3 Methods on How To Print On Hoodies At Home 2023

The hoodie is known to give warmth, protection and beauty to an individual. Printed hoodie tends to bring out the beauty more, it also shows one sense of stylishness. A printed hoodie can also be used to pass information, message and depict who a person is.

Arts, images, symbols and words can be printed on a hoodie. The printed hoodie can also be worn as a uniform and it’s most common among athletes and students.

A hoodie can be customized either from the company on-demand or at home by yourself. Printing on hoodies at home helps to save cost and time.

How to Print on Hoodies at Home 

There are various method of printing on hoodie at home. These methods are simple and fun to do. The materials used in printing are cheap and easy to get in nearby stores and markets.

The following are the various ways of applying prints on hoodies:

1. Iron on Transfer Paper

This is one of the simplest ways of printing on hoodie at home. It allows you to print complex designs without stress.

 It involves the use of three materials which are: Transfer paper, Printer and Iron. The steps involved in printing include

i. Select your design 

This could be pictures, logos, symbols, words, and many others. Designs can be sourced from your phone or the internet. Ensure to use a clear and bold image. You can send your image to the printer through USB,WiFi from your phone or computer.

ii. Print on the iron-on Transfer Paper

After selecting your graphic design, upload the transfer paper into the printer. The amazing thing is that any type of inkjet printer can be used in printing on your hoodie.

Once your paper is set in the printer, then you can print out your design. Once the paper is out, cut out your design carefully from the paper.

iii. Iron your design on the Hoodie

Lay your hoodie flat on the ironing table, ensure it is properly straightened and not overstretched. Iron the hoodie first to prevent a wrinkled design. Gently place your print on the desired area.

Place another piece of paper on top of it then start ironing your print. Firmly place your iron on the paper for about 20 seconds, lift and continuously repeat the process for about 3 – 4 minutes. This is to allow complete and efficient transfer and bonding of the designs on your hoodie. 

iv. Peel off the transfer Paper

After the complete transfer is done, allow the print to cool for 2 – 3 minutes before gently peeling the transfer paper off.

2. Screen Printing on the Hoodie

Screen printing is also a fun way to print on the hoodie and it requires basic techniques to get it done. Materials needed include a screen painting frame, acrylic ink, stencil, printing medium, squeegee, stapler, pencil.

The following involves steps to printing on your hoodie. The easiest method of screen printing is making use of a stencil to extract desired design.

i. Select your design

Select your desired design which could be in numbers, words, logo and others. It is always advisable to select a one colour picture especially if you are not skilled in screen printing.

ii. Print your design or stencil

A stencil can be made  by drawing arts,logos,objects or any other design  on a paper. This stage is very crucial and it can also be printed from a printer. Carefully cut out the areas you wish to fill up with ink.

iii. Get your screen printing frame

You can get your frame in stores or make it by yourself if you desire. The frame can be produced using a wood or metal frame with mesh attached to it. Construct the frame according to the size of your design.

Get a fine mesh that’s best suitable for your designs, silk and polyester mesh are the most preferable. To make your own mesh you can staple about 90 -110 mesh together. The more the mesh the clearer your design.

iv. Attach the mesh to the frame

Attach the mesh to the frame by laying the mesh flat and tight on the frame to prevent wobbling of the screen. Staple them together using a staple gun cut the mesh not attached and   tape the mesh to the frame.

v. Print your designs

Place your mesh on the design or stencil. Firmly force ink through the mesh. This should be done backward to avoid getting a mirror image.  Lift the frame up to remove your stencil. Firmly place your stencil on the hoodie and avoid shifting once it is fixed. 

Screen printing can also be achieved through the photo emulsion method.this method also involves the use of a mesh, frame, emulsion paint, squeezer

The steps involved include

  • Make a screen frame and mesh, staple the mesh to the frame. You can either use silk or polyester for your mesh.
  • Spread the emulsion on the screen frame using a squeegee. place the screen in a dark room. Keep the screen in a dark room until exposure happens
  • Dry the screen; this can be done by allowing the emulsion to evaporate naturally 
  • Print your designs from any printer of your choice. You can make use of an inkjet transparency film.
  • Expose the screen to brightness. Limit the brightness by using a light box or bulb. You can use a 150-watt bulb on the screen for about 40 – 50 minutes
  • Take out the screen to hose down the paint with water and leave the outlined design
  • Allow the screen to dry
  • Lower the screen onto the hoodie and paint across the hoodie. Lift the screen to reveal the beautiful design. Leave to dry and iron for about 4 – 5 minutes

3. Vinyl Graphics Design

This is also an easy and affordable method of applying paint to your hoodie. The vinyl graphic print is also a form of heat transfer method of printing.

i. Measure your hoodie

It is necessary to measure the hoodie so as to know how to size the design to be printed on the hoodie.

ii. Prepare your vinyl graphic

This can be done using a Cricut machine with the image in a mirror position. The machine prints with the shiny face downwards. After printing, remove the unwanted part of the design.

iii. Prepare your hoodie and lay your design flat on it

Ensure you pre iron the hoodie before printing. Lay down your fabric on a flat surface to avoid wrinkles.

iv. Iron the vinyl graphic

Place a paper or fabric between the hoodie and iron during the heat transfer. Place the iron on the paper for 45seconds, remove the immediate layer and place the iron directly on the vinyl graphic. And then Gently peel off the vinyl graphic design.

Other ways of printing include:

  • Draw on your hoodie using a simple fabric marker. Draw using bold colour and image on your print.
  • Dye a specific part of your hoodie

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I print on a zipped hoodie?

When printing on a zipped hoodie, it is appropriate to put the zip in consideration. This can be achieved by placing the areas where the zip will not be affected. Probably at the back, chest area, hand or hood. This is because the design on the zip will wash away quickly.

What is the difference between the various methods of printing?

All forms of printing have their pros and cons, choosing the type of print to use will depend on one’s personal preferences. They are all easy and affordable to use but screen printing cannot be used for different colours at once unlike another type of printing.

Screen printing does not require heat transfer while vinyl graphic and iron on transfer paper requires heat.

How do I prevent the print from fading easily?

Homemade printing tends to fade easily when compared to technical printing. To prevent fading, it is advisable to avoid excessive washing of the hoodie. 

What is the most common method of printing?

The most common method of printing on hoodie at home is the screen printing and iron on transfer paper method. The oldest method is the screen method.

What type of printer can I use to print ,y graphic design?

You can use an ordinary inkjet printer for printing. There are also specific printers for printing.

What is the difference between stencil and emulsion screen printing

Stencil drawing involves cutting out your design from paper and pouring ink on the stencil while emulsion printing involves spreading emulsion paints on the mesh screen


Printing your hoodie at home is known to be cost-effective, saves time and is a way of catching fun in the house. A printed hoodie helps to prove ones stylishness irrespective of economic status. It also helps to show case your art and craft skills.

The methods to be used also depend on the fabric of the hoodie, for example, heat transfer method is not advisable for polyester hoodies because of the nature of the fabric. It is also to read guidelines on the hoodie to know the specifications of each fabric. Avoid constant washing of the fabric to prevent washing away of the prints. The hoodie can also be designed by adding embroidery, stones, fabric patches and many more.

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