The Top 5 Hoverboard Models

It can be difficult to find the best hoverboards on the market. Hoverboards are two-wheeled, self-balancing platforms. Due to their smaller size, greater portability, and greater maneuverability, they are an excellent alternative to electric scooters.

Their usefulness has never been questioned. You can commute quickly and have a lot of fun using a hoverboard to get you where you’re going. When you get the hang of them, they’re quite controllable and maneuverable.

In addition, you never stray farther than a few inches from the ground, so even if you lose your balance, the distance you must fall isn’t great. However, we still advise wearing safety equipment like helmets.

Many hoverboards had battery problems when they first became popular. That’s a kind way of stating things started to burn. Fortunately, since then, safety regulations have been put in place to make hoverboards as safe as possible.

The UL2272 certification, in particular, ensures that the hoverboards are secure from the flaws of earlier models. Every hoverboard on our list complies with that standard.

It can be challenging to distinguish between different hoverboards because they all appear to be rather similar. There are numerous choices and pricing ranges to think about. Excellent examples from the field have been hand-picked for you.

1. Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard


A hoverboard that is safe to ride and can support a maximum weight of 180 pounds is this Beston Sports electric dual motor scooter. The hoverboard has self-balancing technology that makes it simple to learn to ride, and since it has a portable Bluetooth speaker, users can listen to music while they travel.

In addition to its non-slip foot pad and LED running lights, the hoverboard has other features that make it stand out and make maintaining balance much simpler. However, several people have voiced concerns over its battery.

Although the 6.5-inch wheels on this hoverboard provide a comfortable ride, they are not suitable for usage on all terrains. The hoverboard charges in four hours and can travel up to 7.45 miles on a single charge before needing to be recharged.

Additionally, it has received US certification under standard 2272 for safety. It is highlighted by the lights. Its non-slip footpads help with balance, and the battery charges in four hours. Pros: Features a battery with a four-hour charge time, bright LED running lights to make it stand out, and a non-slip foot pad for stability. Cons: The battery has been criticized for having flaws, according to complaints.

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2. Hoverstar HS2.0 Self-Balancing Hoverboard


Since it comes in more than 23 distinct chrome color finishes, the Hoverstar HS2.0 hoverboard will appeal to customers who wish to stand out and look unique. It features a 24-Volt battery and can support a maximum weight of 165 pounds.

The hoverboard can easily reach a high speed of up to 9 miles per hour and has a respectable 8-mile range. Additionally, the hoverboard sports LED headlights that light the route and LED running lights that turn on when in use. It is, regrettably, not made to survive difficult terrain.

This hoverboard’s build quality and battery life are both sufficient for it to function well for an extended amount of time. The hoverboard is easy to carry when the power runs out because it weighs a reasonable 14 pounds.

Customers can customize their hoverboards by selecting from more than twenty different colors. It can support a lot of weight and features running lights. Pros: There is a wide variety of skins and colors, a Significant 165-pound weight capacity, and Simple to ride. Cons: Unable to be used in rocky terrain.

 3. Lifeagle 6.5-inch Self-Balancing Hoverboard


With non-slip foot pads for extra stability and 6.5-inch wheels that are perfect for navigating different types of pavement, the Lieagle self-balancing scooter is a stylish hoverboard. Heavy riders should be able to use the hoverboard rather successfully because it can support a maximum weight of 200 pounds. Although some people might not appreciate the fact that its tires are not all-terrain, it is lightweight (just five pounds) and reasonably portable.

Since the hoverboard has a Bluetooth connection and a built-in wireless speaker, users can choose to listen to music while they move around. Additionally, it has two motors with a combined output of 300 Watts, allowing it to accelerate to a maximum safe speed of 7.5 MPH. It is a good option because of this and how simple it is to ride, especially for novices. Since it has a safe top speed and lets you listen to music while riding, it’s a great choice for novices. Pros: Very safe maximum speed makes it perfect for novices. Has footpads that won’t slip for extra stability, and Bluetooth capability for music playback. Cons: Not all-terrain tires are used.


The distinction is deservedly awarded to our top all-terrain entry. The Gyroor Warrior hoverboard is equipped to handle any environment and is every bit the warrior. The hoverboard’s all-aluminum and metal construction, 8.5-inch wheels, and 700W motors enable it to easily climb 30-degree inclines. It even boasts an IP54 designation for water resistance, a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

This hoverboard weighs 33 pounds, so you might not want to carry it about in the supplied bag because all that durability takes a toll. The maximum range of this board is reduced to 7.5–9.5 miles, with a top speed of slightly under 10 mph, due to stronger motors and a hefty frame.

This board should only be taken into consideration if you’re seriously considering off-roading or you live in a mountainous place like San Francisco. It takes 90–120 minutes to fully charge, which isn’t awful. Otherwise, there are superior alternatives available.

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Razor is a well-known brand when it comes to electric scooters, so its inclusion on this list was unavoidable. A swappable battery is a fantastic feature of the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 that is underappreciated in this industry.

The self-contained battery pack on this board can be replaced with an ostensibly pricey replacement battery. But for commuters, the thought of running out of power and returning to the road in a matter of seconds rather than minutes is highly enticing.

Keep a backup battery and charger with you at all times, and simply swap them out to get home. Recharge the following day, then do it again! Also noteworthy is the fact that this board is made for kids as young as 8 years old.

Before using the board publicly, novice riders can practice controlling it in the training and normal modes. The 300W motors on this board are built for a silent ride, which can be just as vital as speed despite the fact that it only has a top speed of 7 miles per hour, which is on the slower side.

How to Choose a Hoverboard

Battery Life:

As a mode of personal transportation, hoverboards are only as useful as far as they can carry you. While recharge times are crucial, transportation’s utility is severely restricted if it can’t get you from point A to point B. Here, swappable batteries are extremely popular.


There are many different types of hoverboards available, and not every board is the same. A hoverboard must, in the first place, be UL 2272 certified for safety. Specifically, UL 2272 addresses certifications for electrical and fire safety. When it comes to fire safety, hoverboards didn’t have the ideal start, so having this certification is essential.

Bluetooth speakers: It’s convenient to have access to music while you’re on the go. But because you’re driving, it’s crucial to pay attention to your surroundings. You cannot hear anything around you when using headphones. Using a Bluetooth speaker enables you to listen to audio pleasure while being environmentally conscious.

Max Speed:

Additionally, a bigger rider’s hoverboard will typically have a faster top speed and more power available. Many adult hoverboards are made for both entertaining “last mile” commuting and utilitarian transportation. They might have a more potent motor or multiple motors, and they might be able to go at a top speed of more than 20 mph.

The fastest hoverboard models have a top speed of 30+ mph on flat terrain. However, the allowed top speed for hoverboards, electric skateboards, and other electric scooters in most US cities is 20 or 25 mph.


These self-balancing scooters typically feature two motors, one in each wheel hub. Since brushless DC motors are among the most effective electric motors that can be purchased in a realistic price range, these are typically the motors used.

The power ratings of heavy-duty electric hoverboards range from 500 Watts and up to 1000 Watts in some high-performance models, often attained with a 250 Watt motor in each wheel. A 700-Watt motor frequently strikes a decent balance between power consumption and acceleration.

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Battery Source:

Lithium-ion battery packs are almost universally included in hoverboards designed for larger riders. Typically, these outweigh the hoverboard batteries for children. Most batteries come in 36-Volt and 48-Volt capacities, while some go as high as 60 Volts.

Intelligent battery controllers keep an eye on the charge and manage output. Some may allow for regenerative braking, which increases the battery’s charge when you slow down or ride downhill. Some may also include smart battery management with some built-in cooling capacity.

Models with higher weight restrictions frequently offer advanced modes with unrestricted top speeds because they are made for more experienced riders. Some of them can go up to 20 mph. Adult heavy-duty hoverboards are classified legally as electric skateboards and tiny electric scooters in the majority of US states.

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