11 Tips on How To Make Hoodies Soft Again Without Ruining It

How To Make Hoodies Soft Again

How To Make Hoodies Soft Again

We’ve probably been in such a situation where you discovered a super-soft and fluffy sweatshirt. Just about everything feels incredible, and you simply must have it.

However, once you’ve bought it and washed it, it does not feel nearly as lovely as it appeared in the store. Maybe you’ve cleaned and used it a few times and realized that it’s starting to lose the tenderness that drew you in the first place. In any case, losing the fluffiness of a favorite sweater has never been nice.

We’ve got great news, there seem to be precautions you can take to prevent this from occurring. 

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Tips on How To Make Hoodies Soft Again Without Ruining It

While all textiles change with use and washing, appropriately maintaining your fleece hoodie can help to reduce damage and preserve the quality of your clothes. Continue reading to learn how to maintain the softness of your favourite hoodie.

1. Use the Right Detergent

It’s easy to be distracted while walking down the laundry department at your local store. There are a plethora of cleaners available. There are numerous brands, formulations, and smells to choose from.

The list might go on. Many people choose their products simply based on price or scent, but this isn’t always the greatest option.

You should use mild laundry detergent to maintain your beloved hoodie and lengthen its life. You should also follow the owner’s manual when using the detergent.

2. Remove Stains the Right Way

Stains are an unfortunate necessity, no matter how smart you are. If you need to remove stains from your shirt, make sure you do so correctly. The majority of stain removers are strong and might harm the cloth while cleaning the stain. Take into account using organic stain-removal methods instead of dangerous chemicals to clean your beloved hoodie. They’re far gentler on your hoodie, and many of them outperform more costly stain removers.

3. Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Isn’t it true that using fabric softener is a terrific technique to keep your sweatshirt soft? Regrettably, the answer is no.

Fabric softeners tend to accumulate on clothes, making them feel less soft. They can also harm the characteristics of sweatshirt materials, therefore it’s best to avoid them.

4. Flip Your Hoodie to The Other Side Before Washing

Before you decide to was your hoodie, make sure you flip it to the other side. This is important to maintain the outside of the garment from damages incurred by the washing machine.

When washing zip-up hoodies, make sure they are completely closed. This protects the zipper from snagging in the washer. For crewneck sweater hoodies with drawstring hoods, you may want to take into account tying the string. It will not become knotted or pulled out if you do this.

5. Add a Little Vinegar

We recommend that you wash your dark-colored hoodie with a bit of vinegar in addition to the gentle detergent you normally use. Vinegar prevents dark colors from bleeding, ensuring that the colors remain intact at all times.

Although vinegar has a nasty odor, the good news is that it will dissipate throughout the rinse. Vinegar is a naturally occurring textile softener.

We are confident that the customized hoodie you have bought will last you a lifetime if you follow the above-mentioned guidelines. A little care and prudence are essential to maintain your favorite hoodie hanging proudly in your closet.

6. Wash Your Hoodie With Cold Water

Coldwater can be used to wash every item of fabric. If you still clean your hoodies in warm water, you should switch to a different wash cycle. Coldwater is required to keep your hoodies bright and shiny at all times.

7. Make Sure To Wash Hoodie with similar items

Hoodies should be washed with similar things to keep them in good condition. They should not be laundered in the same machine as jeans or heavier jackets, since this may cause damage.

Sweatshirts should not be washed in the same machine as towels or other high-lint products. Fleece draws lint, which can cause a scratchy, unpleasant feeling when it accumulates. To avoid stains, wash your favourite sweatshirt with other items that are similar in colour.

8. Make Use Of a Garment Bag

To even further prevent your hoodie from brushing against all other clothing in the washing machine, use a garment bag.

A garment bag is a mesh-based elastic bag that is lightweight. It’s meant to let detergent run through into the netting to wash the clothing simultaneously keeping it apart from other items in the wash.

9. Run an Extra Rinse Cycle

Usually, we are all about water conservation. However, one extra washing cycle is required to preserve your beloved sweater.

Adding a second rinse cycle to your sweatpants guarantees that all traces of detergent are gone. You can only get a supple hoodie if you thoroughly rinse out the detergent from it.

10. Skip the Dryer

Putting your hoodie in the dryer with a few dryer sheets may appear to be a wonderful method to keep it soft, but it can cause huge problems.

Because air-drying is kinder on the fleece fabric, it is a much better alternative. It keeps the fleece supply without the use of harsh chemicals like those found in dryer sheets.

11. Check Instructions

Carefully read the brand’s washing instructions to see if you should avoid using the washing machine completely or if it needs to be dry cleaned, for example.

Your hoodie will stay soft, fade-free, and last a long time if you wash it in cold water, use a light detergent, and air dry it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Hoodie Stiff?

Soap or fabric softener residue might create stiffness. Wash the clothes without using a fabric softener and let them air dry to see if soap or detergent residue is the issue. If the fabric remains stiff after drying normally, the issue is soap or detergent residue.

How do you break in a hoodie?

The first step is to pick all the clothes you need softened and put them into the washer. Then, in the washing machine, combine 1/4 cup washing soda with 2 cups salt, as well as a cap of detergent. This aids in the breakdown of the garment and gives it that desired old look.

Does fabric softener soften fabric?

Laundry chemicals like fabric softeners, whether liquid, powder, or dryer sheets, have been made with lubricating solutions that assist coat and softening fibres in your textiles when applied to your laundry load.

Can you alter a hoodie?

The hoodie is a trendy fashion item that may be specifically tailored. Hoodies, like any other piece of apparel, may need to be altered if they are too big. Small tweaks to a sweatshirt include taking in the stitches and shrinking the hood to make it more suitable and more snugly on your head.

Should hoodies be tight or loose?

It must be useful, comfy, and not bulge like a kangaroo pocket around your stomach. To get the best out of your hoodie, make sure it is snug and not tight so it can keep its shape instead of drooping. As a general rule, it should sit securely where all the ribbing is, which is around the waist and hips.”

Can you Unshrink clothes?

It applies to all of us, and there is no way to “unshrink” clothing. The good news is that you get to lengthen your hoodie back to how it was initially by just relaxing them. This is simple to perform with water and baby shampoo for most fabrics. Put the clothes on after it has been washed and dried to regain a firm fit.


Although it’s tough to maintain your favourite hoodie feeling new indefinitely, there are certain things you could do to have it soft for years.

You may keep the fluffiness of your sweatshirt and relish its toasty warmth for several winters to come by having to wash and care for it adequately.

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