11 Best Houseparty Apps

Users of the social Houseparty app may make virtual rooms, connect with online acquaintances, and unite to make some incredible audio and video chats.

houseparty app

Houseparty was very swiftly stopped, but fortunately, there are many options that will enable you to get together with your friends or family, have engaging conversations, and have fun right now.

The best Houseparty alternatives listed below will facilitate user connection without giving the impression that you are planning a formal gathering.

1. Discord For Houseparty App

houseparty app

Discord is a simple Houseparty replacement that can be downloaded and used in the browser. You may quickly form a group that can develop into a community depending on how many members you invite.

You can set up the group you create as an invite-only sort of group to keep it private among your actual friends and family. On the other hand, you can join open channels to talk to other players or random people.

Discord is fantastic since you can use it for both individual and group video calls. It will have excellent audio and visual quality because it is built on dependable technology.

You will experience low-latency calls as though you were in a physical room as opposed to a virtual one. Discord is also much more practical because it is simple to set up and can be used on a desktop or mobile devices.

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2. Facebook Messenger For Houseparty App

houseparty app

Despite the fact that Facebook Messenger is primarily used for talking, it also contains audio and video calling capabilities that shouldn’t be disregarded. Nowadays, almost everyone uses Facebook, so anyone with the Messenger application downloaded on their phone or computer can easily search and add friends and initiate an audio or video call.

Only a strong internet connection is needed to get the most out of Messenger calls because of how convenient and respectably good they are. A group call can accommodate up to 50 participants, which is more than adequate for a sizable number of friends or family.

Since practically everyone has Messenger loaded, at least on their smartphone, it is convenient to use because it is extremely compatible with almost any smart device. But have in mind that prior to joining the video call, everyone should have Messenger installed and configured.

3. Bunch For Houseparty App

houseparty app

Bunch is a similar software to Houseparty, but it has a different spin. Bunch offers you the option to play games while you’re on the call, allowing you to communicate with your loved ones using video conversations rather than just voice chats.

As a result, Bunch is a metaverse where you may move your character and play games while communicating verbally and visually with your friends or family. Bunch is fantastic because it seamlessly integrates video chatting with games, allowing you to play the game on any typical phone and yet see the person or persons you’re in a video chat with.

Even if you have no ideas for conversation subjects, if you don’t feel like playing games, you can browse the metaverse to see what is there.

4. Rave For Houseparty App

houseparty app

Why limit your video chats to talking and eye contact when you can watch anything together or play some music in the background? The software Rave is comparable to Houseparty in that it enables users to connect and congregate to watch movies and TV series on nearly any device. It works with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac computers.

You may not be able to video call each other, but you can converse via the internet in audio while watching the same movie or television program that is being broadcast concurrently on two screens. It goes without saying that anybody who wants to take part must download Rave onto their device, and everyone must have a subscription to the service you’re watching the movie on, like Netflix.

5. Google Duo For Houseparty App

houseparty app

You are quite likely to have at least a Gmail account as everyone uses Google for at least one of its services, and that is all you need to use Google Duo. With a high-quality standard and support for browsers, desktop computers, smartphones, and even smart displays, Google Duo is a free video call app.

Calls between you and friends and family members who already have Duo are possible. You can invite your friends and family if they don’t already have Duo, and they will join right away with minimal wait time. You may quickly name a group and include 32 individuals if you wish to hold group video conversations. This is more than enough to keep a whole family entertained.

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6. Airtime For Houseparty App

houseparty app

An app similar to Houseparty called Airtime has a few more flexible options. In addition to being able to speak with your loved ones in a group audio or video call, you can also search public groups for potential conversation partners. The best part is that groups are constantly online, so you can join at any time of day or night and have some fun. Groups are sorted by interests so you can always find something you’re into.

You may even start your own live room where people can meet to discuss topics, share ideas, and hang out with pals. Obviously, you may reserve a private room for yourself and your loved ones, but you can also come together and join other live rooms, which is also an option.

7. WhatsApp For Houseparty App

houseparty app

A safe messaging platform called WhatsApp was created for mobile devices to make efficient communication simpler. On a Mac or Windows computer, as well as an Android or iOS smart device, it has evolved into a practical program that you can download. You only need someone’s phone number to put up a call, and it supports both audio and video calls.

Only eight people can be added to a WhatsApp group call when it comes to group calls in general. But for the typical user, this usually suffices. However, if you’re talking about a typical WhatsApp group, you can add as many members as you like, but only eight of them can participate in a group call at once. Using WhatsApp also makes it possible to share documents and even take real-time images, which is a useful function.

8. Tiya For Houseparty App

houseparty app

One of the simplest apps to set up, TIYA is ready for you and your family or friends to hang out in just a few minutes. Anyone who downloads the TIYA app can make a private channel for their group of friends, and you can publish the URL so that other people can join. But in addition to simply chatting, hanging out, and video chatting, you can also play games with a single person or even meet new people.

As a result, even if none of your friends are online, you can still make new acquaintances with whom you can play games or just chat. Additionally, you can join debates, make friends, or ask questions and start your own discussions by joining various public groups based on various interests.

9. Amino For Houseparty App

houseparty app

The communities offered in the app are all dependent on your hobbies, making Amino more of a metaverse virtual environment where you can interact and socialize online. In order to start having fun, you and your friends can identify these groups and join them. However, you may also join them on your own to make online acquaintances who share your interests.

These communities provide chat, blogs, polls, and more, and they’re a great way to keep amused while expressing your ideas and engaging in conversation. The Amino app allows you to build your own community, which is even better because it will help you meet people that are extremely similar to you or have similar interests.

10. Hello Yo For Houseparty App

houseparty app

To provide a fun experience for everyone looking for a virtual hangout with friends and family, Hello Yo primarily focuses on audio chat. Using Hello Yo, you can set up a virtual space where you can hang out and communicate verbally. You can also engage in other activities that are already built into the program.

These pastimes include playing electronic games, singing along, and even having the option to run an online auction virtually. Despite the lack of video calls with this app, you may still make films and share them with your loved ones. You can also send voicemails, text messages, and pictures.

You can use the app to connect with new individuals and start hanging out with them in addition to hanging out with your existing group of pals. Another amazing thing about Hello Yo is that it works with both Android and iOS mobile devices and is also accessible for Huawei mobile devices.

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11. Fam For Houseparty App

houseparty app

Fam is a fantastic app for iOS and Mac users if you’re searching for something similar to Houseparty that you’d largely use with your family to stay in the loop.

Fam is made for families to create one group where you can plan activities and keep track of them, keeping everyone updated while also keeping in touch with each family member without having to send lengthy messages or discuss the same subject with everyone individually.

You can also make brief video or audio chats with everyone in your family group from a section of the program where you can exchange images, voice comments, and more.  This software is useful since it lets you set up an event so that everyone knows when you wish to call your family on voice or video. Even senior family members will be able to navigate the app with ease because it is so simple to use.

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