How To Wear A Baseball Jersey And Best Ways To Rock It

Major league baseball teams can be compared to fashion designers. Like the most recent fashion trends, team jersey colors and logos are constantly evolving and getting better and bolder. The athletes are swarming the fields rather than the runways.

People who are unfamiliar with sports may feel intimidated by learning how to wear a baseball jersey. And we’re here to assist because of it.

Athletic attire need not be constricting. Beyond the sporty fashion aesthetic, there are other ways to style a jersey. Beyond sporting events, there are more locations to wear it.

So now is the time to learn how to wear a baseball jersey and widen your fashion horizons.

What is a Baseball Jersey?

Baseball jerseys are short sleeve, button-up shirts made of breathable polyester cloth that vary in color and style. When the sportsmen aren’t on the field, anyone can sport the uniforms as a part of their sporting look.

A name and number are distributed across the back of the jerseys, which also feature the team logo sewn across the breast. The jerseys can be a single color or a combination of colors, and some designs include stripes along the length of the garment. The baseball major league offers for sale the uniforms of its thirty teams.

These shirts are offered to everyone, fan or not. So come to the plate, bat up, and let us show you how to put on a baseball uniform.

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History of Baseball Jerseys

Athletes have worn baseball jerseys since the nineteenth century. The New York Knickerbockers first wore baseball uniforms.

The group participated in a game in 1849 while sporting blue wool pants, white flannel shirts, and straw hats. Other baseball teams soon followed suit, entering the field wearing plain flannel shirts and wool slacks.

Soon after, home and away jerseys were introduced, and they are now commonplace. Each squad wears a different set of uniforms for home and away contests.

The jerseys still have the same design, however, the primary colors have changed. For instance, the home uniform of the Chicago Cubs is primarily white. The team will be seen sporting a navy blue uniform while on the visiting team.

The baseball jersey has developed along with the game since it was first worn more than 150 years ago. The major league has seen players don over 4,000 distinct uniforms.

To distinguish the various teams and reflect their team names, visual representations were created at the turn of the century. Take note of the Toronto Blue Jays adding the bird to their uniforms or the Boston Red Sox practically wearing red socks over their sweaters.

When to Wear a Baseball Jersey

Many people are seen outside the stadium sporting baseball shirts. Of course, you can cheer on your preferred team while sitting in the stands wearing their shirt. But you may also layer a jersey over any clothing to give it an urban, stylish appearance.

The shirts are ideal for a day of leisurely activities downtown. You may dress them up with show-stopping jewelry accessories or down with a basic cap.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold. For a hotter day, jerseys are lightweight due to the breathable material. But if it gets cool at night, you may easily layer a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt underneath the outfit. When determining how to wear a baseball jersey, you have a lot of alternatives.

How to Wear a Baseball Jersey

There are seemingly endless fashion options when deciding how to style a baseball jersey. It may be worn as a dress for an urban twist, layered over a hoodie for a casual look, or styled for a stylish, classic mood.

Find the baseball team that best reflects your sense of style by looking through the available options for jerseys. There are dark-toned jerseys, vibrant patterns, and even refined, vintage-inspired designs.

The jersey’s eye-catching text, graphics, and details can elevate any basic appearance. There are countless options, and you’ll do a fantastic job!

For you, we’ve gathered a ton of pretty creative clothing suggestions. With all the fashion ideas below, you may be motivated to try out this sporty appearance. So, let us demonstrate how to wear a baseball jersey if you’re unsure how to do it.

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Ideas for Baseball Jersey Outfits

 1. Streetwear Style Outfit With Baseball Jersey

This look should be simple to pull off because every man owns a pair of black or dark-wash jeans. But you could just swap them out for the sweats type, which we’ll see in a second if you feel that pure denim isn’t as comfortable as you’d want.

If you’re in a hurry, you may simply stop there (just make sure to don your go-to pair of socks and footwear). If you have time, though, consider adding additional accessories to improve the appearance.

In order to demonstrate that you’ve thought through your clothing, make sure these coordinate with the colors of your jersey shirt (for example, the color of the team logo or the stripes, if the shirt has them).

To give your outfit a streetwear twist, we advise you to don a beanie or perhaps your team cap. You may even bring the best of fashion to the stadium by throwing on a pair of stylish sunglasses before you leave for the game.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Button closure
  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach

2. Baseball Jerseys Over Hoodies

Here’s our opinion on what to wear underneath a baseball or football jersey if you’re stumped. Wearing your best jersey top over a hoodie will give you the men’s baseball jersey fashion version of the casual athleisure style.

We believe that wearing a gray hoodie and matching gray sweatpants will not only make the colors of your jersey stand out but will also keep the wind out and ensure your comfort.

When the hoodie and sweatpants are kept the same color, preferably one that contrasts with your jersey, this baseball jersey look is great since it makes the jersey the focal point of your outfit.

You might achieve a polished appearance by matching the outline of the logo by wearing it with crisp white sneakers.

One more piece of advice: if your jersey has your team’s name on it, closing the buttons will look best with your ensemble. It doesn’t reveal much if you leave it hanging open, yet it may indicate to others that you prefer to expose your hoodie underneath the jersey.

  • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash

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3. Basic Style Baseball Jersey Outfits

This is the basic outfit for you if you enjoy wearing less complicated clothing in general, but without baseball shirts. Put on a white baseball jersey to complete your polished, well-groomed look.

A clean white baseball jersey, in our opinion, will go well with any other neutral-colored, basic clothing item in your wardrobe. This jersey’s sleek lines and button-down detail will take care of everything for your understated ensemble.

Again, closing the buttons will make the information on the front of your shirt, such as the name of your favorite team, obviously easier to see.

On the other hand, letting the jersey hang loosely like in the image takes your baseball jersey ensemble to the side and gives you a more laid-back, casual appearance.

The final piece you need to complete the look is a pair of sneakers that match the color of the team emblem, in this example red, black, or white sneakers. This demonstrates that you have paid attention to the color scheme of your clothing.

Grab a white jersey and head to the stadium to watch a game. You may basically wear any pair of pants, shorts, or undershirt (such as a simple white T-shirt for example).

What Type of Baseball Jerseys Can You Get?

As we’ve already established, a baseball jersey’s distinctive features are its designs. The shape and style of baseball uniforms essentially remain the same, although the colors and graphics change.

Of course, team uniforms will be sold as goods by minor and major baseball leagues. You may even be able to find a jersey in your city and wear it to support your team’s colors.

The uniform shirts used on the field are known as authentic jerseys. They have the official lettering for each team and are constructed of double-knit polyester.

Replica jerseys are inferior in quality yet have a comparable design. Authentic jerseys contain significant stitching, which is absent from replicas. The text and images are typically pressed on instead. However, it is possible to purchase reproductions for a lower cost.

Brands have embraced the baseball jersey trend throughout time. Many people market their own shirts, swapping off logos for statements or original artwork. As a result, you can support your favorite retailer instead of a team if you choose.

How to Choose The Best Baseball Jerseys

When it comes to learning how to put on a baseball jersey, you are no longer an amateur. But there are still a few things left to discover. Let’s discover how to choose the ideal baseball jersey by sliding into second base right now.

The following factors are crucial for selecting the finest jersey:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Material

The majority of jerseys are constructed from moisture-resistant, breathable fabric. The greatest quality jerseys are those that are authentic thanks to their double-stitched polyester construction. However, these are the most expensive to purchase, running between $250 and $300.

But since they are known to last longer in your wardrobe, many people think authenticity is worth the cost.

Replica jerseys are a less expensive, less resilient option without significantly reducing the characteristics of the outfit. Replica jerseys are half the price of authentic jerseys and range in price from $100 to $150.

There are alternative possibilities if you like the way a jersey looks but not the price. Many of your favorite fashion retailers have jerseys for as little as $20 to $40.

These choices won’t be associated with a reputable group or be of high caliber. However, they’re the ideal option for testing the waters before investing in a pricey, official jersey.

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Avoid These Fashion Mistakes With a Baseball Jersey

We have some time-saving advice for you when it comes to choosing how to dress in a baseball jersey. Let us advise you on some attire missteps to make when styling.

  1. Do not layer with opposing clothing or accessories if you decide to wear a jersey with strong colors and motifs. The jerseys appear best with black and white backdrops. You might also coordinate with the uniform’s colors. A baseball jersey’s design is art in and of itself. Therefore, don’t push it to compete with other potent, attention-grabbing products for attention.
  2. Be mindful of the particulars of a baseball jersey when choosing how to wear it. Avoid including additional patterns that can clutter your clothing and make it appear overly busy because many jerseys feature vertical stripes as part of their design.
  3. Don’t just use the jersey for athletic clothing. Utilize the shirt’s adaptability by learning how to dress it up and down. Find what best suits your style and wear it with either leather pants or leggings. Try out different looks using the trend until you find one you like.

How to Take Care of a Baseball Jersey

On your laundry days, take extra care with the baseball jersey’s polyester fabric and embroidery. Follow the cleaning directions on the label that most jerseys will have during the washing cycle.

Observe this rule when washing your jerseys: never wash them with other clothes. Since the colors from other clothing might create stains or discolorations on your jersey, this could harm it. Additionally, it is advised that you flip your jersey inside out to prevent logo fading from detergent-related chemicals.

To prevent wrinkling and safeguard the buttons and embroidery, turn the jersey inside out and unbutton it. Additionally, doing this will prevent the exacting stitching and buttons from catching on anything else in your load.

When your jersey has finished the wash cycle, hang it to dry. Always hang-dry the clothing because putting it in the dryer could cause it to shrink. The good news is that the quick-drying moisture-wicking fabric allows you to put on your jersey right away.

This section’s post-game summary is straightforward: to ensure that your jersey has a long career, always carefully follow the cleaning directions on the label.

Best Places to Buy a Baseball Jersey

The greatest locations to look through jersey selections, each differing in quality and cost, are as follows:

  • MLB’s official website, look through the teams and be directed to their merch stores
  • Fila
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Mitchell & Ness
  • Shein
  • Forever21
  • Boohoo

There will be a webpage for each professional baseball team where you can purchase their officially sanctioned gear. Look up your hometown to see if there is a local team whose colors you may proudly wear.

However, if you want the complete experience, go right to the baseball field and pick up your jersey at the team store.

As mentioned, several companies are creating their own baseball jerseys. Sporting goods merchants like Fila and Adidas sell athletic wear with their brand insignia for $60–$80.

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Other retailers, like Forever 21 or Shein, offer jerseys with a classic fit and a feminine flair for only $15 to $30.

An excellent business to consider for any sporting wear is Mitchell & Ness. This merchant frequently updates flashback images of teams. They are a personal favorite and are regarded as a true throwback business.

Another incredibly budget-friendly place to look through some old baseball jerseys is a thrift store. You might even come across some vintage team logos or unusual designs.

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