8 Best Internet Browsers for 2023

You should think about the Internet browser’s privacy and speed while choosing the ideal one for your device. Some are more demanding on your computer’s resources, while others have minimal effects on system memory. While some anonymous browsers include entire security toolkits to safeguard your online identity and defend against viruses, others let cookies and advertisements run unchecked.


While Mozilla, the program’s creator, had previously made a commitment to protecting users’ privacy and creating mechanisms to prevent third parties from following you across the web, it wasn’t without shortcomings.

The second-place finisher is Microsoft Edge. Due to the fact that it is based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome, it supports all of the same browser extensions as Chrome. It now has an integrated password manager and is notably less memory-intensive, enabling speedier performance.

Currently, browsers are even more crucial for people who are still working from home or changing employment, thus it has been up to various vendors to release features that creatively address these needs.

However, these are by no means your only alternatives, and there are many good reasons to consider other Internet browsers besides well-known brands. Discover the ideal one for you by reading the remainder of our comprehensive guide.

1. Microsoft Edge Browser


The modern Internet Explorer replacement, Microsoft Edge, comes pre-installed on all new Windows 10 devices. The default software for opening web pages, ebooks, and PDF files on Windows 10 is this browser, which is deeply integrated into the operating system.

Additionally, this online browser has Cortana for word and phrase searches as well as built-in inking capabilities for screenshotting web pages. Edge can also read articles and other web items to you using voice dictation. Your bookmarks and browser history are likewise cloud-saved by Microsoft Edge. This information is compatible with Windows Timeline and can sync to the iOS and Android app versions for a consistent user experience.

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2. Firefox Browser


Our preferred browser and the Swiss Army Knife of the internet is Firefox. Version 90 is especially wonderful because it extends its picture-in-picture video mode to the Mac version and can notify you if your email address appears in a known data breach. It also eliminates those obnoxious allow-notifications popups and “fingerprinting” browser tracking.

As previously, there are several extensions and plugins you may apply to alter both the aesthetic and functionality of the website. Its performance, which had been lagging behind competitors like Chrome, was much improved by an update carried out the previous year. Now, it runs smoothly and stably on even relatively basic hardware.

As much as we adore Firefox, it is still our preferred browser at the moment we are concerned for its future. A significant add-on crisis in May of 2019 that Peter Saint-Andre and Matthew Miller claimed “was the result of having an interconnected set of complicated systems that were not well understood across the relevant teams” was a bad year for Mozilla.

It was also brought up that Mozilla does not have any internal quality assurance teams and that the QA leads were supposedly fired in a round of layoffs in early 2020. If you value Firefox, you might wish to visit donate.mozilla.org(opens in a new tab) to contribute to Mozilla’s financial struggles and ensure its continued existence.

3. Vivaldi


The free web browser Vivaldi was developed in 2016 by several of the same individuals that developed Opera. The application is based on the same Chromium-based technology that underpins Google Chrome, which enables you to install virtually any extension from the Chrome web store. Vivaldi’s extensive settings, which allow you to personalize the browser’s appearance and functionality to an extent not found in competing browsers, are its key selling point.

You have complete control over the browser’s UI colors. Additionally, you can pin websites to the side for simultaneous surfing and change the toolbar to the top, bottom, or sides. The latter function is especially helpful if you enjoy watching YouTube videos or visiting social media websites while you browse the internet. For Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, Vivaldi is accessible.

4. Aloha


For smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android, Aloha is a free web browser. In addition to its own Incognito Mode, it features a built-in VPN service that both increases security and privacy protection. Your smart device uses less bandwidth while browsing the web thanks to this VPN service’s traffic compression.

With simple, easy-to-understand symbols and settings, this mobile internet browser has a modern aesthetic. It also offers the ability to personalize the app’s appearance with a number of free themes. Aloha also includes an integrated ad blocker that prevents websites from loading banner adverts and pop-up windows.

A premium upgrade that costs $24.99 annually gives access to a few VPN options, including the capacity to use the function in more apps. Aloha Premium service advertisements are present in the app; you can get rid of them by subscribing. The user experience isn’t much diminished by the adverts, though.

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5. Safari


Apple uses Safari as its default web browser on all of its devices, including Mac desktops and laptops, iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Apple Watches. The browser is the primary software for opening websites and comes pre-installed on all Apple devices.

Safari functions well on Apple devices because it is produced by the same firm and was built from the bottom up to run on a specific set of hardware, much like Edge does on Windows 10 devices. On compatible Apple devices, Safari can use Touch ID and Face ID to complete tasks and supports all of the main Apple services, including Apple Pay and AirDrop.

The iCloud service allows Apple’s Safari browser to sync passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history across devices. However, due to the lack of a Safari browser for Windows or Android smartphones, this capability is only practical if you own a large number of Apple devices.

6. Opera


Opera makes a strong first impression as soon as you launch it. You can activate its built-in ad blocker, utilize its built-in VPN, enable its Crypto Wallet for cryptocurrencies, enable in-browser chat from the sidebar, and switch between light and dark modes from the splash screen.

It’s a fantastic start to an excellent browser, but if you’re a gamer, you should check out Opera GX, which is made with gamers in mind and has Twitch integration and Razer Chroma compatibility. Another Chromium-based browser, Opera offers quick performance and support for Chrome library add-ons.

The business aims to ensure that it is the all-in-one browser for as many people as possible, which is why its most recent R5 upgrade has a polished interface and more integrated apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Additionally, they just added the browser to Google Chromebooks, giving users and prospective students more options when wanting to purchase a laptop for their academic pursuits. They are also considering Windows 11 and how it will benefit them in the near future.

One of our favorite Opera features, Opera Turbo, which compresses internet data like photos so that things load faster on slow connections, is no longer available for desktop browsers. Instead, it is only available for mobile browsers. Opera is stuffed with useful features. However, you do get a useful power-saving mode, so at least you won’t have to worry about your laptop battery dying while your downloads are slow.

7. Documents by Readdle Browser


Developed for both iPhone and iPad users, Documents by Readdle is a powerful iOS software. In addition to functioning as a web browser, Documents by Readdle also performs the following tasks: PDF reader, ZIP file unzipper, file manager, media player, ebook reader, and one-stop shop for all of your different cloud storage accounts.

Since it allows iOS users to download files from the web that other iOS browser apps would prevent, Documents by Readdle is a must-download for all iOS users. Downloading media files, including videos, is made easy using Documents by Readdle. Even YouTube videos can be downloaded and saved to your Camera Roll with this tool.

The ability to choose the browser agent when using a web browser is something more experienced users might like. You can specify which version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer you’re using in this field. You won’t need to manually switch between apps if you ever need to evaluate a page in one of those browsers.

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8. Google Chrome Browser


Since mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, Google must be feeling fairly good about itself given that Microsoft chose the Chromium engine for its own Edge browser.

However, there are other areas where Microsoft’s rival really outperforms the big G, most notably in terms of resource utilization. Chrome is notorious for its high resource requirements and can perform extremely slowly on outdated hardware and RAM.

By automatically “freezing” background tabs so they aren’t utilizing resources unnecessarily, the new Tab Freezing function is intended to remedy this issue, but Chrome is still somewhat resource-hungry.  Given that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Google must be feeling pretty good about themselves considering Microsoft used the Chromium engine in their Edge browser.

The big G does do better than Microsoft’s rival in some key areas, most notably resource consumption. Chrome has a reputation for requiring a lot of resources and can run very slowly on old RAM and hardware. The new Tab Freezing feature is meant to address this problem by automatically “freezing” background tabs so they aren’t using resources unnecessarily, although Chrome is still relatively resource-hungry.

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