, they will be forced to deal with a big shoot-out. The fun part is being able to choose which character to utilize during the combat, switching to a character in need of assistance on occasion.

5. The Merryweather Heist

This is the game’s second heist. Trevor also joins Franklin for the first time in GTA 5. This heist also allows you to complete the objective in both a quiet and a loud manner.

The quiet technique requires players to go into the ocean and locate a hidden device. If you pick the noisy method, your crew will have to attack Merryweather freight. However, both of these options result in a result. When choosing the silent option, the most intriguing element of this operation is diving into the ocean to look for the missing equipment.

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4. The Paleto Score

This mission will take place in Paleto Bay, a small village in Blaine County’s northwestern corner. The FIB will assign you this job, which asks you to raid the town’s central bank. As the mission’s protagonist, you’ll need to hire a gunman to help you pull off this theft with your squad. It’s not as simple as you may believe.
You must capture some hostages and begin looting money after entering the targeted bank. While you are looting money inside the bank, the cops will arrive.

You must capture some hostages and begin looting money after entering the targeted bank. While you are looting money inside the bank, the cops will arrive. Then comes the most difficult and exciting aspect of the mission: attempting to flee with the money. The cops will pursue and apprehend you with strong weapons. So you’ll have to drive while dodging rockets. Your team will escape by jumping onto a train after running through the Cluckin’ Bell factory.

3. The Jewel Store Job

The narrative mission in GTA 5 is the game’s first robbery. This entertaining heist will expose you to a variety of new and intriguing heist elements, such as crew member hiring and heist method selection. To begin, you must choose one of two approaches to conduct this crime.

To access the store if you choose the silent way, you must first knock down the security guards and personnel. After that, change your clothes and go into the store to make jewelry.

Players who take the noisy strategy, on the other hand, must use weapons to smash down the doors and access the gem store. You must exit the store before the alarm goes off after looting valuable jewelry. The most thrilling aspect of this heist is the escape. To escape on a bike, you’ll go into the sewers of Los Santos.

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2. The Bureau Raid

The main characters are asked to steal any records of Haines’ misdeeds from the FIB building by Steve Haines, the pompous FIB agent for whom Michael has been conducting jobs.

This is one of the game’s later heists, but it’s also one in which only Michael and Franklin are there, Trevor isn’t present because he’s unhappy with Michael.

There are two alternatives for this one as well. They penetrate as firemen after the explosion to obtain the files. All of them are supposed to take a helicopter to the top of the FIB building, parachute down, and steal the information.

1. The Big Score

This is one of the most entertaining and fruitful story missions in the GTA 5-story mission list. In this classic role-playing game, it’s the best and biggest theft. In addition, it is the game’s final theft. Last but not least, Rockstar delivered the goods. Your goal is to rob the Union Depository and steal $2.01 million in gold.

You can take either a loud or a subtle approach to this theft. Your group will grab the gold softly and covertly if you choose the quiet way. To steal the gold and flee to a car park, you’ll need two armored vehicles. You will escape in four customized Gauntlets after surviving a fierce shootout.

Alternatively, you can go for the loud approach. It’s more difficult than the silent method because you’ll be fighting more during this assignment. While Michael and Franklin must walk to the car park, Trevor will locate a helicopter to transport the $1 billion in gold to the railway and drop the gold crate onto the moving train.

More GTA 5 players select the loud strategy to complete this mission since it features more interesting action scenes. You will receive $20k for each robber after finishing this job.

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