Shein: Is It Legit and Safe to Shop At?

Fast fashion is particularly well-liked since it makes it possible for consumers to keep within their budgets while still participating in current fashion trends. One of the biggest fast fashion stores, Shein caters to fashionistas all over the world. The inexpensive prices of the apparel offered by this company are well known.

Is Shein Legit and Safe to Shop At?

Shein has been in existence for slightly more than ten years and during that time has developed into quite the enterprise. Other professionals looking to get big in the fast-fashion industry are taking notice of Shein’s innovative business approach.

We will offer you an overview of Shein in this article. We will briefly discuss Shein as a business and its development over time. Before delving into the Shein business strategy and marketing tactics, we will also talk about the shopping experience for consumers.

What is Shein?

One of the best merchants of quick fashion worldwide is Shein. Despite having its headquarters in China, this $15 billion corporation exports to over 220 nations and territories. 1

Although the website Shein focuses mostly on selling women’s clothing and accessories, it also sells some men’s clothing, kids’ clothing, household goods, and other miscellaneous items. Even apparel and accessories for cats and dogs can be found on the website.

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Young Millennials and members of Generation Z are particularly fond of Shein. This is probably due to the fact that Shein’s articles frequently go viral on social media after being shared by influencers and content producers.

The company’s motto is “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” With the company’s selection of thousands of inexpensive fashions, this phrase is truly put to reality. Fashion is truly available to everyone thanks to Shein’s inexpensive rates and free international shipping.

Each style sold by Shein is produced in fewer than 50 to 100 pieces in order to reduce waste. In order to keep costs down and unpurchased items out of landfills, this is done in order to prevent overstock.

Zaful and Cupshe are equivalent to Shein. Shein can legitimately be compared to ASOS, Zara, or H&M on a tighter budget.

History of Shein

In order to make fashion more affordable for everyone, Chris Xu established Shein in 2008. It has strategic alliances with companies all around the world and its headquarters are in Guangzhou, China.

JAFCO Asia, IDG Capital, and Greenwood’s Asset Management were the company’s first three major investors in Shein.

Initially, Shein’s products were created in China, but in order to keep operating expenses down, Shein currently collaborates with numerous partners in secret locations.

Both a desktop and a mobile version of Shein’s eCommerce marketplace are available. This digital storefront’s achievement of increasing monthly visitors from 500,000 to over 4,000,000 in just six months is astounding.

Shein has exploded in the last 12 months. Shein’s mobile app was the most downloaded iPhone app worldwide in the final week of September 2020.

Shein has placed a strong emphasis on community as it has expanded. Shein has a sizable social media following, and its app contains a variety of portals and features that invite involvement from its devoted customers.

How does Shein operate?

Is Shein Legit and Safe to Shop At?

The online storefront for Shein is quite similar to a typical eCommerce store. Products can be browsed by collections, categories, styles, and other criteria by consumers. You can enter a specific product you’re looking for in the search field on the platform’s search engine to get results that are pertinent to your search.

Shein primarily sells women’s clothing, as we already mentioned. The following are some of the most popular categories for women’s clothing and accessories:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • Bodysuits
  • Two-piece sets
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Lounge & Sleepwear
  • Activewear
  • Denim

There are dozens of styles and thousands of distinctive goods available within these categories. Most goods are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Clothing in straight and plus sizes is available from Shein. There is also maternity clothing available.

Look carefully at the reviews listed beneath each item to find fantastic finds on Shein. Since many customers find the sizing chart to be a little wrong, we advise paying close attention to the images that users have uploaded to see how the products fit various body types.

You can get a better sense of the product’s quality by looking at reviews and photographs. Third-party evaluations will give you a little more perspective because some Shein items are excellent and others are not so wonderful.

Customers may add things to their “Shopping Bag” as they go, much like they can on the majority of other eCommerce platforms. Reviewing their shopping bags and proceeding to the safe checkout gateway are options for customers when they are prepared to check out.

Customers can enter a shipping address and select a shipping method during the checkout process. Express Shipping is $12.90 and takes around two weeks, whereas Standard Shipping is just $3.99 and takes about two weeks. When customers place a minimum order amount, the website frequently offers promotions that include free shipping.

Additionally, customers have the choice of paying $0.99 for shipment assurance. Due to this “insurance,” if the package is lost or destroyed, all items will be replaced.

Customers must pick a payment method once they’ve selected their shipping options. PayPal, Google Pay, credit cards, debit cards, and Shein are all acceptable payment options. The option for customers to divide their total into four interest-free installments via Klarna or Afterpay is also available.

Customers can earn points for their reviews of the things they purchased once the order has been delivered. These points can be exchanged for reductions on subsequent purchases.

Shein gives 10% off your first order for new customers, which is another noteworthy benefit of shopping there.

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What makes Shein so successful?

$10 billion in annual income is thought to be generated by Shein. Being one of the highest-earning B2C fast fashion firms in the world, Shein, this is a really outstanding achievement.

Look at Shein’s business plan and marketing tactics to see how they helped him attain this level of success.

Business model

Shein is a multinational company that ships to 220 different nations and serves eight main markets. Shein has had to become more strategic in order to operate at this magnitude while being economical.

Shein offers a web-based sales platform with stores for both mobile and desktop devices. Since there are no overhead expenses related to maintaining a storefront, using an eCommerce business model enables the organization to cut expenditures.

Shein contracts out some of its production to reduce expenses. To ensure that everything is up to brand standards, Shein nonetheless closely monitors the operations of all of its partners. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the company keeps its partners’ names and locations a secret.

Marketing strategy

Paid and organic marketing strategies are used in tandem as part of Shein’s marketing plan. On numerous websites and social media platforms, the firm is active with its targeted advertising.

Customers who visit Shein’s website will see the items they previously searched for on a number of platforms because of the company’s cutting-edge targeted marketing. Wherever they go online, it almost seems like the products are following them.

In Shein’s marketing approach, social media is a key component. On its official Instagram and Facebook accounts, Shein has more than 20 million followers.

Shein offers a number of affiliate programs that enable them to access influencer marketing in addition to their own use of social media. 6 Influencers can earn a 10–20% commission on purchases made using their affiliate links thanks to their affiliate programs. As a result, influencers are inspired to spread the word about Shein, which helps the company expand its clientele and fan base.

Social responsibility statement

A lot of fast fashion brands have come under fire for adopting unethical production techniques, particularly in relation to how they treat their factory workers. Many of their apparel items are only a few dollars, so many wonder how they can afford to run their business without making any sacrifices.

Shein has made it clear in its social responsibility statement where they stand as a business. Shein is aware of these concerns regarding the fast fashion industry. According to their statement, they are dedicated to “fair labor procedures, environmental effect minimization, and humanitarian purposes.”

Offering reasonable salaries to all employees and factory workers, keeping an eye on factory conditions to maintain a healthy work environment, prohibiting child and forced labor, and implementing environmentally friendly techniques when practical are some activities they take to support these pledges.

These socially responsible initiatives are probably being implemented to win over environmentalists and other anti-fast fashion advocates. Customers who aren’t sure whether to support this kind of business might feel more secure knowing that the corporation is taking accountability.

Is Shein a Scam?

There are conflicting opinions when determining whether Shein is a scam. Undoubtedly, there are those who contend that the Shein website defrauded them of their money, but the business does process a sizable number of purchases daily from all over the world.

People wonder if Shein is a trustworthy website due to a few cautionary signs. Shein lacks that additional support for customer satisfaction because, among other things, they are not BBB accredited.

Despite this, many people still use the site to place orders. Shein seems to be a secure website because they don’t steal your identity or financial information. From South Africa to the UK and from Australia to Canada, users appear to trust it, which means that most customers obtain the items they want.

Ironically, although appearing to be a “legit” business that doesn’t defraud you with false promises, its low costs have a cost. But what exactly is Shein playing here, and is this a trustworthy website to back?

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How Come Shein Is So Cheap?

The official Shein inventory seems to offer everything at a fraction of the going rate, and it is quite extensive. Anyone looking for stylish deals that can expand their wardrobe without breaking the budget can check out

Shein clothes do have a price, though, and it’s not monetary. You will find several complaints regarding the garment’s quality if you take the time to read some sincere Shein apparel reviews.

According to numerous Shein evaluations, the company’s products quickly turn discolored, change shape, or show signs of wear and tear. Those who are unsatisfied or seeking a return or exchange run into another well-known issue with the business.

Because Shein’s customer support is so infamously unresponsive, getting assistance when you need it can be challenging. As a result, returning a Shein item could be difficult without sufficient customer service.

There are several affordable alternatives to Shein if you’d rather try one of them.

Is Shein Ethical?

Shein evaluations are not just concerned with the caliber of Shein’s products or subpar products. There is a good reason why goods made in China frequently cost less than goods made in the West. There are considerably laxer labor rules than, say, in the US or Canada, which makes it simple for an employer to take advantage of its employees.

Shein’s final product is less expensive since they can lawfully pay their employees so little and have them work long hours without breaks. This benefits the consumer of the goods but not the manufacturer.

Remember that this is true of many businesses; Shein is not the only one, mind you. The website does emphasize that it works hard to protect the health and welfare of its employees. But is Shein safe for its back office staff?

Noting that Shein is harmful to the environment is equally important. Shein employs dangerous chemicals and takes little effort to reduce its carbon footprint, according to the Good on You website. The throw-away mentality that results from some of the things on the website’s inventory is also a factor in the increased waste. This is why many people now opt to use online second-hand marketplaces to save money.

Due to the low cost of importing goods from Eastern enterprises, many large businesses do so in order to maintain competitive rates (and their profits up). Shein is not the right store for you if you want to prioritize ethical fashion. There are many moral substitutes for well-known corporations that are worth looking into.

Is Shein Trustworthy and Secure?

All things considered, ordering from Shein is completely secure. You don’t have to be concerned about it being the victim of a sophisticated phishing scheme. When you order from Shein’s official website, the only thing you run the risk of is possibly experiencing disappointment down the road.

How to Buy From Shein: Practical Advice

Always plan ahead when visiting websites that sell things of poorer quality for less money. So, is Shein a trustworthy website? Yes, but you should still exercise caution. Here are some suggestions to think about if you don’t want to buy anything you’ll later regret.

Verify Size Charts

The sizes vary across different Shein apparel items. Make sure to check the sizing charts on each listing and the Shein reviews as well, as some customers have complained that the sizes of Shein dress sometimes vary.

Pay close attention to the section your item is in because it affects how the apparel is trimmed. Whether you are small, plus-sized, or just a typical medium, you should shop in the department that best fits your physique.

Don’t Use the Basics

Shein is a terrific location to get experimental pieces to test out or statement outfits that you might not wear every day. This is due to the fact that Shein does not provide durable clothing, which is what you’ll need from your essentials.

It is preferable to invest more carefully if you want endurance. For instance, a lot of Shein swimsuit reviews bemoan the lack of elasticity and support after multiple swims.

Read Every Review

Customer testimonials provide straightforward advice that you should consider. To avoid being misled or biased, never focus only on reviews with five stars. Always consider the full picture. As a review from New Zealand might not be relevant to those who are buying on Shein Canada, you might also try looking at reviews from your area.

Additionally, before adding an item to your basket, take note of its shipping and return conditions.

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Shein: A Reliable Website?

Shein: is it a con? If you don’t care about quality and are seeking for inexpensive clothing, Shein is an excellent location to shop. Shein is a somewhat safe site to shop, but don’t discount more ethically sourced environmentally friendly options. The Shein reviews, however, are unfalsifiable; if you’re looking for long-lasting trends, you might want to shop somewhere else.

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