Top 7 Highest Paid Female Volleyball Players In 2023

Volleyball is one of the most interesting and exciting games in the world. It can be played indoors or outdoors and it involves two teams with 6 players in each team. The teams are separated by a net and a ball is being played over the net to the opponent’s side with the aim of grounding the ball onto the floor.

Each team must ensure the resistance of the ball from their opponent by blocking and serving the ball back to the opponents. The players display their skills with passion, determination, and energy when playing.

The skills of volleyball include passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging, and serving. A player can either be positioned as an outside hitter, middle setter, middle blocker, serving expertise, and more.

Top 7 Highest Paid Female Volleyball Players In 2023

Volleyball can be played on the beach, indoors, or on a court. The game is played in all parts of the world but is most popular in European countries like the united state of America.

This article will discuss the female volleyball players who have placed themselves on the list of the highest-paid player in the world and how much they earn annually as volleyball players.

1. Morgan Beck 

Morgan Beck

Morgan Beck is also known as Morgan Miller, she is an American born professional volleyball player. She was born on the 30th of March, 1987 in California. Morgan has started playing volleyball as early as when she was in high school in California where she records 39 kills in a match, 544 kills in a season and 11 service aces in a match.

She also belonged to the volleyball team of the University of California during her stay in the university as a student. Morgan beck is a beach volleyball player and she started her career officially as a pro volleyball player in 1999 when she played for the saddleback volleyball club. She was among the team that secure the volleyball festival championship in 2003 and 2004.

She played for the United State girls youth national team and the United States women’s junior national team in 2003 and 2005 respectively. She has played for the national volleyball women team in the United State; she is also a member of the association of volleyball professionals pro. She is positioned as the middle or outer hitter.

Apart from modelling, she is also a model and she was among the 25 hottest athletes on the U.S Olympic team in 2012. She has also featured in various movies like how I met your mother, marry me, let’s get laid and others.

She got married in 2012 to Bode Miller who is one of the influential ski racers in America. She gave birth in 2015 to her first child who was named Edward Nash Skan and had another in 2016 named Emeline Grier. She lost Emeline in 2018 to swimming pool drowning and had another child in 2018. She has two stepsons from her husband’s ex-girlfriends.

She belongs to groups of women who support other women during their grieving time after the loss of a child, husband and relatives. This came after the loss of her child who died due to drowning in the swimming pool. She is a brand ambassador to Nike and her net worth is estimated to be $1 million with an annual salary of $440 thousand.

2. Kim Yeong Koung

Kim Yeong Koung

Kim is one of the top, richest, influential and highest-paid Asian volleyball players. The South Korean athlete was born on the 26th of February, 1988 in Ansan, South Korea. She is called volleyball empress by her fans. Kim was inspired by her elder sister who was also a volleyball player. She gained recognition due to her performance in her school’s team; this led to her inclusion into the national team in 2005. Kim is an outside hitter and was the captain of the South Korean team.

Her first international match was at the world grand champions’ cup where she was among the three top scorers of the game. She joined the Heungkuk life club and became champion of the Korean league. She has played for seven clubs during her career. She emerged as the first female of the Korean league to achieve a scoring and attack point of 2000 each. She is considered to be the best volleyball female player in Korea.

She has received several awards and nominations due to her skills and expertise in playing volleyball. Kim’s career is not all rosy as she suffered from various injuries during her career as she had four knee injuries between 2006 to 2009, tore her right meniscus in 2012, broke her toenails in 2014, had an abdominal injury in 2020 and others.

Kim is an advocate of sport and a healthy lifestyle among children. She has inspired so many children and youth to join a sport. She also has her YouTube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers where she airs her daily activities and plans.

She has featured in several T.V shows like strong heart, running man, I live alone, one victory and many more. Kim retired from the South Korean team in 2021. Her annual salary is $290 thousand and has a net worth of $ 1.9 million.

3. Tatiana Kosheleva

Tatiana Kosheleva

Tatiana sergeyevna kossheleva is a Russian player who was born on the 23rd of December,1988 in Minsk, Belarus. She is widely known as Tatiana or Tanya especially by her fans. The player played for the Russian women’s national team. She started her career in 2004 when she played for the Dynamo Moscow club.

She joined the Russian women volleyball team in 2007 and earned the world championship in 2010. She was also awarded the best spiker and most valuable player during the 2010 world championship and 2013 European championship respectively. She attended her first Olympic games in 2012. She has also played for other several clubs like Dynamo Moscow, Dynamo Kazan, Pallavolo Scandicci, Guangdong Evergrande, Lokomotiv Kaliningrad and others.

Tatiana is mostly positioned as the outside hitter; she has earned 162 caps and 2217points since she joined the national team. She is currently playing for Megabox Vallefoglia, a club she joined in 2021. She got married in 2011 to Fyodor Kuzin and her net worth is between $1 – 5 million. Tatiana is also one of the top paid volleyball players with annual earnings of $400 thousand. 

4. Jordan Quinn Larson

Jordan Quinn Larson

Jordan is an American professional player who was born on the 16th of October, 1986 in Nebraska, U.S.A. Jordan who is popularly called governor started playing volleyball in high school where she played at the USA Junior Olympics championship from 2003 to 2005. She got admitted into the University of Nebraska in 2005, and then she joined the college’s volleyball team. She bagged the freshman of the year award by the American volleyball coaches association and the Big 12 conference.

In 2009, she was admitted into the United States women’s national team where she won the gold medal in the 2014 world championship. She was named the most valuable player and best female indoor player in 2015. She is the first volleyball female player to win the FIVB world champions cup for three consecutive years. In 2021, she was selected to attend the Summer Olympics in Tokyo which she stated would be her last appearance in the Olympics as a player.

She is one of the oldest volleyball players in American history. She has played for various clubs which include Vaqueras de Bayamon, Dynamo Kazan, Eczacibasi V itrA and Shanghai in different countries like Russia, turkey, china and Puerto Rico. The volleyball player has won several awards for the clubs and she is positioned as the outside hitter. She was offered the role of an assistant coach by the longhorns coaching staff in January 2022 because of her historical career.

She is divorced from her first marriage and is currently remarried to David hunt who is the head coach of the Pepperdine men’s volleyball team. She loves travelling, farming and spending quality time with friends and family. She also enjoys other sports activities like basketball, football and softball. Jordan is one of the richest and most influential female volleyball players with a net worth of $1.7 million. 

5. Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Gamova

Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Gamova

Katerina gamova is one of the highest-paid players in volleyball. The female player was born on the 17th of October, 1980 in Russia. The Russian player started her career as early as 1996 when she participated in the European junior championship in turkey. She played with Dynamo Moscow and Fenerbahce Acibadem in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

She was part of the Russia team when they emerged as the world championship in 2010 and received a gold medal for her team in the FIVB club world championship the same year. She has played for several clubs which include dynamo Moscow, Dinamo Kazan,uralochka and others. She has received several awards which include, most valuable player, best opposite spiker, best scorer, best blocker and many others.

She was also recognized by the government by bagging the medal of order, merited master of sport and decorations of honour for services. After three decades of playing volleyball, Katerina retired in 2016 before the summer Olympics and she presently supervises the junior and youth of the Russian national team. She currently receives an annual salary of $ 1.4 million.

She got married in 2012 to Mikhail Mukasey who is a popular Russian cinematographer and producer.

6. Gabrielle Allyse  Reece

Gabrielle Allyse Reece

Gabriella is one of the richest female volleyball players in the world. The American professional player was born on the 6th of January, 1970 in California, United State. Gabrielle was able to secure a scholarship to the University of Florida where she studied communication and volleyball as a minor course.

She led the team in her school and also set a record by having 240 solo blocks and 747 total blocks. She started her professional career after her graduation from the University of Florida. She was appointed as the skilled leader from 1993 to 1996, she was named the offensive player of the year in 1995. She also tried to transit to golf but it was quite challenging for her and that led to her exit from the game.

Gabby also laid her hand on the modelling career and appeared on several magazines, covers, papers and more. She has featured in several movies like Gattaca, North Shore,8 simple rules and others. She has been invited as a guest on many shows, game videos and others. Gabrielle is also an excellent writer and a spokeswoman, she has written several books like my foot is too big for the glass slippers, tools of titans and others.

She enjoys advocating for women’s health and owns a food business with laird Hamilton. She partners with Simply Nutrilite to educate women on the importance of exercise and fitness.

Reece got married to laird Hamilton in 1997 and are both blessed with two children. She has worked with popular brands like Nike and presently has her podcast where different personalities are invited for discussions. Reece is a known member of the “Malibu Mob” which comprises friends and neighbours who are celebrities like John McGinley, John McEnroe, Chris Chelios and others. – Her net worth is $10 million with an annual salary of $ 1.1 million.


The game of Volleyball is yet to gain recognition and popularity among the top sports in the world. This is affecting the source of revenue generation among the players as they only have their salary as they get few endorsement deals from companies and organizations. Players of volleyball will be able to gain more salary and endorsement when the game gains enough popularity all over the world.

Some of these players also have a side career or hustle like acting, writing or producing movies. This has helped to increase their source of income. To achieve an increase in the annual earnings of volleyball players, there is a need to create more awareness about the game, especially among children.

The creation of awareness about volleyball among children will increase their love and aspiration for the game, thereby increasing the level of participation among children and youths.

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