8 Best Ways By Being Intentional to Improve Your Life Single Day

When grownups tell children that they are having their best lives…that they are fortunate since they are unfettered and do not have to think about a mortgage…I always find that fascinating.

Children, on the other hand, have always yearned to be adults because they cherish something we take for granted: autonomy. They have the freedom to set their bedtimes, build their occupations, and take the measures necessary to realize their aspirations.

8 Best Ways By Being Intentional to Improve Your Life Single Day

We have the option to pick our destination, calculate our course, and take off with a full tank of gas while they relax in their car seats and enjoy the ride.

However, in our haste to complete all of life’s tasks, many of us lose sight of the fact that we are in charge. We slip into the passenger seat of someone else’s vehicle, and before we know it, we have no idea how we arrived at our destination.

Why did we find ourselves in this situation, with this job, with this family? Is it something you chose or something that happened to you? We lose sight of vision, purpose, passion, and intention in our hurry to tick the milestone boxes (degree, advancement, engagement, children, residence).

Being present means being intentional. You are not worrying about what went so wrong yesterday or all the things that can go wrong tomorrow when you are fully present. You think about this situation and whatever you can accomplish with it when you are attentive.

Here are some methods to live a life you enjoy daily.

1. Begin with your physical appearance

How does your body require to feel good? Pay attention to your heartbeat, temperature, and stomach. Is it possible to have a large glass of water? Start your day with a healthy breakfast and a stretch.

Ignore the diet you’ve been attempting to stick to and the snug clothes you’ve been wearing when on Zoom calls. Allow yourself to believe that your body understands what’s best for you.

It’s all about taking control of your eating, drinking, sleeping, and relaxing habits. Give heed to the signals your body sends you about what it requires to stay in the present. We actively reject intention when we criticize it, ignore it, and pursue our agenda.

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2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or go too quickly

Work smarter, not harder, when it comes to strategy. When you’re truly intentional, you’re considering how to increase your influence without going overboard. Look for places where you can use shortcuts, automation, or extra help to complete your planned action steps more quickly or efficiently.

Avoiding burnout is the goal. Even when the actions we’re taking are enjoyable and we’re eager to make a change or enhance something, long-term viability is critical. Consider where it would be worthwhile to devote some time now to save time later.

When you’ve usually done things the same way, it’s time to make a change and it’s alright to ask for help. We don’t want to miss out on the many time-saving and strategy-supporting solutions that technology provides. Don’t allow fear to stop you from trying something new.

Seek knowledge from a tech-savvy friend, coworker, or acquaintance to help you burst past this obstacle.

3. Remove the Passive Excursion from your itinerary

Decide to take control of your life the moment you wake up. Today isn’t the day for you to fulfill the wishes of others. You’re in charge of yourself. It’s time to reclaim control if you’ve been allowing one of them to drive.

Avoid creating excuses for why you would have to be the last one to arrive. This is a deceptive story that benefits no one. You would have more energy to share if you choose to live intentionally, and everyone will gain!

Is your eyes on what you really want and do for yourself right now, what you can do shortly, and what’s coming up on the horizon? You’ll need a real direction for what you want, whether it’s on a private level.

4. Distracts Must Be Checked

Face your life’s time wasters. It’s time to discriminate between the useless and the useful, whether you’ve been dreading scrolling on Instagram, emailing all day about reality TV, or making too many excursions to the pantry to break up your Zoom fatigue.

The distraction that is constant and persistent is ineffective. We all know that multitasking is nearly worthless, whether it’s due to endless Slacks running in the foreground or the TV screaming while you try to work. Decide to completely opt through a good break once you’ve committed to being all in.

Vacations are not only beneficial, but they are also essential. Schedule them, go for them, and reap the benefits of stretching, napping, or going for a brief walk.

You want to make the most of the time you spend away from activities that help you achieve your goals. Unless it’s your break indulgence of choice, don’t squander it on Facebook or TikTok.

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5. Plan Your Day’s Energy

Even if Executives get up at dawn? Instead of running after other people’s aims to overcome, create your own. Begin by observing when you have the most energy during the day. Do you prefer to work best when you start early and finish early, or when you start late and finish late?

Personalize your energy map to arrange the most specific and robust jobs accordingly once you’ve pinpointed the time of day when you feel the most focused.

Save all the simple, automatic, or flexible jobs for when you’re out of steam or recharging your batteries after a sprint of intense concentration.

6. Failing Forward

Intentionally screw it up. It may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s true. When we set out to succeed, we must also be willing to fail. We must be willing to take a shot at something we may completely fail at, and then move quickly to two occasions.

When our anxiety prevents us from ever trying, it is a clear impediment to existing intentionally. It wasn’t that we’ll fail every time, but we must normalize the experience for ourselves so that if it occurs frequently, we can learn from it, change, iterate, and continue pushing forward.

7. Make the Best Use of Your Area

It doesn’t occur to us; we happen to our area. As an admitted slob, I’m occasionally perplexed as to why the clothing hasn’t been folded and how “I’ll do it tomorrow” became “I’ll do it next week.” Chaos breeds chaos, no matter what.

“A drastic restructuring of the home creates similarly substantial changes in lifestyle and viewpoint,” writes Marie Condo. It’ll change your life.”

While we are purposeful, we take charge of our current environment and create a setting that fits our utilitarian needs while also showcasing our personality.

To help you stay on track during the day, surround yourself with your favorite inspiring phrases, a colorful accent cushion, and an attractive clock. You’ll thank yourself, and so will your Focus wallpaper.

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8. Encourage others to join you in your endeavors

You are not obligated to keep your fantasies hidden. You know what you want when you wake up to live with intention, and you don’t have to hide it from others. Do not wait until the final product is complete before telling friends, family, or even acquaintances about it.

Allow for the potential that others will be eager to assist you. Only a small percentage of people achieve their goals on their own. Ready to speak about what you want to accomplish, why you want to accomplish it, and what you’ll need to accomplish it.

When you’re willing to express your wants, there’s a good possibility that someone will be eager to help you find the hidden piece.

This is a mountain of value conquering for those of us who despise seeking help. Give it a shot, process your uneasiness, and realize that if someone else told you about their goals and you could help, wouldn’t you leap at the opportunity?


It takes dedication to choose to be purposeful, and it’s all about lengthy thinking. You would wake up every day and go for this, and the fruits of your labor may take some time to appear.

Recognize that pursuing a worthwhile goal is never simple, and when it all comes together, people will gladly join you in celebrating. It will not happen by chance.

You’ll know deep down that you made the right decision by sticking to the difficult path of consistency, sacrifice, and dedication. Things do not happen by themselves. It’s all because of you.

It’s up to you to make a decision. Take the wheel after opening the automobile door, slipping into the driver’s seat, and fastening your seatbelt. This is the trip where you have complete control over the action.

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