iPhone Wallpaper: The Top 10 Apps for Finding New iPhone Wallpaper

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Every day, you view your iPhone wallpaper dozens of times. As you go about your daily activities, keep this in mind. It might serve as a reminder of the beauty that exists in the world (or in your life). Or it might be something inspiring, breathtaking, or just plain hilarious.

There are likely to be many other people who also use Apple iPhones in addition to you. Despite the fact that the models are the same, you can still tell there is a difference between your phone and theirs. This is due to the fact that each person’s phone has a unique background, ringtone, and other tiny components.

Speaking of the wallpapers, this is one of the fundamental elements you may modify on the phone to set it apart from others. Now, some individuals like to set their own images as wallpapers, while others prefer to set the photos of their pets as wallpapers.

However, the majority of iPhone users choose to select from a range of pre-installed wallpaper options from Apple. You may download a wallpaper app for iOS, which will give you a ton of wallpapers to select from and allow you to set one as your wallpaper if you want to make your iPhone stand out from the others.

One of the simplest ways to visually personalize your iPhone is with your wallpaper. We’ve compiled the top iPhone applications below to find you your next wallpaper, whether you’re searching for something deep or amusing.

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Do you need a new iPhone background? You have thousands of wallpaper alternatives thanks to these great apps.

1. Background

iphone wallpaper app

Background is the next iOS app on our list of top wallpaper apps. This software is fairly straightforward in that it provides you with a sizable selection of wallpapers for your device along with categories from which you can choose various wallpaper types. This application is simple in that it enables you to preview and apply backgrounds, but it’s also special in that you won’t grow weary of browsing through its library of wallpapers.

2. Vellum

iphone wallpaper apps

Vellum offers highly curated collections of stunning wall coverings from international designers and artisans. Vellum acts as a filter in the vast online collection of wallpapers. The software separates the wheat from the chaff and shows you lists of the greatest backgrounds that have been carefully selected.

The starter pack of the initial collection, a collection specifically for OLED iPhones, a collection of geometric forms, a collection of photographs from the European Space Agency, and so on are among the options. Vellum allows you to preview a wallpaper and save it to the Photos app with just a tap.

3. Unsplash

iphone wallpaper apps

Many great iPhone wallpapers can be found on the well-known Unsplash free stock image website. However, you might not want to search through the website’s tens of thousands of photographs to find ones that will fit on the iPhone screen. The Unsplash app makes it much simpler in this situation.

When you open the app, collections, featured photographs and featured creators will be displayed. When you find a wallpaper you like, simply touch the Save button. Many of these pictures can be used as your Mac’s wallpaper because of the big image sizes. Check out these dynamic wallpaper sites for Mac if you prefer changing or moving wallpapers.

4. Clarity

iphone wallpaper apps

Clarity is a nicely designed wallpaper app. This one is great to use whether you’re a designer or just appreciate nice design. The photographs’ beauty is nicely highlighted by the app’s dark background and simple design.

One of the best yet is Clarity’s Featured collection. The highlighted images are superb and don’t stick to a specific aesthetic or color scheme. Some of the top web photographs are collected by the app. It distributes a hand-picked image magazine twice per week.

Clarity has a fantastic wallpaper editor that you’ll adore. Mask, Frame, Gradient, and Blur are the four tools you’ll see when you tap the Edit button.

The Mask tool enables you to add a light filter to the image’s top to prepare it for the Lock Screen (in a way that the time is always legible). Choose an image with Frame, and it will be displayed in a frame at the bottom two-thirds of the wallpaper. Without interfering with the time, this looks amazing on the lock screen.

In the meantime, you can choose a color and modify the gradient using the Gradient tool (this is a great way to create a soothing Home Screen wallpaper). Additionally, the Blur tool adds a light blur to any image.

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5. Papers.co

iphone wallpaper apps

The ideal feed-based wallpaper app for iPhones is Papers.co. You only need to open it to view the new wallpapers displayed in a grid that scrolls indefinitely. If nothing first strikes your attention, keep looking. The image will then appear in the Photos app if you tap on it and choose Save (or Favorite).

To sort wallpapers by categories like Nature, Pattern, Abstract, and more, swipe in from the right side.

6. Patternator



A fun wallpaper maker called Patternator adds the iMessage sticker fad to your Lock Screen. Awesome patterns may be made with stickers. You can either make a sticker out of a set of your own images or select several stickers from the app’s gallery.

The pattern-making tool on Patternator is really simple to use; it resembles Instagram’s photo-editing interface. You may choose various patterns and stickers, set the spacing, choose the backdrop color, and more.

Once finished, the wallpaper can be exported as an image, a video, or a GIF. For the majority of users, the image choice is best. But you can export it as a Live Photo as well, taking things a step further. In this manner, the pattern will animate when you press and hold on to the Lock Screen of your iPhone.

However, a $2/month premium subscription is needed in order to export to Live Photo (although there is a seven-day trial available).

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7. Everpix


Everpix uses the entire screen. Every time you start the app, a fresh background will appear. To see the next wallpaper, swipe left.

Discover anything you enjoy. To download it or add it to your favorites, tap the Download or Star buttons, respectively. To view categories, favorites, popular wallpapers, and more use the hamburger menu.

8. Atlas Wallpaper

wallpaper apps

The cartographer in you will enjoy the Atlas Wallpaper. The software will generate a neat, outline-based map if you type in a city or provide a location. You can squeeze to zoom in or out. Change the color palette as well for a new appearance. If you like what you see, you can set it as your iPhone’s wallpaper by saving it as an image.

Atlas wallpaper is a fantastic technique to keep in mind where you’ve been or where you’re going.

9. Reddit


There are Reddit communities for just about everything you can imagine. A subreddit, which is used to refer to each community, is identified by the r/.

Intriguing iPhone wallpapers are available in the r/iWallpaper and r/iPhoneWallpapers subreddits. The wallpapers that users share are frequently either their own original photography or their favorite image.

If the wallpaper size isn’t too important to you, you can find more options on r/MobileWallpaper.

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10. Walli

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Walli is a community for wallpaper created by artists. Original artwork is uploaded by artists, and you can download it for free to use as wallpaper. Browse some of the categories in Walli if you’re sick of the same wallpaper images from Unsplash or Google Images.

There are several high-quality wallpapers here, even though the selection isn’t particularly large. Amazing superhero images, lettering art, portraiture, and trip photographs may be found here.


You can select a lovely wallpaper that matches the style of your iPhone, whether it be abstract, artistic, or anime. While you’re doing it, you may research further ways to personalize your iPhone’s home screen to make it even more unique.

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